Best Limit Break Builds in Vampire Survivors (2023)

Two of the newest features inVampire Survivorare the ability to do soLimit-Break-Waffenand to limit the number of weapon slots during a race. When Limit Break is activated, the player can increase the character's weapons beyond their normal limits. When a character's weapons and passive abilities are fully leveled up, the player can choose between Floor Chicken (for healing) or Coin Bag (for gold) when leveling up. Limit Break allows the player to upgrade one of the weapons beyond its normal maximum.

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Capping weapons seems more like something to artificially increase the difficulty, and in the middle of a run, limiting yourself to just a few weapons will make things harder. However whenwith the limit break functionIt is often advisable to limit weapon slots. This increases the likelihood that a specific weapon boost will be offered upon leveling up.

Updated December 8, 2022 by Jeff Drake:Vampire Survivors version 1.0 is finally out and with it came a lot of new content. Some of the more exciting additions are new weapons, characters, and arcana. These add a lot of possible new builds to the game. With the Limit Break feature, these new weapons can be taken to the extreme. This update adds five more awesome cap hopping builds to the mix. Remember, if a build requires a certain number of weapons, it's best to limit your weapon slots to that number of weapons. Otherwise, non-buildable weapons will occupy slots as you level up. This reduces the efficiency of construction.

15 great attractor

Best Limit Break Builds in Vampire Survivors (1)

Some of the builds on this list take a while to become efficient. this constructionstarts powerfuland only gets stronger as the player nears its completion. The Great Attractor uses Poe as a character. Only two weapons are used, the Garlic and the Song of Mana.

Both weapons have been upgraded.with the latest arcanaintroduced in the game - Blood Astronomy. This arcane works well with both weapons. Arcane are empowered by Poe's passive bonus to item pickup radius. For passive items, this build uses Attractorb, Candelabrador, Spellbinder, Pummarola, Skull O'Maniac, and Torrona's Crate. This build makes the game so easy it seems like cheating; even with the Torrona Box and Calavera O'Maniac curses. This is one of the best constructions inVampire Survivor.

14 There Mixer

Best Limit Break Builds in Vampire Survivors (2)

If it were a ranking, the Blender build would probably be number one or two. This strong, limit-breaking buildUse the Unholy Vespers and Phieraggi weapons. The way Phieraggi evolves from two weapons, Eight the Sparrow and Phiera Der Tuphello, doesn't require this build to have three weapon slots, but it does make it a lot easier. Without three slots, the player must first obtain Eight the Sparrow and Phiera Der Tuphello, convert them to Phieraggi, and then obtain King Bible.

To sum up the Phieraggiworks continuously, the player must obtain the passive item Void Tome. The third weapon slot after acquiring Phieraggi must be either a non-evolving weapon or a weapon that evolves with a passive item the player is using. The best characters for this build are Pugnala or Dommario; You start with some of the weapons from this build and their passive bonuses complement the build. Focus on increasing the speed and power of both weapons.

13 Magic Wand Tracker

Best Limit Break Builds in Vampire Survivors (3)

This build uses three weapons; the Magic Wand, the Fire Staff and the Rune Tracker. The Wandtracer build is thethe best example of hellish reverse bullet shooteraccessible. The aim is to fill the screen with as many shells as possible. When this build is fully leveled, there is no safe place on the screen for the enemy.

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This build uses Arca for two reasons. The first is that its passive bonus reduces cooldowns. The second reason is that his starting weapon is the Fire Stick. The passive items in this build are the spinach, empty tome, chandelier, armor and duplicator; The last item slot can be freely filled by the player. This construction isMade even stronger with the waltz of pearlsarcana. Focus on increasing Hellfire range, Holy Wand amount and NO FUTURE speed and amount.

12 Misspelling Sword

Best Limit Break Builds in Vampire Survivors (4)

This build combines two of the newer weapons, the misspelled Flames and the Sword of Victory. That isone of the most difficult builds to complete, mainly due to the fact that the two weapons are among the rarest in the game. Building Sword of Misspell also requires the crate to be leveled nine by Torrona, so be prepared for the enemy to become stronger when this happens.

this constructionUse Avatar the character. This will allow the player to start with any of the weapons and get 10 additional replays to try to get the Sword of Victory. Have two Treasure Chests ready (which can evolve weapons) and both weapons fully leveled by the time you get the Torrona Chest to level 9. The range and power of both weapons should take precedence when the cap is broken.

11 Thunder Valkyrie

Best Limit Break Builds in Vampire Survivors (5)

Build Thunder ValkyrieCombination of Shadow Pinion (Valkyrie Turner) and Lightning RingFireheart and Tragic Princess arcane weapons. The character used in this build is either Porta or Concetta; They use Lightning Ring and Shadow Pinion as their starting weapon (respectively).

Thunder Valkyrie uses the doubler, wings, spinach, chandelier, empty tome, and spinach. The Torrona Box can serve as a substitute for spinach; just don't forget to ban him at level eight unless you want a higher difficulty. Increasing the area of ​​effect and hitting power of both weapons should be a top priority. In general, this build is a bit weaker against normal enemies, butbetter against boss creatures.

10 maximum hell

Best Limit Break Builds in Vampire Survivors (6)

The Fire Stick is one of the worst starting weapons inVampire Survivor. The evolved form Hellfire is much better as it can penetrate enemies, but recovery time is still an issue. this constructionturns Hellfire into a continuous fire weaponthat will destroy every enemy (except death).

