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Less than a million miles from most RPGs, the skill tree in Dying Light is a character progression mechanic split into 3 main sections: Potency, Agility, and Survival. Players can spend their skill points upgrading skill trees to unlock new perks and abilities.

As the name suggests, skill trees are a layered system that branches into multiple paths. The progression moves downwards and outwards in Dying Light. Therefore, players must level up and unlock higher skill perks in the tree to gain access to lower tier perks. Likewise, unlocking a skill perk opens up a chance to unlock the adjacent (left and right) branches of the perk.

I'll go into detail on each of the skill trees below, but the general gist is that the power tree unlocks perks for combat. Agility is for things like parkour and movement, while the Survivor tree unlocks useful perks like lower buying costs from vendors and getting blueprints sooner.

There are 23 levels for Agility, 23 levels for Power and 21 levels for the Survivor tree. Each skill requires a certain level, and in some cases a previous skill must be unlocked first. For example, the Drop Attack perk found in the Power section requires Power Level 7 and also Combat Adept to unlock first.

Dying Light - Skill Trees (Strength, Agility and Survival) (1)

Unlocking perks is an important part of character progression in Dying Light and the way you unlock these perks is a little different for each skill tree. It's essential that you progress through all the trees if you want to survive past the first few nights, so participating in a varied selection of activities is the way to go.

At the end of the day, your skill levels are determined by XP and the game clearly shows your progress to the next skill level when you open the Skills menu.

The best perks to unlock

Dying Light - Skill Trees (Strength, Agility and Survival) (2)

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Since most of you are probably looking for the best perks in Dying Light, here is my list of the best perks and why you should unlock them. Personally, I like to move fast in the game, so parkour-enhancing agility skills top the list.

Power - Robustness

This perk increases your health and allows you to take more damage before you die. This prevents a lot of unwanted trips to the safe house, and is especially useful when you want to explore at night to find some of the game's rare items.

Potency - Combat Adaptation

Combat Adapt offers more resistance to attacks. At the start of the game, the stamina bar in Dying Light is very slow, making a full fight nearly impossible. This situation gets worse when you get heavy weapons like the two-handed mace. Unlock this perk early in the game to start taking on zombies instead of running from them all the time.

Power - Step on

An essential skill to take down an enemy quickly. If you don't finish off an enemy, he will likely get up and start fighting you again, which will only slow you down. One kick to the head and you can collect the loot.

Agility - Dropkick

Very fun to use and also very effective. The drop kick is powerful enough to turn enemies into spikes or knock them off the edge of a roof. When used in combination with Stomp, a downed enemy can be finished off with the move Stomp, at which point you can claim the loot for yourself.

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Agility - Adaptation of Free Traits

Parkour in Dying Light is painfully slow unless you have this perk unlocked. Increases your climbing and movement speed, making it easier to traverse the open world and get from A to B more efficiently. It also has the added benefit of helping you progress faster in your skill level.

Agility - Light fall and forward swing

Moving between rooftops is the best way to avoid zombies, but it comes with risks. Any takedown will likely kill you if you don't have the Light Drop buff combined with Forward Roll. It's also much easier to get down from a building by having the option to jump rather than finding safe ledges down to ground level.

Survivor - Survivor Starter Kit

Access to basic blueprints like fireworks and lockpicks. It's amazing how many times you'll use a firecracker to distract zombies, while lockpicks offer a chance to access a new area with more potential loot.

The best high-level skills.

Of course, once you get deeper into the game, you'll want to go to:

  • Survival > Lucky Repair to avoid repairs all the time.
  • Survival > Explosive cars, perfect for night adventures.
  • Agility > Brutal Grapple, combined with Stomp, you can easily kill enemies without weapons.
  • Power > Explosion. Increased damage to thrown weapons, essential before firearms become available.
  • Energy > Save Weapons. Weapons degrade more slowly and require less repair.
  • Energy > Focus. Damage bonus for additional hits on the same target.
  • Power > Kill Frenzy to get XP faster.

That's my list of the most useful perks so far. Below I've included a list of all skills in the game.



Dying Light - Skill Trees (Strength, Agility and Survival) (3)

The power tree contains unlocks for more attack options. You increase your power rating by entering combat and using previously unlocked power perks.

First row

  • Stun (lvl 2): ​​Attack with increased precision, including a chance to stun enemies when using a blunt weapon.
  • Multi-Throw (lvl 3): Target up to 3 enemies with throwing weapons.
  • Kick stun (lvl 3): Stuns zombies with a basic kick attack.
  • Blast (lvl 9): Deal double damage with your thrown weapons.
  • Stun Kill (lvl 12): Option to instantly kill enemies after being stunned.

Second line

  • Robustness (lvl 4) - absorbs more damage.
  • Melee Throw (lvl 4): Throw any melee weapon that deals high damage. The weapon can be retrieved later.

third row

  • Combat Adapt (lvl 5): Receives more resistance that allows you to attack more often.
  • Conserve Weapons (Level 6): Weapons are more durable, which means they require less repair.
  • Power Attack (Level 6): Hold down the fire button to unleash a more powerful charged attack.
  • Toughness 2 (level 7) – extra health bonus
  • Windmill (Level 8) – Spin around using a two-handed weapon to attack enemies from multiple angles.
  • Focus (Level 8): Successive hits against the same target deal additional damage. Ideal for tough opponents.

fourth line

  • Stomp (lvl 9): Smash a zombie's head to kill it.
  • Ground Pound (Level 10): Leaps and slams the ground with a powerful punch that knocks enemies back.
  • Kill Frenzy (11): Power XP increases for 10 seconds after a kill.
  • Whirlwind (lvl 11): Windmill attacks only consume half stamina.
  • Slam (14) - Increases the range of Ground Pound's force.
  • Drop Attack (lvl 7): A powerful aerial execution attack for one-handed weapons.

