Monica O My Darling (2022) ending explained – who is the killer? (2023)

Synopsis of Monica O My Darling

Netflix has a new Indian crime thriller and we're hooked. More often than not, a Bollywood performance picked up by the streaming giants is more hit than miss.

Devilishly named after the upbeat Bollywood hit of yesteryear, Monica O My Darling is definitely a hit. The crime format is presented by director Vasan Bala in constant evolution. There are so many twists and turns that it's hard to see the end coming. This ending was also quite bold, unusual and uncompromising compared to the previous sound. Rajkumar Rao, Huma Quereshi and newcomer Sukanjt Goel impress in the lead roles.

With so many twists that the story takes, we thought it wise to write an article to explain the ending of Monica O My Darling. Next, we try to condense our understanding of the film. Stop by if some questions need answering! Needless to say, the article contains*SPOILER GROSSO!*

Why does Gaurav kill Dev with the robot in the beginning?

Gaurav is seen with a mustache in the first scenes of the film. He sits in an operating room and browses the web on his phone. When Dev arrives, he informs Gaurav about the sudden development in his private life. His girlfriend Shalu, who wishes "Happy Diwali" in the video Gaurav is watching, has accepted Dev's marriage proposal.

Gaurav was secretly in love with Dev and wanted to be with Shalu. Envy and anger got the better of Gaurav and he killed Dev with the robot and broke his neck. Dev and Gaurav were actually friends, but the sudden news that Shalu and Dev were going to hitchhike led Gaurav to kill him.

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He may also have the repressed psychotic elements of a confused man from what we see in the film, but that was the main cause of the murder.

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Why is Monica blackmailing Jayant, Arvind and Nishi?

Monica is indeed pregnant, but has opportunistically picked up the three aforementioned men in random situations. In India and generally, if the man is married, the benefit of the doubt goes to the single girl he is rumored to be having an affair with. Monica simply tries to take advantage of this position and extort money from men.

A moment of revelation comes in the form of redemption for Monica's character as she tries to explain her intentions to Jayant. When he tries to kill her thinking that she killed Nishi and is now blackmailing him about the "killer business", she says "the world owes it to me".

This tangent can be understood as the unconscious indignation that she brings to society. As a secretary, she never got the respect she deserved. Women and men in their positions are often exploited financially, the former sometimes also physically.

The workplace becomes a toxic place for women like Monica with the double whammy. And, as it turns out, the notion is also true in the context of the film. So that thread of history is part of the multi-layered thematic fabric that Bala brings home.

What is Jayant's backstory and how is it relevant to the film's scheme?

This is another type of abstract building block on the thematic web. Jayant's history of being an underdog is important because it ultimately ensures his survival (or does it?). Satyanarayan really saw him as a son, as Nishi explained.

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As Jayant came from nothing and accomplished almost everything himself, the owner of Unicorn Robotics had a soft corner for him. He was in Jayant's shoes when he started and made it to the top. Nishi, on the other hand, did not meet Satyanarayan's strict standards and therefore "failed" in his eyes. Nikki loved him and their daughter's happiness also helped Jayant.

But the main theme here is a small-town kid who comes to town to compete with the big boys and make it big for the first time, but loses everything when he follows traffic lights that lead him to an oncoming highway. Lost in the glamor of newfound success, he is drawn away from his core values ​​despite the morally twisted team he must navigate.

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What makes Gaurav go on a murder spree?

When Gaurav killed Dev with the robot, a partially drunk Nishi approached him. He came to the scene to burn it, frustrated and upset by his father's lack of validation. At first, Gaurav interprets Nishi's closeness as a sign of friendship and comfort. But soon his kindness turns to selfishness and he starts asking Gaurav to do heinous tasks for him.

This angers Gairab because he feels exploited. He already had a class complex against the owners, and this incident only made that part of him feel worse. The respect element of the relationship is gone and this has loosened a few screws in Gaurav.

Nishi first asked Gaurav to install the cameras in Monica's apartment to spy on her. He wanted to keep up. When Nishi asks Gaurav to kill Monica and he refuses, Nishi threatens to pass on Gaurva's secret to Shalu. Gaurav worked incredibly hard (despite erring on the wrong side) to be with Shalu, and when he felt that everything might be taken from him, he couldn't help himself.

He killed Nishi on the same night that Monica was supposed to be murdered by Gaurav, as Nishi guessed. As for why he killed Arvind, Gaurav really proves that he is a maniacal killer. He explains to Jayant that he wanted to kill Arvind and him first because he thought they would blackmail him too.

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But when he learned that they had no idea and no one would doubt him, he felt he could get away with anything. Something divine spoke to him and gave him the confidence to continue the killing spree.

Whose baby is Monica feeding in her womb?

Now that was a big surprise. We know that Jayant and Monica had an affair. If we take Arvind and Nishi's versions at face value, there's a good chance that Jayant is the father. Naidu reveals to Jayant at the last funeral that Monica was actually pregnant. When Jayant leans in to ask who the father is, she suggests Satyanarayan and ominous music plays in the background.

The CEO-Founder was having an affair with his secretary and she also arrested him. Police earlier released a statement at a press conference that Tamang, Satyanarayan's right-hand man, was the father, but flashbacks prove this to be untrue.

How can Jayant trick Gaurav with the robot?

The robot was created by Jayant and the film only gives a vague answer to this question. When Gaurav got the upper hand in the back room knocking Jayant unconscious, he took Jayant to inflict a similar fate on him as Dev. He used the robot to physically knock him out and ended up killing him. But just as he is about to deliver the final blow, the robot stops working.

As Gaurav approaches to inspect it, Jayant says the robot is his creation and then uses his watch to operate it and kill Gaurav. There is no evidence of how Jayant connected the robot to the watch, but it is possible that he did this in the back room or while the crowd in the basement of the parking lot walk past them when Gurav was about to kill Jayant with a blade.

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Are Naidu and Satyanarayan connected?

You are not connected. However, Naidu accepted bribes from Satyanarayan to bury the evidence and frame someone else for the crime. We all know that the veteran was not behind the whole conspiracy, but inadvertently became part of it. He was the father of Monica's child and he didn't want it to get out in the press.

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So he bribed Naidu to declare Tamang the father of Monica's child at the conference and let him take the blame for everything that happened.

Who really killed Monica?

It was Tamang who mixed the snake venom into the wines Satyanarayan gave Monica. Of course, the CEO himself was the one who ordered the coup and lured Tamang in with an offer to become a director of the company's board. He was sure that he would have an advantage over Satyanaryan if he did his dirty work. But he underestimated the effort Satyanarayan would make to protect himself.

In the end, it's fair to say that Jayant got away with it too, if only because Satyanarayan wanted to protect him, as he not only liked him more than everyone else who died, but also because he was with his daughter Nikki. Satyanarayan is Monica's killer although he uses someone else's hand.

Another part that remained unfinished was Jayant's fate afterwards. He was calm after the police closed the investigation, but hanging over his head was a sword in the shape of the murder pact he signed with Arvind and Nishi. Gaurav did not reveal where the original was, and instead Jayant had to go to his home in Angola to find out.

When he finds the pact, he is relieved. But when he participates in a phone call, he sees a snake slither out of the drawer from the front and back. The screen goes black and we can't get a clear answer. He may even have outlived the snakes when they lined up and snakes generally don't tolerate any other of their kind in the same area.

Jayant had previously avoided the snake's death once before in the film and nothing is stopping him from doing it again.

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