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The end justifies the means
The syrupy bullies who get away with their bullying. The adults who do not protect. The leaders who tell brutal lies. Ender Wiggin, a third, has to go through all this to save humanity from the fools. At the beginning of this science fiction novel, Ender's Game, written by Orson Scott Card,Ender Wigginfaced a difficult choice. He was bullied by Stilson, a schoolboy who put pressure on Ender. Deciding he had no choice but to fight back, Ender tackled Stilson to the ground. But Ender realized he could walk away and expect to meet him again the next day, or kick him while he's on the ground. To win all future matches, he kicked Stilson as he lay down, killing him. Ender was unaware that he had actually killed Stilson. This act of violence earned Ender a place in Battle School. Colonel Graff of the Battle School manipulated Ender into entering. Humanity was at war with aliens known as buggers, and the battle school was the training ground for future commanders.
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However, Ender was actually the fleet commander for the third invasion. Ender was happy to hear that he was going to graduate, because he was very tired of it all. But when he saw the battle, he realized that he was far outnumbered. He didn't even want to play, but decided he wanted to win an unfair match. Ender won the battle by destroying the planet the enemy lived on, and the room erupted in cheers. Mazer told Ender that he was the actual boss of the third invasion and that he had just destroyed the buggers (maps 203-207). After Ender won the final battle, he was the only one not celebrating. He was upset and angry that he had destroyed the buggers. He thinks he should have had a choice. Graff and Rackham manipulated him into playing the game. But their manipulation was the right thing to do in order to survive


  • Fear in Susan Glaspell's A Jury of Her Peers

    1498 words | 6 pages

    First, the government's fear drives the inhabitants to cause genocide. Earth's fear of the Buggers gives them one priority, kill them all. Bugger's attack on Earth enrages many. The humans support any attempt to hurt the Buggers in any way, even if the humans have no idea what they wanted in the first place. The government feels the need to please the people as not much will be achieved if the people continue to think about a possible Bugger invasion. The fear of the people strongly drives them to do anything related to Bugger's death. When the Buggers' home planet explodes, no one cares, all the humans and senior government officials rejoice, showing no concern for the millions of sentient beings that have just passed away. Colonel Graff happily says, "You're a hero. Ender. They've seen what you've done. You and the others. I don't think there's a government on earth that hasn't made you their highest medal" ( 297) The plot makes people think that the Buggers are horrible, mean things. Because of their fear, people cannot question whether the fear is reasonable or not. The plot is based on the idea of ​​the Buggers and the humans fighting for survival. Ender's fear of his actions also makes him pay back for it. Ender takes the position of human fleet commander against the Bugger army. Ender kills all the Buggers and the planet. Ducks didn't kill them on purpose; The simulations were real fighters in real fights. Because of this, Ender's emotions overwhelm him and he feels regret and deep sadness. He wished he had never done it and that Buggers could live. Near the end, Ender finds a Bugger queen egg. The egg that can repopulate the entire Bugger race, he accepts the task and heads into space in search of a homeworld for the Buggers. Ender speaks to the Bugger Queen and says, “I will carry you,” said Ender, “I will go from world to world until I find a time and a place where you can come

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  • Theme of genocide in the game Ender

    2474 words | 10 pages

    In coming to power, Hitler knew exactly what he was doing. When Ender was manipulated by adults, he had no idea what he was doing. In a way, the adults were more like Hitler, Stalin and all the other mass murderers than Ender. Even in the manslaughter trial, Colonel Graff justified his abuse of Ender with the defense of Nuremberg and the exact same statement the Nazis used to justify their actions. Graff said he did "what [he] believed was necessary for the preservation of the human race" (map 235). I.F. took control with extreme parallels to the Nazi takeover. But the colonel is not a complete Hitler figure. Although Hitler's attack on the Jews was completely unprovoked, the villains had already attacked Earth twice before and nearly wiped out humanity. The situation this most resembles is a violent end to the Cold War. Card Inscribed Ender's Game ???? () in the middle of the Cold War. In Ender's position, the war with the buggers is one that must end in the complete and utter destruction of one side, the humans or the buggers. That outcome is exactly how a nuclear war between the United States and the Soviet Union would have ended with the total destruction of one side. Even the fact that the Battle School is in space and how the Russians want to shoot it down represents the Soviets' frustration at ultimately losing the space race. The fact that Orson Scott Card

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  • Lies and manipulation in the game of Ender

