How to beat Red Death in Vampire Survivors (2023) (2023)

Death comes to us all, especially the guy who throws little spinning scythes at you in Castlevania games. Death is also the confusing endgame flag in Vampire Survivors, the sign that you've "completed" your level but still can't make it out alive. But what if you could beat them, what if you could kill death itself and transcend the barriers of time, space and video games? In this case, there is an answer. And strangely enough, this near-impossible task is also how to unlock the Mask of Red Death character. This is easy with Prima GamesDecide the outcome with Reaper.Steps to defeat Red Death are below.

How to kill Red Death in Vampire Survivors? Answered

Now you can kill Death without shame! Since the latest update, everyone's favorite levelender has become a little more vulnerable. With the new equipment you can craft by picking up the rings and Metagilo items in each level, you essentially get a Kill Death Kit. You are missing:

  • Metagilo Left + Metagilo Right + Laurier =Crimson shroud
  • Gold ring + silver ring + watch lancet =Infinite time

How to settle the score with Reaper in Vampire Survivors - Solution

If you can get these items (and it can take almost an entire run to do so), if Death shows up at the end, you have a good chance of taking him out. You might have to eat a few revives (maybe three!), but if you manage to do that, death will now drop a bunch of golden eggs.

The fun part? If you kill Death now, the timer will stop! What could that mean? Well, it means something even more vicious than Death is about to destroy you. We leave that to you to see for yourself.

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(Video) How To Kill The Reaper & Unlock Red Death in 15 Minutes Guide for Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors Kill Death Guide - Hoe Mask of Red Death te ontgrendelen

At this point, there is only one legitimate way to fight Death. It's an improvement over the past, where it was only possible by cheating. This particular method also feels like cheating, but it is also a matter of patience, knowledge and a little bit of luck on the side. We're going to be utilizing several aspects of Vampire Survivors to accomplish this feat, so we're not really going to have fun here. Not yet anyway.

Trin et: Enormous runesporer for clerics

To even have a chance to take down death, you need to pick Clerici and play at the library level. Then make a mad dash and move left to grab the green XP gem on the table. If you don't roll Runetracer, give up and try again. Don't use your rerolls; just stop driving and restart. Once you have it, immediately run into the small, mostly enclosed room. It has a table and some chairs, two bookshelves on either side, a clock and a painting or something on the wall.

Align Clerici so her right hand is in line with the clock and her left hand is in line with the painting. Place her directly above the far left seat and don't move. Cool down. Or laugh at how ridiculous this scenario is.

How to beat Red Death in Vampire Survivors (2023) (1)

Basically, Clerici have a "temporary" area bonus that is more powerful than what you can normally get. But temporarily it means that once you level up, it gets smaller and smaller. So the idea here is to stay at level 2 so that the giant Runetracer sticks to the furniture and becomes a de facto shield. When placed correctly, Clerici is safe from all sides and cannot accidentally pick up XP.

Note: Check your power-ups and discard anything that might make this harder than it should be. You'll also occasionally have to open a treasure chest during the run, which is a good thing.

Step Two: Hurry and wait (when a red gem appears)

While you're standing here wasting anything that comes close, keep an eye out for a red gem for the first few minutes. This is the cornerstone of the entire operation. If about three minutes have passed and you don't see a red gem on the screen, you've been tricked by RNGesus and need to restart. If you confirm the red gem and it's pretty close, you can just do whatever you want for the next 27 minutes.

(Video) How to Beat the Reaper & Unlock Red Death - Vampire Survivors

But when the clock strikes 30, you better be ready to fight for your life.

How to beat Red Death in Vampire Survivors (2023) (2)

Step Three: Go Crazy!

The second you hit 30:00, and I mean literally the second, all enemies will disappear from the scene. Then you might have half a breath before death shows up to ruin your fun time. Just as the clock strikes 30, book it to the red pearl. You'll hit other gems and maybe chests along the way, and that's fine. But your target is the red gem because math or whatever.

