Cyberpunk 2077: all the romance options in the game (2023)


Are you looking for love in Cyberpunk 2077? Here's how to romance every known potential partner in the game:

It isCiberpunk 2077The article contains spoilers.

insidegreat Mass Effect storyand other role-playing gamesCiberpunk 2077It makes you fall in love with some of the notable characters you'll meet throughout CD Projekt Red's grand adventure. However, it's entirely possible to play through the game without realizing that you have these romance options at your disposal.

As a matter of fact,Ciberpunk 2077The demands of romance are so specific that even if you're on the lookout for the right opportunities, one misstep can permanently prevent you from pursuing even a temporary fling, let alone a long-term relationship.

While some romances are impossible to achieve unlessCreate a specific type of character at the beginning of the game, it might be a good idea to familiarize yourself with some of the romance options available in the game if you don't want to miss out on some of them.Ciberpunk 2077Most Memorable Interactions.


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Judy Alvarez

Requirements: Female V only

One ofthe internet's favorite Cyberpunk 2077 charactersIt's also one of the most impactful romance options in the game. However, it will be a while before you can start a relationship with Judy. However, if you're interested (and if you've settled on a female V avatar), here's how:

  • Call Judy when prompted during the main story.
  • Follow the questline for Judy that becomes available a little later in the game.
  • During the "Pisces" mission, he rejects Maiko's plan.
  • Complete the rest of Judy's quests to unlock the Pyramid Song quest. You'll get a pretty clear message asking if you want to make your move. Choose this option.
  • The next morning Judy will ask you what last night meant. If you want to start a relationship with Judy, say it was the start of something special.

Not only does a relationship with Judy result in certain story changes (which may include changes to the various endings of the game), but you also gain access to her apartment and a stash of additional items.


Requirements: Male only V

Panam is an interesting romance option because you actually have multiple opportunities to flirt with her during the main quest of the game. However, she will reject you every time. While it is possible to form a relationship with Panam, to do so you need to follow this specific set of steps:

  • Complete all of Panam's side quests until he calls you and offers you the Riders on the Storm quest.
  • During Riders of the Storm, choose all dialogue options that allow you to flirt with Panam.
  • During the mission, with a little help from my friends, choose not to tell Saul about the plan. If Panam asks you why you did this, don't choose the option related to money.
  • During the Queen of the Highway mission you can move around Panama. Make sure you choose the "Oh yes, come on" dialogue option during this sequence.
  • Kiss Panam at the end of this quest if you get the chance. This will start the relationship successfully.

As with Judy, having a relationship with Panam can affect the game's ending, but the importance of your decision to date her also depends on a few other choices you make throughout the game.


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Kerry Eurodyne

Requirements: Male only V

Kerry is actually one of the "easier" romancesCiberpunk 2077Since starting a relationship with him requires only the following steps:

  • Follow Johnny's request to meet Kerry as part ofJohnny Silverhands Quest Series.
  • Break into Kerry's house to meet him, then follow the rest of the Silverhand questline involving Kerry.
  • During the Let Go of the Leash quest, choose to flirt with Kerry whenever you get the chance.
  • Take the Boat Drinks side job and kiss Kerry when prompted.
  • After the Boat Drinks job, you can choose to start a relationship with Kerry or turn her into something unique.

Unlike Judy and Panam, starting a relationship with Kerry has less impact on the game's ending and story. However, some small things change when you are chosen as a partner.

river neighborhood

Requirements:FeminineNur V

River is by far the most unique option for a long-term romance, as she's the only potential partner you won't meet during the course of the game's main story (at least from what we know so far). While this makes it very easy to miss this character, you can date him by following these steps:

  • Accept the quest "I Fought the Law".
  • If you follow this quest line you will eventually meet River who will offer you a side job called The Hunt.
  • This is where it gets complicated. During the hunt, you must keep River alive. That means you have to find all the evidence in the brain dance sequences that are part of this quest chain. If you lose any evidence, you can still save River knowing that the name of the farm you're looking for is called "Edgewood".
  • Don't leave River alone on the farm or he'll die.
  • After completing The Hunt, indicate your interest in River if you have the opportunity.
  • Take the side job called "Following the River". As part of this mission, you will have the opportunity to build a long-term relationship with River.

While River doesn't have as much impact on endgames as some of the other potential partners, the side quest associated with this relationship is absolutely one of themCiberpunk 2077It is the best. Therefore, you will probably want to go down this path even if you don't intend to be in a relationship with River.


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Meredith Stark

Requirements: Corpo V Masculine only

One of the game's early romance options is easy to miss given how many paths you can take at this point in the game. However, if you want to romance Meredith, here's how:

  • Make a deal with Meredith before The Pickup quest.
  • There's some debate about this part, but it seems safest to accept the chip Meredith gives you and not crack it.
  • During The Pickup, choose to pay the bot with the chip Meredith gave you.
  • Open the message Meredith sends you after the mission and meet her at the motel.

Unfortunately, that's pretty much the end of Meredith's romantic line. There doesn't seem to be a way to continue your relationship with her and it doesn't affect the game's story.

Villain Amendiares

Requirements: All V

One ofCiberpunk 2077The most memorable quest givers are not an option for a long term romance, but you can start a short affair by following these steps:

  • Work your way up to the Tapeworm mission by following the main story.
  • Fulfill Johnny's request to visit Rogue by taking control of your body.
  • Pursuing the missions and story moments that come after will eventually lead to Johnny and Rogue dating.

Rogue may not be a "commitment" romance option, but choosing to romance it can change certain elements of the endgame. We don't want to delve too deeply into those spoilers here, though, and that romance might not matter much in the end if you decide to look for other options near the story's climax.


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alt Cunningham

Requirements: All V

This is actually the only romantic option that everyone hasCiberpunk 2077Players will encounter throughout the game's campaign. Just follow Johnny Silverhand's story until you get to an early sequence with Alt. It's seemingly impossible to miss this romance unless you ignore the main story altogether.

This relationship, while brief (at least in the player's mind), plays a significant role in the final moments of the game.

joy toy

Requirements: All V

We're exaggerating the word "romance" here, but Joy-Toys areCiberpunk 2077The prostitute's version. They are clearly identified on the in-game map by the "lips" icons that direct you to the Male and Female Joy-Toys.


Your time with Joy-Toys will cost you 100 Eddies, and the decision to use their services triggers a nude scene.

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