    831 words | 4 pages

    On Earth there was a thug named Stilson. Ender experienced being physically abused by him on a daily basis, and when he finally got his chance, he made sure he was never bullied again. At the battle school there was a commandant named Bonzo who threatened to kill him; then, in the same scenario, Ender decided to make sure he would win the war and erase all future battles. In a discussion with Major Anderson, Graff says, "Ender is not a killer. He just wins—thoroughly" (226). Ender hadn't known all along that he was killing them, and the leaders were manipulating him for his own good. They explain that they didn't tell him that he actually killed both Bonzo and Stilson killed so he wouldn't consider himself a murderer. Throughout the book, Ender reiterates that he doesn't want to hurt anyone and doesn't like that he has to be violent to be safe. If Ender found out it would be negative motivation and drive to want to get the best of himself Overall Ender is generally a better person because he didn't know

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  • Ender's friendship quotes

    1169 words | 5 pages

    At the beginning of the chapter, two unknown characters discuss Ender's future. 'He's too malleable. Too willing to immerse himself in someone else's will. "Not if the other is his enemy." "So what do we do? Surround him with enemies all the time? (Short, page 1) This is important because it foreshadows Ender's future and the rest of the book. It shows that Ender will have a hard life. Another compelling quote is introduced after Ender slams Stilson to the ground." However, Ender tried to find a way to avoid revenge. To prevent them from taking him in a mob tomorrow. I have to win this now and forever or I will fight every day and it will get worse.” (Map, page 7) This led to Ender

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  • Essay on Game of Ender

    612 words | 3 pages

    This narrows the scope of how much the International Fleet lied to Ender, making the reveal less dramatic. The film also completely deletes the Locke and Demosthenes subplot, removes the epilogue about Ender moving to a colony with Valentine, and replaces it with Ender finding the queen bugger's egg on the same planet as Command School and leaving to find a safe home for Het. This also negates the parallel between Ender and Peter at the end of the book, where it is pointed out that despite Peter being portrayed as extremely cruel, he prevents the war on Earth that saves millions of lives. Ender kills billions of rogues in the third invasion, almost completely wiping out their race, despite being described as gentle and not wanting to hurt anyone. The film's tendency to cut to anything that isn't considered a major event also makes it seem like Ender is unaffected by most of the events that take place. It is made abundantly clear in the book that both the Battle School and the Command School Ender's systems are breaking down, which is eventually shown by Ender being completely bedridden after the third invasion due to everything he has endured. This also happens with the presentation of the characters in the film, where several characters sympathize with Ender. This completely ignores a plot point in the book,

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  • Lord of the Flies Chapter 1 Dialectical Journal

    1088 words | 5 pages

    Ender's main goal is to prolong his existence, this causes him to forget his humanity and continues to hurt Stilson. Ender knows what needs to be done to prevent further attacks, potentially fatal, and shows that he is willing to attack the helpless to do so. (add more?) good

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  • Enders Game Character Analysis Essay

    754 words | 4 pages

    Ender also has so much empathy that he would think like buggers and be able to understand and anticipate them. This was one of the reasons why he was the perfect choice to be the commander. He also had tremendous guilt after (unknowingly) killing all the buggers and pilots that he and the team leaders had controlled. This guilt would only be resolved if Ender finds the purpose of speaking for the dead and finds a safe place for the egg

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  • End manipulation analysis

    1043 words | 5 pages

    The book, Ender's Game, is a book full of interesting events. A six-year-old boy named Ender Wiggin attends Battle School, where he is constantly tested and trained to become an elite commander. He succeeds at Battle School and eventually attends Command School, where he leads his army to victory over the creeps. This makes the world safe from the destruction of buggers. Although Ender and his fleet manage to defeat the bugs, Ender's intelligence and skill are abused throughout the book. I.F. take away most of the freedom Ender is entitled to and they manipulate him into doing what they want him to do. This manipulation is quite evident in Ender's Game.

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  • Ender's analysis of game heroism

    1162 words | 5 pages

    Is it okay to commit genocide and come off innocent? Well, Ender's Game, by Orson Scott Card, follows the journey of a young boy, Ender, who has the fate of humanity on his shoulders. This book is set in a future era; there are spaceships, colonization of planets and battles with the infamous buggers. The bays were seen as a threat to humans and their colonization. As a result, the people rejoiced when Ender was in command of the forces that wiped them out. The catch, however, is that Ender had been manipulated into committing this genocide. He didn't even know he was killing the bugs; however, people like John Kessel will blame him. John Kessel wrote the article "Creating the Innocent Killer", which tells how Ender committed genocide and came out not only clean, but a hero. Kessel too

