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Chapter 13
Question 3

I find Aunt Alexandra's limited view of breeding and family very conceited and naive. Aunt Alexandra's point of view includes that, based on one's heritage, one must have an influence on how one should approach one's behavior. She also believes that because of someone's background, someone should have a chance to judge whether they are a proper and nice person versus a rude and indecent person. Atticus opposes this view. he believes that one should not be judged by one's ancestors. Therefore, Atticus tells Scout and Jem to forget Aunt Alexandra's opinion.

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Questions 1. Aunt Alexandra came to live with the Finks because she and Atticus felt that the household needed a female influence. They also believed that finks' children should be respectful and polite to others, but according to the residents of Maycomb, Jem and Scout, who are finks, broke their stereotype of being spoiled and disrespectful. As a result, Aunt Alexandra came to Maycomb to change their behavior, hoping they would look up to her as a role model. Aunt Alexandra is a refined woman with good manners. She is upright, considerate and careful, but she has no respect for the colored people.

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Chapter 13
Question 2

Aunt Alexandra has involved herself in Maycomb's social life by presenting herself as a high morale who believes in herself and is never bored. People have welcomed her and she attends most of the events and parties that are sometimes organized by her (she has started a missionary circle with the Maycomb ladies) and is very involved in community affairs. This has made her loved and popular in society.
She acts this way to promote her family name after society has turned its back on Atticus and his children for their unacceptable behavior. Because she strongly believes in stereotypes, the idea that if members of society see her behavior as "finch" behavior, they could possibly expect the same from the other finches. It is a way of regaining their high position in the social hierarchy that they have earned over generations.

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Question #2)
When Aunt Alexandra arrives in Maycomb, it's as if she's lived there all her life and is the most popular lady in town. She has countless people who greet her, bake her cakes and invite her for coffee. Already a socialite, she mingles by inviting Maycomb women to talk and drink tea.

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royal city 11. There were three reasons in the book to answer question number one.
The first answer I found in the book was "We (Aunt Alex and Atticus) have decided it would be best for you (Scout) to have some female influence". Aunt Alexandra said that during a conversation with Scout on page 127 of the novel
The other reaction I had seen in the book was, "Your aunt is doing me a favor, as are all of you. I can't stay here with you all day and the summers are getting hot"! Atticus said this while talking to both Jem and Scout on page 128 of the novel
The last answer I found to that question was that Aunt Alexandra came to live with the Finch family to change their behavior to make them more like the behavior of other people in society and to show that Jem and Scout can behave themselves as the lady and the gentleman. they are.
Aunt Alexandra is a very polite, calm and composed person. There may be a lot of positives about Aunt Alexandra, but the negative about her is that she doesn't respect people of color the same way she respects white people.

2. Aunt Alexandra gets involved a lot in the social life of Maycomb, Alabama. The first thing she does to participate in the social life of the county is to be invited by some of Finch's friends for lunch, coffee or tea. She also gets involved in the social life of this county by joining a missionary society in the area. She also joined the Maycomb Amanuensis Club and became the secretary of one such club. Scout says during her narrator role that "Aunt Alexandra was one of the last of her kind" (p. 129).

3. I feel that Aunt Alexandra's views on breeding and family are very wrong. Her opinion says that previous generations of a family have a big influence on one's behavior, which I don't think is right. Her statement also says that because of an individual's background, it gives people the right to judge them and their behavior. For example, if a person has a family background that tends not to mind their own business, this entitles a person to judge that person and assume they don't mind their own business. Atticus, on the other hand, does not have the same views as Aunt Alexandra. He believes that an individual should not be judged based on his background. Believing this and disagreeing with Aunt Alexandra, he tells the children to forget everything she tells him when she leaves.
In this situation. I think Atticus is right to tell the kids to forget everything Aunt Alexandra says because I also believe that a person should not be judged by their pedigree if you will.

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Chapter 13 Questions (13)

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Question 3

Aunt Alexandra's views on breeding and families are very old-fashioned. She believes that people should be classified as families, and that if one family is a certain way, then they all are. For this reason, she wants the finches not to "breed" with families outside their class.

Atticus tells Jem and Scout to forget this conversation because he disagrees with what Aunt Alexandra wants Jem and Scout to hear. I think Atticus is absolutely right because I don't think people should be denied certain opportunities because of their background. Although in today's society it is still performed.

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1) Aunt Alexandra comes because both she and Atticus agree that the family needs more "feminine influence". She is also there to support Atticus and the children throughout the process as they will face a lot of hostility and injustice, something the children are not familiar with. Ladylike and sociable, Aunt Alexandra "fitted into the world of Maycomb like a glove". She is also very bossy, always deciding "What's best for the family" and telling Scout, Jem, and even Atticus what to do.

2) Aunt Alexandra was well connected, she knew many people in Maycomb from her time at the Landing. To expand her circle of friends, she established a missionary circle and joined and became secretary of the Maycomb Amanuensis Club. She dives into social affairs, which makes her loved and welcomed by almost everyone.

3) Aunt Alexandra thinks every family has "a Streak" and judges people by their last names. She believes that a family's reputation is measured by how many years they have lived in the same place. Jem points out that this is wrong, as it would imply that the Ewells were "nice people". Aunt Alexandra felt that Atticus should instill more family pride in his children, hoping that Scout and Jem would live up to the Finch family's reputation. She wanted Atticus to discipline his children and turn them into little angels like all the finches before them. But Atticus tells them to forget how their aunt thinks they should act and just continue to discover themselves and be their own person. I agree with Atticus. Who you are does not depend on what your ancestors did or what they were like; your life is not shaped by anyone who came before you. We all need to live our own lives and be ourselves.

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