This build is best used with Arca. It starts with the Fire Staff and its passive bonus reduces cooldowns. Limit weapon slots to three; two would be ideal. The second weapon should be something that points directly at enemies, like the crosshair or wand. The passive items required in this build are: Void Tome, Spellbinder, Spinach, and Multiplier. Arcane Heart of Fire works well with this build. Focus on increasing the amount and area of ​​Hellfire.

9 Gemini construction

Best Limit Break Builds in Vampire Survivors (7)

This construction isbuilt on the arcana of Gemini. This arcana provides a hidden twin weapon for Ebony Wings, Peachone, Vandalier, Phiera Der Tuphello, Eight The Sparrow, Phieraggi, Gatti Amari, and Vicious Hunger. for obvious reasons,This build uses Cosmofor the character

There are no weapon slot restrictions on this build. The required passive items are Tiragisu and Stone Mask. Secondary passive items that work with this build are the Void Tome, Chandelier, Replicator, and Torrona Box. Focus on increasing the range of Vicious Hunger and the speed and amount of Phieraggi.

8 too much garlic

Best Limit Break Builds in Vampire Survivors (8)

This build uses one weapon: Garlic. Because of this, the player is forced to do soUse Poe as a character.. The garlic gun is agreat starting weapon, but as the race nears the 20 minute mark it becomes less useful. This build pushes Garlic well beyond his limits, allowing him to maintain his effectiveness throughout a run.

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The aim isGet the garlic area as big as possible. To do this, the candelabra, the silver ring and the torrona box must be procured. The passive item Spinach is also a smart choice. Don't forget to banish the Torrona Box on level nine. This build is made even better with the Tragic Princess and Sarabande of Healing Arcana.

7 screen bombs

Best Limit Break Builds in Vampire Survivors (9)

that's not alonea highly effective construction, but it is also the easiest to assemble. This build uses three weapons, Runetracer, Bone and Cherry Bomb. The characters in this construction are Mortaccio, Pasqualina and Cavallo. The retailer near the start of a stage has the Cherry Bone Bomb for sale.

If the player chooses Pasqualina, he should definitely wait for the passive item Duplicator. Getting the Bracer to double Pasqualina's passive bonus isn't as necessary for Mortaccio and Cavallo. When exceeding the weapon limit, quantity, speed and area are the most important to improve it. HeThe Twilight Requiem arcana work well.with this construction.

6 Blitzklinge

Best Limit Break Builds in Vampire Survivors (10)

This is another build that uses the Tragic Princess arcana. The two weapons in this build are Lightning Ring and Knife. Using these two weapons in conjunction with Tragic Princess allows the player to continuously move in one direction. The required passive items are Duplicator, Bracer and Empty Tome.

When all weapons and items are fully leveledThe Thunder Loop will fire almost continuously. Even when not moving and thus not benefiting from Tragic Princess, this build is powerful enough to keep enemies away from the player.

5 magic moon

Best Limit Break Builds in Vampire Survivors (11)

This build uses two weapons andfocuses on breaking the boundaries of the beautiful moon. Since this weapon has the longest cooldown, the player's secondary weapon is the wand; This provides enough protection and impetus until the pentagram can be developed. This forces the player to choose either Leda, Christine or Imelda as their character.


The game won't offer Gorgeous Moon much as a limit break option, and the player can only increase the amount, but this powerful weapon will eventually trigger often enough that the Holy Wand isn't needed much. The only required passive items are the Crown, Hollow Heart, and Empty Tome.

4 Blood song

Best Limit Break Builds in Vampire Survivors (12)

The whip and the manalied are the two weapons in this version. The whip attacks the character's left and right, while the Song of Mana protects the character from enemies approaching from the top or bottom of the screen. IsSong of Mana does not need to be evolved, but players will want to make the hollow heart turn the whip into a bloody teardrop.

This build requires Spellbinder, Empty Tome, and Candelabrador; Getting the silver ring and torrona box doesn't hurt either. The best arcanas for this build are Slash and Sarabande of Healing.

3 permanent dangers

Best Limit Break Builds in Vampire Survivors (13)

This is an exclusive build of the secret character Marrabbio andexplodes its super slow projectile speed. The player must use three weapon slots. One of these is used for Thousand Edge, the other two are said to be Magic Wand and Cross.

The cross forces the player to get the passive shamrock item. Clover also helps Thousand Edge get more critical hits and helps the player get the items they want. Players should try to get the Replicator to increase the number of projectiles snaking across the screen, but avoid anything that increases projectile speed.

2 The overclocked deck

Best Limit Break Builds in Vampire Survivors (14)

This build uses two weapons. The main weapon is the crimson shroud (laurel); whichIt's already a great weapon, but pushing the limit makes it unstoppable. The secondary weapon should be something the player is familiar with. The passive items for this build are Spinach and Armor. Skull O'Maniac also buffs Crimson Shroud, but it's not necessary.

Shroud limits damage dealt to 10 and hits nearby enemies with a retaliatory strike. By increasing the range of Shroud and Power, the player can resist anything, even death.

1 none will happen

Best Limit Break Builds in Vampire Survivors (15)

This is absolutely one of the strongest builds in the game. The three weapons in this version are the Garlic, the King's Bible, and the Holy Water. The King Bible is a weapon powerful enough to be used alone, butWith garlic and holy water, the player is never touched.

When these three weapons are fully leveled and the player begins to exceed the limit, three barriers arise around the character that only death can successfully penetrate. HeThe passive items Pummarola, Spellbinder and Attractorb are requiredto this construction; The player is free to fill the other three passive item slots as they please. The Twilight Requiem Arcana makes this build even more powerful. Not that this build needed any additional help.

Vampire Survivorwas released on December 17, 2021 for PC and macOS.

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