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  • Ender's Game Ender Character Analysis

    492 words | 2 pages

    After all that training, Ender gets promoted to high school. Even at command school, Ender trains just as hard as he does at combat school. This is shown in Ender's performance during his graduation match. Colonel Graff does not tell him that this is the real battle of the third invasion. Believing it to be only a simulation, Ender notes that "the enemy outnumbered him a thousand to one... As far as Ender knew, there were just as many enemy ships out there, out of range of the simulator" (map 292 ). "I didn't want to kill them all. I didn't want to kill anyone! I'm not a murderer! You didn't want me, you bastards, you wanted Peter, but you framed me!' (Map 297,298) Ender is determined to fight and win all the fights so he doesn't have to fight anymore. Ender learns many techniques so he knows how to beat the buggers. He couldn't have fought with what he thought were simulations but he worked so hard to be where he is today as a commander. Ender would never have killed the goons if he knew he was fighting them. He would sympathize with the buggers and he would try to understand them. Ender is not a killer like his brother Peter, but he is also not as soft as his sister Valentine.

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  • Ender's Game Movie Versus Book Comparison

    726 words | 3 pages

    When you read a book, the characters and plot form in your mind as you read. When you watch a movie, the characters and the action are already formed for you and you see with your eyes. What better way to experience a story? Ender's Game is the story of the future world preparing to defend itself against an invasion of aliens known as Buggers. Earth had defeated the Buggers twice before, but knew they would attack again in the future. It was decided that the only way to prepare for the third invasion was to train talented genius children to become warriors. This required young children to be evaluated, selected, and then removed from their families forever. Since the plot was so unreal and hard to imagine, the movie is the better way to experience this story in this case.

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  • Summary of Ender's Teacher Chapter 14

    904 words | 4 pages

    In this chapter, Ender arrives at the Command School. Where he meets his new teacher Mazor Rackham. Mazor tells Ender how we've been gone for a while so he can stay alive to teach the third invasion commander. Ender begins training with the simulations and then begins training to command an entire fleet. The fleet consists of his best friends from Battle School. They practice and train together and fight buggers in the simulation. Mazor tells Ender how we beat the buggers and then they watch the video of the old fights. Ender starts having bad dreams about buggers and barely sleeps. He will be ill for a few days. When he wakes up, he must fight the final battle

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  • Book Summary: Ender's Impact

    1776 words | 8 pages

    "If you try and you lose, it's not your fault. But if you don't try and we lose, it's all your fault." In the second war against the buggers, also known as aliens, a lot of pressure rested on Ender Wiggins. During the first war, Commander Mazer Rackham managed to defeat the buggers and prevents them from destroying Earth. To find the next Mazer, Colonel Graff started a new military program. When Ender enters the program, he shows impressive skill and dodges every challenge thrown at him. To prepare for the second invasion, Ender trains under Mazer Rackham himself to become the commander of his own fleet, Ender eventually defeats the buggers and wins the second invasion, only to discover that

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  • Colonel Grafef in Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card

    588 words | 3 pages

    A bad side of Colonel Graff is that he gets what he wants through manipulation. It gets what needs to be done, but you lose your trust. Graff only wanted the war to end, so "Of course we framed you, that's the whole point" (Kort298). Ender was definitely hurt by this, but hey, it got the job done, right? All of Ender's commanding officers knew what he was really doing, except Ender. Because even "If you knew, you couldn't do it" (Kort298). Ender was so angry when he found out what had happened that all he could do was ignore it and go to bed. So by manipulating people you get what you want, but there is also a lack of it

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  • Miscommunication in Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card

    1043 words | 5 pages

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    As Ender goes to Battle School, Graff declares that everyone has a purpose. Graff alludes to the role of Ender: "'Individual men are all tools'" (35). Graff's comment foreshadows his ideas for Ender's life at the Battle and Command School. Graff views Ender and all the other kids as mere instruments in Graff's master plan to defeat the buggers, while withholding information about what the kids' goals really are. This withheld information hurts Ender when he learns that, as Graff once indirectly told him, he is only helping to destroy the buggers. Even though Ender believes he's playing against a boost in Command School like the leaders told him, he's actually beating the narts in every single win, the biggest win coming in the playoffs. Immediately after Ender destroys the buggers in the endgame, Mazer Rackham explains to Ender, "'There were no games, the battles were real, and the only enemy you fought was the buggers. ... you utterly destroyed them'" (296- 297) Ironically, Ender thinks everything is a game because of the ideas Graff put into Ender's head, when nothing was really a game while he was in command Confused, Ender

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