10 best Elden Ring characters (2023)

FromSoftware is known for creating some of the most challenging bosses in gaming history and for packing its games with intricate and captivating lore. The company's most recent foray into dark fantasy RPGs,antique ring,took the world by stormselling 12 million copies during the first three weeks. with directorsHidetaka Miyazakimiyui tanimurabehind the wheel, and a rich world created by A song of fire and iceThe creatorGeorge R. R. Martin, gave birth to a host of new devilish characters.

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The game is a celebration of world building. Once the player emerges into the luminous light of Limgrave's Erdtree, the Tarnished can roam the lands in search of new characters with all sorts of quirks, personalities, and abilities. From NPCs to the toughest bosses, Elden Ring brings each of his hideous characters to life.


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Melina is one of the first main characters Spotted meets. She is the newest Maiden character in the Soulsborne games and offers the player a deal right from the start: she take her to Erdtree and she will act as a guide. Because you are "without a maiden". She introduces the player to leveling up and grants access to the spectral steed that will accompany them in the game.

While Melina plays a minor role, she is still one of the most intriguing and mysterious characters in the Elden Ring. From her hooded cloak and her scarred eye, to her riddled speech, she forms in the shadows and is filled with ancient and valuable knowledge. The truth of your heart is revealed at the end of the game, and there are many more to come.theories about her false maiden status.

Miriel, Pastor of Vows

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Miriel is a giant turtle who wears a potato hat and stands outside the Church of the Vows. Better known as "Papa Tortoise" to most players, he provides earthly wisdom and absolution, in which hostile NPCs will leave Spotted Ones alone.


Pope Turtle is by far the most unique NPC in the game. When the player finds him, he is lying down waiting for a stranger to appear and ask about his knowledge and secrets. He is not only cool, calm and collected, but he will also give you spells and enchantments. A true turtle of the town.

Margott, the King of Omens

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The name, "The Omen King," is a lot to take in. One could think of death gods or monsters facing fate, and they would not be wrong. Margott is a horned demigod who deals with a little of both. Tarnished's fate rests in finding out if you had any difficulties with the previous boss, Margit. Margott is just her true identity.

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While the boss fight with Margott is similar to Margit's, this version of him is unforgiving. He's faster, stronger, and throws demon-worthy AOE lightning bolts to the point where the player barely has time to land attacks between dodges. Margott can be the point in the game where you find a larval tear to respect your character. No judgment.


10 best Elden Ring characters (4)

Fia is one of the characters seen in the game's opening cutscene, her golden hair flowing between the corpse she lies with. She is a deathbed companion, whose embrace will grant you Baldachin's Blessing, a consumable that negates physical damage.

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In addition to her beautiful design, Fia also has one of the most interesting quests in the game, which results in the death of a main character in the Roundtable Hold. She is not as innocent as she seems when the Tarnished meets her. elden ringsometimes it can be a very lonely gamehowever, roam the open lands of all enemies with better weapons than you. Getting a hug from Fia feels good, even if she serves the prince of death.

alexander iron fist

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There's nothing like finding a giant jackpot in a video game. Is it just a pot? will he attack? Is it something more sinister? Fortunately, Alexander is none of those things. Alexander will call Tarnished upon his first encounter, saying that he is trapped and he will become one of the funniest characters in the game.

Alexander is a breath of fresh air that allows you to relax for a second among the endless number of enemies you will encounter. He is a pitcher alive with big dreams: he left home in search of adventure and to become a fearsome warrior. He is good-natured compared to most other NPCs and offers a cheerful optimism amidst the darkness.

Starscourge Radahn

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Radahn is the massively destructive demigod boss of your nightmares. His character design looks just as brutal as the way he treats you in the middle of a fight: with a red lion mane on his helmet and a massive stature complete with nice armor. The Red Lion General uses storms of arrows and gravity magic to powerfully strike the Spotted Ones.

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Radahn definitely lives up to his reputation as one of the toughest bosses. The boss fight requires you to run across the battlefield while he throws spears and arrows at you. If you're lucky enough to get close to him, his ridiculous speed and range of attacks will overwhelm him before you can land a hit or get to the point where he decides to turn himself into a meteor.

rani, una bruxa

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Ranni is the mysterious daughter of Radagon and Rennala, elevated to demigod status after her father's disappearance. As the game progresses, she will tell the Tarnished some of her secrets, recruiting you into her servitude to find treasure.

The most intriguing part about Ranni is that she is responsible for most of the main events leading up to Shattering. She stole death by defying her role against fate and she was the one responsible for Godwyn's death. She is also very surreal as she has lost her original body and now resides in the strange body of a doll.

Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy

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Sporting one of the most striking designs in the game, Rykard looks like a cross between a crystallized god and a continent-sized serpent. He wields a gigantic sword of wind and shoots fire at the player in the form of a skull. What's not to like about that? Plus the part where you'll probably die with him dozens of times.

The boss fight with Rykard is biblical. The player fights him in a fiery hellish pit with a grotesque amount of falling rocks and jagged swaying chandeliers in the background. All in honor of the great deity, Rykard. It's hard not to get excited while fighting him, as long as your dodging skills are up to par.

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spirit summoner snail

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Compared to its boss brethren, Spiritcaller Snail is an absolutely welcome sight to behold. No heavy muscle and no AOE that will take you out before you know what hit you. He's adorable, he's a giant snail, and he's relatively peaceful except for his legion of sword-wielding knights.

Spiritcaller Snail is also the ultimate trickster. Although he appears innocent, he fools most players when he first meets due to his invisibility abilities. Upon entering his cave, the name "Spiritcaller Snail" will appear on the screen, but you will be greeted by the powerful weapon of a translucent knight, ready for battle. Many players unknowingly waste their time fighting waves of knights instead of finding the glowing hideout of the Spiritcaller Snail.


10 best Elden Ring characters (10)

Blaidd is the honorable wolf-headed guardian of Ranni the Witch and helps the Tarnished on their quests. Half man, half wolf, and with all the grace of the nicest guy you know, Blaidd is hands down one of the best new characters in Elden Ring.

His character design revolves around the moon and wolves, and he is always there for the player when he is most needed. Not just as a friend, but as a calling. Despite succumbing to madness at the end of his questline, he's a welcome friend in a world full of NPCs who want you dead.

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