Genshin Impact: Top 10 funniest lines, ranked (2023)

Impacto GenshinIt has onewide variety of characters that players can collect. When fans covet their favorite characters, they can learn about them across the lines. These voice lines describe the character's other characters' hobbies, problems, and opinions.


There is a lot of knowledge that can be found in these voice lines. sometimes they reveal themselvestragedy in the backstories of certain characters.Other times, they reveal deeper visions of Teyvat's world. However, there are several hilarious lines. Whether the characters are throwing shade at another character or describing their observations on Teyvat, these voice lines are undeniably funny.


10 razor hates eating vegetables

Genshin Impact: Top 10 funniest lines, ranked (1)

Razor is a boy raised by wolves. He lives in the Wolvendom region of Mondstadt and believes his Lupical, or wolf pack, is his family. He is fiercely protective of his pack andHe will go into battle to protect them.Razor has its own problems; he claims that he sometimes gets sad when he remembers that he is not a true four-legged wolf like the rest of his family.

Razor's favorite food is meat with a side of potatoes. He talks about this in several of his voice lines. In particular, however, one voiceover line on the subject stands out; "Greens are bad. Animals eat green things. So I eat animals."

9 Xiao doesn't seem to think highly of Venti.

Xiao is an Adeptus who fought during the Archon War. He is highly respected among his fellow Adepti. When the Traveler meets Xiao for the first time in the story, heshe comes off like a typical tsundere- Not wanting to get close to anyone or be bothered. However, this is only the result of his past and the attempt to pay off his severe karmic debt.

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Xiao's lines are some of the most compelling in the game. Of course, she does cast some shade on Venti, and on a few other characters as well. He doesn't seem overly impressed with the bard's musical ability, as he says, "Venti? So that's the name he goes by. His songs are...forget it."

8 Bennett always seems to be having a terrible, horrible, not good, very bad day.

Genshin Impact: Top 10 funniest lines, ranked (3)

Bennett is a well-meaning adventurer from Mondstadt who works hard for the Adventurers Guild. Unfortunately, this poor boy isplagued with the worst fate imaginabledespite all of Bennett's best efforts. It's almost strange how unhappy he is. Despite this, he never lets bad luck stop him from going on adventures.

Some of his lines describe Bennett's bad luck, such as when he says that it always rains when he goes on an adventure. He even describes being hit on the head by rocks after a particularly strong gust of wind. However, one voice line is so direct about how unhappy he is that you can't help but laugh. During his "Good afternoon" line, he somehow manages to choke on a sandwich after offering half to the Traveler; “I brought a sandwich.

7 Chongyun is not impressed with Xiangling's cooking.

Genshin Impact: Top 10 funniest lines, ranked (4)

Chongyun comes from a family of exorcists in Liyue. He is quite collected, but friendly and generally optimistic. He only has yang energy, which means excessive positivity. Of course, this makes you vulnerable to hot things. He is often seen eating lollipops because of this. Of course, Xiangling's cooking is forbidden for Chongyun.

Xiangling is known for adding some rather questionable ingredients to his dishes. Chongyun isn't impressed, nor can he handle all the spices he adds, specifically making fun of his mushroom slime stew. Chongyun acknowledges that she is usually praised, but then says, "Personally, I don't touch any of your spicy dishes. Why? Oh, you know...just, uh...personal preference, that's all. I mean, come on." ". there, mushroom slime stew... do you find it appetizing?"

6 Xiangling thinks he can make Dvalin steak

Genshin Impact: Top 10 funniest lines, ranked (5)

Xiangling is the head chef at Wanmin Restaurant. Passionate about cooking, she learned the culinary art from her father. She is known to add strange and disturbing ingredients to her food, such as slime condensate. No ingredient is prohibited for Xiangling.


When Xiangling learns of the Traveler's encounter with Dvalin of Mondstadt, she is emotional. Of course, she is not interested in hearing about the Traveler's experience. Xiangling says, "Did you see the dragon in Mondstadt? How big was it? What!? No way! Imagine what a steak such a big dragon would make!"

5 Yae Miko's competition with Gorou to see who has the fluffiest tail

Genshin Impact: Top 10 funniest lines, ranked (6)

Yae Miko is the head shrine maiden at the Narukami Grand Shrine. She is also the editor-in-chief of Yae Publishing House. Yae Miko is also a kitsune. She is often seen making jokes about how people wish they could see her kitsune form from her, but she never complies.

Yae Miko makes some sarcastic jokes in her lines, though one of the funniest is her line about Gorou. She seems to have a competition with him over whose tail is softer, as she says, "He certainly has a nice tail. Mine is a little softer though...."

4 Klee wants to help Diona bomb the wine industry

Genshin Impact: Top 10 funniest lines, ranked (7)

klee isone of the most chaotic characters in TeyvatAnd she's just a girl! She loves to play with explosives. One of her favorite pastimes is "exploding fish", when she drops a bunch of bombs into a pond full of fish. Being a girl, she is willing to help others even if she doesn't understand the context.

This is seen in his voiceover line about Diona. Klee seems to admire Diona, saying in her voice line, "Diona's the best! I love hearing her, the last time I heard her say, 'I'm going to destroy the wine industry in this town if that's the last thing I do. , I do! And I'm going to help her using my pumps!... But I don't know what a wine industry is. Is it a monster?

3 Gorou is the "ever-victorious pointy-eared general"

Genshin Impact: Top 10 funniest lines, ranked (8)

Gorou is the general of the Watasumi Island troops in their resistance against the Shogun's Vision Hunting Decree. Gorou is part dog and can even translate dog language! His ears twitch depending on how he sits and he wags his tail when he is happy.

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Of course, the troop gave him a nickname and they really like to tease him. Gorou says during his voice line, "The troops created a nickname for me, the 'ever-victorious general with the pointy ears.' Now there's even a rumor that goes, 'If you want Top Dog Gorou's winning luck, rub his ears." pointy.' Grrr, they won't rub my ears, period."

2 Arataki Itto provoca a Raiden Shogun

Genshin Impact: Top 10 funniest lines, ranked (9)

Arataki Itto leads the Arataki Gang, and usuallyhas a good reputation among the people of Inazuma. He often runs around, causing chaos and playing pranks on people. He challenges the kids to random games, but somehow he always loses. He especially loves fighting onikabuto. Itto, despite his best efforts, is not the smartest in Teyvat.

Every time lightning strikes, Itto is sure to find himself somewhere taunting Raiden Shogun into taking him down. During his voice line, he starts yelling, "Hey! Raiden Shogun, is that you? Well guess what, you're not my boss. Aha, that's right, you heard me! Go ahead and knock me out!"

1 Raiden Shogun doesn't even know who Itto is

Genshin Impact: Top 10 funniest lines, ranked (10)

Raiden Shogun is the electrical archon who shut down Inazuma and enacted the Vision Hunt Decree. This was done to preserve his idea of ​​"eternity" no matter how people felt about him. Arataki Itto had his vision taken away during the Decree. As a result, he challenged the Shogun's army head-on and tried to insult the Shogun himself quite often, to no avail.

Despite Itto's determination to make his voice heard, the Shogun doesn't even know who he is! Although his voiceover line of him about him is short, it's undeniably funny. When Itto is mentioned, he only has a simple question: "Who?"

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