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Toastie is a playable character inVampire Survivorwhich can only be unlocked by completing a secret sequence of objectives. But before you can add Toastie to your cast, you must first unlock his ghostly friend.Exdash Exiviiq. If you haven't unlocked Exdash yet, you can do so by typing "x-x1viiq" in the game start menu. If you need more detailed instructions on this process, we've got you coveredHow to unlock ExdashGuide.

But if you have already met this requirement, then thisVampire SurvivorThe guide will teach you how to unlock Toastie and shed some light on the secret character's starting weapon and basic attributes.


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How to unlock Toastie

To unlock Toastie you will needDefeat the stalker or the drowner and press at the same timeArrow key downand theEnter-Tastewhen Toastie appears briefly in the lower-right corner of the screen.Toastie only appears for half a second, so make sure you're ready to hit those buttons, as even the quickest of instincts can bypass the little red ghost.

The Stalker is a green variant of Death as shown above, while the Drowning is a blue variant of Death that can deal damage as the water rises. Stalkers and Drowners are special enemies that only appear in some scenarios and can only be defeated in a few ways, as they are largely invulnerable to your weapons.

Below are details on where to find the Stalker and the Drowned Man, as well as an overview of how to take on these seemingly invincible foes.

The stalker

The stalker only appears in the scenariosDairy,great chapel, and the area of ​​the bonesbut if you want to take down the stalker, you'll need to learn his map-dependent spawn tendencies.

At the dairy, the stalker a1% Chancespawn when you start a race and a30% ChanceBoth spawn in the8 minute markand the12 minute mark. If you go past the 12 minute mark and the stalker hasn't arrived, abandon his run and try again as he won't be able to spawn at any other point. While finding the stalker in the dairy is a gamble, the stalker will spawn in the dairy10 minutes marks 100% of time in The Bone Zone and Vampire Survivors' latest stage, Cappella Magna.

When preparing for battle, remember that the Stalker can only be defeated by:

  • The Pentagram and Its Development, Gorgeous Moon
  • infinite runner
  • crimson shroud
  • The Rosary (cruciform floor object)
  • Minecarts in the Dairy Stage (One-Shot Kill)

the drowning one

Drowning is a unique variant of death that controls the tide of water that can inflict20 tick damage, and with manycharactersWith 100 HP or less, don't take this opponent lightly. The drowning man only appears in the scenariosHahnturm,great chapel,and the area of ​​the bonesbut like the Stalker, the Drowner's spawns change depending on the current stage, as seen below:


Landscapegeneration time
Hahnturm25 minute mark
Magna Kapelle5 minutes mark
The area of ​​the bones20 minute mark

The Rooster Tower is unique in that the Drowned can spawn in the tower25 minute markbut if your run exceeds that point and the Drowner hasn't spawned, it will appear in the30 minute markButYou will now be invincible.

The Drowned can be defeated in the Bone Zone and Gallo Tower with the Rosary item.infinite runner,crimson shroudand Gorgeous Moon, but unlike The Stalker, the Pentagram cannot defeat the Drowner in these scenarios. However,It is possible that the pentagram will kill the drowned man about himMagna KapelleLandscape.

If the pentagram shoots and removes all objects from the stage, the drown survives, but its water disappears and as a result it can no longer do any harm.But if the pentagram goes off and the items aren't removed from the stage, the Drowned Man will be defeated and you'll have a chance to unlock Toastie.. Since the pentagram is a gamble, you'll want to maximize your chances of success by evolving the pentagram as much as possible before the Drowner spawns.

toast explained

Toasties Startwaffe ist diepeachThis is arguably one of the weakest base weapons in the game. Peachone bombards in a circular area, and due to its long cooldown and RNG-based attack, it can be difficult to gain XP or even get a shield in certain situations. Because of this, you should always try to select a different weapon on your first level up. To maximize Peachone's production, improve its duration, amount, and most importantly, lower its cooldown.

Toastie starts off with some tragically awful stats including just1 CVwhich means they die instantly from damage. Since Toastie is so fragile, you'll need to invest in Armor and Max Health PowerUps, and it's arguable that Laurel is a weapon you should go for. If possible, build your revival by purchasing the PowerUp, collecting and selecting the Tiragisu itemAwakened Arcanawhich gives you +3 revive instantly.

If you manage to help Toastie survive past level 100, his max health will skyrocket, and if you're lucky enough to surpass level 200, Toastie will gain additional armor, making him almost immortal.

The Toast Statistics

CategoryThe statistics
maximum health1 (-99)
movement speed+20 %
projectile speed-50%
Length of time-10%
cooling down+10 %
Luck+100 %

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