Billy (remake timeline) (2023)

Wilhelm Edward Lenz(also known asBill Lenz) is the main antagonist of2006 reissuevonblack christmas. The character is based onunnamed main antagonistcommonly referred to asBilly, from the original movie. He is portrayed by Cainan Wiebe as a child and Robert Mann as an adult.


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tormented childhood[]

Billy (remake timeline) (1)

Billy was born in 1970constancyeFranklin "Frank" Lenzunder the name of William Edward Lenz. Born with severe jaundice due to a rare liver disease that turned his skin yellow, he was neglected by his mother, who abused him mentally and physically. However, Billy's father was very warm and spoiled for his son and tried to make him happy whenever his cruel wife tried to ruin events like Christmas. One could say that Billy's father was possibly the only positive influence in his life. Unfortunately, this positive influence did not last. Woman. Lenz was unhappy with her husband, and at some unknown time she took overa new lover.

It is not known if Billy knew about the affair. So, on Christmas 1975, when Billy was five, Mrs. Lenz and her lover murdered her husband with a hammer, which Billy witnessed as he peered under the door. When she and her lover buried Billy's father under the house, they caught Billy watching and chased him to the attic, where Mrs. Lenz locked him.

In 1982, Mrs. Lenz found that she could not conceive a child with her lover-turned-husband due to his impotence. Determined to father a child, she entered the attic and raped Billy. Although Billy was 12 at the time, Mrs. Lenz became pregnant with Billy's child and that same year gave birth to a girl named Agnes who, despite inbreeding, was treated like a little queen by Billy's mother and her lover, the love that Billy was refused by his mother. Dona Lenz would never tell her new husband about the "affair" and make him believe he was the child's father.

murder of your mother[]

Billy (remake timeline) (2)

Nine years later, on Christmas Day 1991, all those years of pent-up anger from his abuse and neglect finally caused Billy to explode. Billy fled the dark attic and brutally attacked Agnes while his mother was in the kitchen, covering her head with a plastic bag and disfiguring her face with a knife. Hearing her screams, Billy's mother and stepfather rushed into the room in time to see Billy remove Agnes' right eye and devour it.

Billy noticed his mother and began teasing her that Agnes was "his family now". His stepfather then attacked him but was quickly killed when Billy impaled his head straight through the eye with a sharpened Christmas decoration. Billy then turns to his abusive mother when the source of all his years of heartache and unhappiness has wrapped Christmas lights around her neck and dragged her around the kitchen. Billy grabbed a rolling pin and viciously beat her to death 13 times. The source of his anger, now dead, he then ripped off pieces of his mother's flesh with a cookie cutter and placed the pieces in the oven.

Shortly thereafter, the police broke into the house and revealed the carnage Billy had caused. They found Agnes crying in pain in a pool of her own blood, surrounded by the tattered bodies of her mother and 'father', and next door Billy sat happily eating the freshly baked 'biscuits' made from his mother's meat and some milk.


Billy was imprisoned for his crimes while Agnes was sent to foster care. Billy was later found insane by courts and placed in a psychiatric facility, where he remained for the next 15 years. While there, Billy endured thirteen failed attempts to escape from the mental hospital on Christmas Eve. At some point during this period, the Lenz house was sold and converted into a fraternity house. Knowing about the Lenz family and the murders committed by Billy, the new residents of the Lenz family home, for reasons unknown, began to regularly and recklessly send him gifts every Christmas.

flee and kill[]

On December 24, 2006, approximately fifteen years after the murder of his mother and stepfather, Billy finally managed to escape the facility and killed one of the guards with a candy cane he had sharpened into a knife hanging from his neck. While escaping, Billy encountered a man dressed as Santa Claus who regularly visited the facility to cheer up the locals. He killed the man and stole his clothes, leaving the facility undetected and dumping the body in the dumpster.

After his escape, Billy began his journey home. When he managed to get to a phone, he called his old house, rambling and harassing the house's new residents until one of the sister girls, Lauren Hannon, provoked him. Enraged, Billy threatened to kill them all before hanging up. Arriving at his childhood home, he murdered one of the home's residents, Heather Fitzgerald, right in the car after Mrs. MacHenry was cleaning the front car's windshield with a snow brush, and was killed shortly thereafter by a falling icicle while she was fumbling. When Billy entered the house, he went to the attic where he spent most of his prison childhood.

Appearing before the only survivors of the house, Kelli Presley and Leigh Colvin, he is reunited with Agnes, who turns out to be just as murderous and insane as her father/brother and is responsible for the murders of most of the residents of the house. Agnes and Billy then encounter Kelli, with Agnes managing to throw herself and Kelli into the empty space between the walls of the house. Before Billy can finish her off, Leigh saves Kelli when the attic catches fire, leaving Agnes and Billy burned to death in the searing inferno.


Billy (remake timeline) (3)

Billy and Agnes manage to escape from the burning house, with Billy badly burned by the fire. Together, the two go to the hospital, where Kelli and Leigh were admitted. Upon entering the hospital, Billy butchered the morgue attendant with a chainsaw, leaving Agnes to kill the two survivors. After Agnes murdered Leigh by breaking her neck, she tried to kill Kelli but was subsequently electrocuted by Kelli with the defibrillators on her face, killing her.

Billy entered the room shortly after and chased Kelli down the hospital corridor, angry at the death of his sister/daughter. The two appear to corner them on the stairs and get into a brief fight, with Billy taking the lead by slashing Kelli open with a scalpel, but Kelli overpowers him and manages to throw Billy off the railing, knocking him out a few Bumping floors and falling to the floor below. , Billy is impaled through the back at the top of a Christmas tree used to decorate the facility, finally putting an end to his serial murder spree.


His bloody killing spree that began on December 25, 1991 and ended with his death on December 24, 2006 at the age of 36 while Billy Lenz brutally murdered six people and disfigured his daughter/sister Agnes during his killing spree for Christmas. In 1991, this incident left Agnes so mentally unbalanced and disturbed that she would also lead to becoming a serial killer like her father/brother, ending with his death on December 24, 2006.


From a young age, Billy Lenz was subjected to severe physical and psychological abuse by his mother, who hated him because of his looks. This abuse would continue into Billy's early adulthood and as a result instilled in him a deep anger towards his mother and humanity. The only positive influence on young Billy was his father, who treated him with the kindness and love he would never receive from his mother after witnessing his mother and her lover murder his father. The resulting arrest and subsequent rape he suffered at the hands of his mother shocked Billy deeply.

Most of Billy's horrific childhood events occurred during the Christmas season, and as a result, he became obsessed with the holidays themselves, which he compared to all the suffering he had endured. This is best demonstrated during the phone conversation sequence where he reveals a very distorted view of the holiday itself.

Billy also seems to have a difficult relationship with his sister/daughter Agnes, although he shows something of jealousy over the love and attention she received from her mother as a child, leading to her being disfigured to make her so ugly to make her look like mother, mother thought of him. However, after reuniting with her as adults, both show mutual respect to the point where Billy is visibly upset when she is killed.


  • "Where's Agnes? Billy! What your mother and I need to know is where is Agnes? Merry Christmas Agnes. You are at my house, I can see you. Everyone should be home for Christmas! Santa is dead.” - One of Billy's phone calls at his old house
  • "She's my family now." - Billy mentions Agnes to his shocked mother
  • "I will kill you!" - An angry Billy is on the phone with the fraternity maids
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