Fifth and Sixth Ranks (Expert Skills)

  • Combat Expert (lvl 12): more stamina.
  • Endurance 3 (lvl 13) - gains extra health.
  • Takedown (lvl 13): Kill enemies from behind.
  • Ultimate Combatant (lvl 24): Never get tired while fighting.


Dying Light - Skill Trees (Strength, Agility and Survival) (4)

As vantagens de agilidade estão diretamente ligadas ao movimento do seu personagem, incluindo a maioria dos aspectos do parkour. Você aumenta sua classificação de Agilidade correndo, escalando e usando as vantagens de Agilidade desbloqueadas anteriormente.

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First row

  • Dodge (lvl 2): ​​Quickly switch to the side to dodge zombies.
  • Slide (Level 3) – Perfect for a last minute escape from enemies or through a doorway.
  • Grapple (lvl 3): Use enemies' movement against them, e.g. Throw enemies aside when they attack you.
  • Health Regen (lvl 5): Regenerates health to a higher level.
  • Leg Breaker (Level 6): Breaks legs when sliding.
  • Brutal Grapple (lvl 9): Grappled enemies are vulnerable.

Second line

  • Dropkick (lvl 4): Run and jump with a deadly kick that sends zombies flying. It can be used in combination with spikes and building edges to kill zombies quickly.
  • Vault (lvl 4): Use an enemy as a pole vaulter to reach greater heights.
  • Drop Kick Bomb (lvl 7): Dropkicks causam dano triplo.
  • Vault Stun (Level 8): Stuns enemies you jump over for 5 seconds.

third row

  • Freerunning Adapt (lvl 5): Run further and climb faster.
  • Escape (lvl 6): Escape the biters faster.
  • Light Drop (lvl 6): Reduces the damage you receive when falling from great heights.
  • Forward Roll (Level 10) – Avoid falling damage entirely by using a forward roll to stop your fall.
  • Instant Escape (lvl 9): Get rid of Biters faster.

fourth line

  • Counter Strike (Level 7): Use throwing weapons or the flashlight behind you while fleeing.
  • Tackle (lvl 10): Pushes enemies out of the way while running. Requires a considerable sprint.
  • Ram (lvl 11): Tackles causam dano alto.
  • Reversal (Level 14): Escaping Biters will stun them.

Fifth and sixth levels (Expert Skills)

  • Freerunning Expert (lvl 12): Reduces fatigue when running and climbing.
  • Tic Tac (lvl 13): Climbs walls or other flat surfaces.
  • Health Regen 2 (lvl 13): Greatly improves health regeneration.
  • Ultimate Runner (lvl 24): You can't get enough of running, climbing or jumping.


Dying Light - Skill Trees (Strength, Agility and Survival) (5)

You level up the survivor tree by completing quests, helping other survivors, and completing challenges. Here are some examples of Survivor benefits:

First row

  • Survival Starter Kit (lvl 2): ​​Get blueprints for essentials like fireworks, lockpicks, molotov cocktails, etc.
  • Backpacker (lvl 3): Increase space in your backpack to store more items
  • Power-Ups (Level 3): Get blueprints to create power-ups (like potions) that increase attributes for a short period of time.
  • Master Backpacker (lvl 6) - 6 more slots to carry weapons.
  • Booster XL (lvl 6): Booster effects last longer.

Second line

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  • Barter (lvl 4): Get a 10% discount on vendors.
  • Elemental Throwing Stars (Level 4): A deadly alternative to standard Throwing Stars, e.g. fire.
  • Bargain (Level 8): Buy slower prices by an additional 10%.
  • DIY Grenades (Level 8) – Learn to craft new grenades: Shrapnel, Bleeding, Stun, and Toxic.
  • Trap Bombs (lvl 11): Bombs that attract enemies and then explode.
  • Hard Bargain (lvl 11): Sell items at a better price.

third row

  • Crafting Expertise (Level 5): You can craft more things with the same number of components.
  • Electric Fences (Level 7) - One of the usable traps in the game. Unlocking this perk allows you to activate electric fences, creating a deadly barrier in the open world.
  • Exploding Cars (lvl 10): Another usable trap. Unlocking this perk allows you to blow up cars, attracting and killing many zombies at once.
  • Lucky Repair (lvl 7): Be more efficient at repairing weapons.
  • Nimble Hands (lvl 10): Collect resources faster from dead enemies.

fourth line

  • Shield Mastery (lvl 8): Build a shield and use it offensively or defensively against zombies.
  • Camouflage (Level 9): Scatter zombie remains on your body to camouflage yourself and avoid the attention of other zombies.
  • Shield Creation (Level 11) - Learn to add elemental effects to shields, e.g. electric, shock, blast.
  • Cloak Attack (Level 12): You attract no attention when you kill zombies while cloaked.

fifth and sixth lines

  • Grappling Hook (Level 12): Gain a grappling hook to scale buildings quickly.
  • Expert (Level 13): Increased chance of critical hits.
  • Craftsman (lvl 14): Elemental weapons deal more damage and effects last longer.
  • Ultimate Survivor (lvl 25) – additional health boost. Cloak, hook and shields are more efficient.


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