10 Weirdest Things You Can Actually Do In Genshin Impact (2023)

the world ofImpacto GenshinIt's huge and the possibilities are almost endless. In an amazing open world game, it's always a good idea to try to push the boundaries and explore as much as possible. Finding all the weird things a game does and won't let you do is half the fun!

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In a world filled with fantasy elements, finding weird stuff for players seems hard consideringdragons and mystical godsof the elements wander. However, leave it to the fandom to explore every corner of the world to find these bizarre encounters. Here are some great examples of the weirdest things.Impacto Genshinallows players to do.

10 Meet your clone

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When a playable character is involved in a story quest to be a quest giver or to allow the player additional dialogue, it is possible to switchthat same characterto create a bizarre paradox.

Of course, once the player starts the dialogue, they automatically switch back to the traveler once the conversation has started, so the script makes a little more sense and the characters aren't overwhelmed by their doppelganger. However, for some brief moments, the player may have an opportunity to create a fun little scene to capture some great screenshots.

9 Step into the water forever

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No matter where players venture, it is always important to keep an eye on the stamina meter. Running, climbing, and swimming drain stamina, and once the bar is depleted, the party member used will need a brief rest before slowly refilling.

This all makes perfect sense until the swim mechanic steps in. Anyone who can swim knows that swimming from A to B isn't the only strenuous thing; Walking is also incredibly tiring. But in the world ofImpacto Genshin, treading doesn't consume stamina, and it's somehow possible to tread water forever when the stamina bar is depleted. Kicking will miraculously allow the player to avoid drowning as long as the player remains completely still. This makes for some hilarious rescue missions.at cooperative meetings!

8 Recite poetry Para Hilichurls

On a strange errand from young scholar Ella Musk, the player is given the rare (and somewhat dangerous) opportunity to recite some poetry to some curious Hilichurls. Ella is often a diligent student, and her specialty is Behilichurlian linguistics.

After accepting the quest, the player will be given the opportunity to approach some (initially) docile Hilichurls. Some dialogue options will be available, all in Hilichurlian of course. There are two outcomes at this point: one is a successful performance that ends in a dance party, and the other is an unfortunate misunderstanding that leads to a fight.

Who would have thought that the game would give the player the opportunity to serenade a bunch of enemies in the name of linguistic achievements?

7 Recruit a kid who plants bombs

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Following the release of Klee in October last year, fans rolled and blasted their treasures by the ton just for a chance to get this delightful 5-star Pyro addition to their squad. Pyro characters are awesome! But did a young woman like Klee really deserve so much explosives?!

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This bomb-throwing little kid is (surprisingly) an official member of the Knights of Favonius. Having a lovable character like Klee in the story was one thing, but being able to recruit and play the kid throwing bombs left and right to kill your opponents is definitely one of the weirdest things in historyImpacto Genshin.

6 Build an ice bridge anywhere

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While it's much easier with a co-op group, it's possible to build a makeshift bridge anywhere in the ocean with just a simple ice attack. A cryo user has the ability to freeze their surroundings; be it a dangerous enemy or the surface of a lake.

This trick was invented by much of the fandom, and as bizarre as it is, it's a totally workable tactic!Often with Kaeya(and occasionally Chongyun), players team up and do their best to reach a distant destination across a large body of waterusually out of reach.Impacto Genshinimplements a stamina system to forget about trying to swim to an island; If it goes too far, the character will drown after succumbing to exhaustion.

The infamous "Kaeya Ice Bridge" might seem like a weird mode of transportation, but for some reason it really works in the end.

5 Murder a child's pet ducks

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After accepting an assignment from a boy named Timmie, the player is tasked with feeding some nearby ducks. A curious little assignment, much more relaxing than most missions with fairly intense combat; surely most players would appreciate the nice change of pace.

As cheap as this is, the sad reality is that quite a lot of players actually choose to "have fun" and kill the ducks. that thentriggers a unique dialoguethat Timmie is (rightly) angry at the player for his heartless act. Between his beloved ducks and the little dialogue he has about his father, poor Timmie can't take a break.

4 Climb almost anywhere

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Impacto Genshincan remind the playersSkyrimwhen it comes to the ability to scale to almost any target.Skyrimwas notorious for allowing players to reach the tops of mountains by persistently pressing the jump button until they finally found solid ground to stand on. InSkyrim,However, this trick is not exactly recommendedImpacto Genshin, Climbing everywhere is definitely.

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Not only can mountains and wild terrain be climbed, but buildings and statues are also available in scale. This form of transportation can be quite questionable at times, and often also offers easy shortcuts or quick escapes from combat. Not only is this an odd thing that the game allows the player to do, but it doesrecording of stairseven more fascinating.

3 Become a food delivery man

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While grocery delivery is an option for an occasional daily fee, theTeam fighting miHoYoI wanted to delve even deeper into this unique mission. During the "While It's Warm" event, players had the opportunity to live the life of a courier in Teyvat.

Unlike regular food delivery missions, this event had specific rules for each order that turned what was previously an easy task into a real challenge. Whether it's avoiding damage or throwing away the ability to run or glide, in the battle-filled world ofImpacto Genshin, Food delivery is a real option.

2 Recruit a god to join your team

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Don't be fooled by Venti's adorable exterior, behind that innocent look there really is Ventifirst and only Archon Ameno, Mr. Barbatos! In addition, Venti, a literal god in the game world, is also a playable character.

It's not just the Archon Amenusavailable through gacha pulls, but the Geo-Archon Morax also took a deadly ship in the form of the beautiful Zhongli. Incredibly worshiped by the gods, these deadly ships are not only available to the player in story quests, but can also be recruited as a powerful member of their party!

1 Revive dead friends with a single fried egg

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As you adventure in the world, you will face off against slimes, hilichurls, and the occasional ruin guardian, the player's partycan cause permanent damage. happily inImpacto Genshin, permanent death is not an issue and fallen party members can easily be revived with the right item. Perhaps a magical elixir or the touch of a powerful gem or feather? Apparently the answer is a simple egg.

This is a particularly odd thing that the game allows the player to do, as party members can be revived even during combat. Is there really time for a quick breakfast when fighting a Samachul trying to freeze the rest of the team? Even outside of combat, how to feed an unconscious party member raises a lot of questions!

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