Trin fem: Anti-Death Build

As you speed through levels, you need to grab certain items, which is why we don't use Reroll at the beginning. There are items you need, items you probably need, extras, and then everything else is a string of Don't Touch. I will list them for you:


  • Santa Water and Runetracer (you start with these; upgrade them)
  • Laurier
  • Clock Lancet
  • Clamp
  • chandelier
  • Spellbinder
  • To that

You need all of these or you probably won't make it.


(Video) The Quickest Way to Kill The Reaper and Unlock Red Death

  • Bot
  • Mes
  • Duplicator-ring
  • Spinach

You can't have all of these, but they are the ones you will look for once the "needs" have been met.


  • Magic wand
  • Cross
  • Attractorb (to develop Santa Water)
  • tiragisu
  • You don't need to stress about these, but they definitely help minimize stress.

Forget everything else. Seriously, don't touch that fire rod. You will regret wasting thirty minutes.

How to beat Red Death in Vampire Survivors (2023) (3)

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Step Six: Run More, Fool!

Touching the red gem doubles back to where you came from while setting up your gear. It's annoying, but it just has to be. Go back to the small table room, but this time go further back, stand between the table and the right chair, and align Clerici's right hand with the painting. If you have the knife, aim down.

If all goes according to plan, Death will be stuck on the table so you can stand there and defend them with as much damage as possible. Don't move unless you need to straighten your blades, and even then just push enough to aim down. Then just sit back and let Vampire Survivor's systems do the work for you.

Step seven: all or nothing

What we've kind of done is take advantage of Death's stats, which adjust to your level when he spawns. If you leave all the XP until the end, you're not only holding up your growth, you're also cheating death and tipping the grade scale. However, it is still not good enough. After a minute, another death will occur. Then a third. You can kill death, but you can't beat death either. Unfortunately, the RNG kicks back a bit here.


You can fight it though! Deaths two and three will be stuck on the leftmost bookshelf and stay there for a while thanks to your Clock Lancet. And you chose the weapons you did because of their range. Death has a negative knockback stack that viciously pulls them towards the player with each hit. So if you're not firing stray shots with the Fire Wand or Lightning Ring, you don't have to worry about pulling the other two over you.

How to beat Red Death in Vampire Survivors (2023) (4)

Yet they still come. Hopefully you can deal just enough damage to the first die to send them off before the second one closes the deal. But this is also where, having the power of revival and possibly intercepting it, that Tiragisú is useful. There isn't much room for error, but the revived and Laurel can work together to buy some time. If your skeleton enemy blasts off like Mega Man, you've done it! Congratulations. Sorry, but you still have to lose.
If you manage to do this, you will not get an achievement. You technically couldn't do this yet! However, the creator of Vampire Survivor threw the community a bone (literally) and replaced a bug with a new character. Mask of the Red Death is a smaller version of the real deal, but compared to the rest of the list, they're still a beast.

How to beat Red Death in Vampire Survivors (2023) (5)

Red Death comes with the Death Spiral, which usually requires an ax upgrade. Their stats are all normal, but their two bonuses are wild; Red Death starts at 45% strength and a whopping 110% movement speed. You can get some serious shenanigans with this character. And hey, the effort it took to get there is ridiculous.

Have you unlocked Red Death? Or are you waiting to see if more strategies are discovered or introduced? What is your best build with them? Let us know on Twitter and stuff.

Vampire survivor

(Video) Unlock Red Death | Reaper Kill Guide With Arcana | Kill In Less Than 1 Minute | Vampire Survivors


How to beat Red Death in Vampire Survivors (2023)? ›

Red Death is an enemy in Poncle Games' roguelike video game Vampire Survivors, who appears at the end of a run and is designed to one-shot the player's character. Red Death inevitably appears to players lucky enough to survive until the 30-minute mark in Vampire Survivors.

How long does it take to defeat red Death Vampire Survivors? ›

Red Death is an enemy in Poncle Games' roguelike video game Vampire Survivors, who appears at the end of a run and is designed to one-shot the player's character. Red Death inevitably appears to players lucky enough to survive until the 30-minute mark in Vampire Survivors.

Is it possible to beat Death in Vampire Survivors? ›

At first, it seems like this character is insurmountable, but Red Death is absolutely a character that can be defeated, if players have the correct load out. All they need to do is collect and then upgrade a couple of items to defeat this beefy enemy for the first time.

Is red Death the strongest character Vampire Survivors? ›

Red Death is one of the most overpowered characters in Vampire Survivors. It has the highest movement speed in the game, starts with 255 health (base value is 100), and deals 20% additional damage.

Is there a way to beat The Reaper in Vampire Survivors? ›

With two key items equipped and fully powered up, you should be able to take out The Reaper. Try to keep it frozen in by hitting it with the beam from your Infinite Corridor, and don't stop pummeling it with everything you've got in your arsenal.

How much HP does Red Death have? ›

With over 250 Max Health, Red Death is also incredibly tanky which makes him a great choice on nearly all stages.

What is the hardest level in Vampire Survivor? ›

8 Hardest Achievements To Unlock In Vampire Survivors
  • 8 Omni.
  • 7 Candybox.
  • 6 Game Killer.
  • 5 Victory Sword.
  • 4 Tiny Bridge.
  • 3 Seal.
  • 2 Greatest Jubilee.
  • 1 Queen Sigma.
Dec 9, 2022

How do you beat Red Death? ›

Vampire Survivors death: How to kill Red Death
  1. Make sure you've got Hyper, Hurry, Arcanas, and Limit Break activated (Inverse too, if you have it)
  2. Choose Out of Bounds skill.
  3. Collect the green shard on the table just up and to the left of where you start.
  4. Collect Santa Water and Laurel if you don't already own them.
Jan 26, 2023

Who is the easiest Vampire Survivors? ›

Of all of the heroes available to you at the beginning, Imelda is the easiest Vampire Survivors character to use. Her starting weapon is the Magic Wand, which always attacks the nearest enemy.

Is Red Death a good guy? ›

The Red Death is a villainous version of Batman from Earth -52 in the DC Comics universe. He is a member of the Dark Knights, a group of vigilantes from the Dark Multiverse whose goal is to assist the deity Barbatos to plunge the central DC Multiverse into darkness.

Does Red Death turn good? ›

In their attempt, the Red Death is exposed to an intense blast of the positive energy of creation from the baby universe, reversing him. This creates a Reverse Flash (just like the Flash's nemesis in the main DC Universe) out of the Red Death — turning him into a good guy.

What is the strongest combo in vampire Survivor? ›

1 Bloody Tear - Crimson Shroud

This is perhaps the best weapon combination in the game. The reason for this is simple - this combination of evolved weapons makes the character (nearly) unkillable.

How do you survive 31 minutes in Vampire Survivors? ›

Survive until minute 31

There are two ways to reach the 31-minute mark in a stage: incapacitate Death with the Clock Lancet/Infinite Corridor, or unlock Endless Mode, removing Death from the equation.

What happens at 30 minutes in Vampire Survivors? ›

Vampire Survivors is all about surviving in a sea of classic movie monsters. But once you reach the thirty-minute mark, the game ends with Death swooping in and killing you instantly.

How do you unlock mask of the red death? ›

Mask of the Red Death is a secret character in Vampire Survivors that players can unlock by defeating the Reaper that appears at the end of a run.

How much time does Vampire Survivors take? ›

When focusing on the main objectives, Vampire Survivors is about 11 Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 42 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

What is the longest you can survive in Vampire Survivors? ›

It is possible to survive long after 30min if you have the fully upgraded laurel but not the fully upgraded freeze lance. I got past 60 minutes just to see it and then gave up.


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