Possession, Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Quest (2023)

1. Frag Udalryk, wo Cerys ist.

go to jarlUdalryk. You can find him at his home atmodelDorf anSpiker Eye Island, where he and his adviser Hjort try to make sense of the dream he dreamed. When asked about Cerys, Udalryk will tell you that he doesn't know where she is and will leave you and Hjort alone.

Depending on what you ask Hjort, you'll find out that Cerys went to the old Jarl's house (if you ask him about Cerys) or you'll have to ask the villagers about her (if you ask him about her). Jarl).

2. (Optional) Ask for Cerys in the village. / Talk to Mount Thora. / Find Eiric. / Kill the drowned.

You can speak to one of the women you know nearbymodelSignal her and she will suggest you talk to Mount Thora.

And Bergthora will tell you to speak to her husband and tell him where to look for him.

When you get to where Mount Thora is pointing, you'll find Eiric sitting on a large boulder, hiding from the drowning ones (17).

Kill her and then you can talk to him. Whichever option you choose, he will tell you that Cerys has gone to the old Jarl's family home.

3. Look for Cerys in the abandoned house with your Witcher Senses.

Sign in and enterAbandoned Jarl's family home. There you will find fresh footprints that will lead you to Cerys lying unconscious on the floor of one of the rooms.

Geralt will lead Cerys outside. When she wakes up, she'll tell you about the curse that hit Udalryk and the sword she needs to remove that curse from him.

4. Find the sword called Brokvar.

Go home and find thembasement keyin one of the bedrooms.

Use it to open the hold hatch.

Go down to the basement and get theseBrokwareSword that's on the table over there.

5. Tell Cerys you found the sword. / Go to Udalryk with Cerys.

Go back to Cerys who is waiting for you outside the house and tell her you found the sword. Then return with her to the house in the village where Udalryk now resides. You will share your plan to solve the problem with the Jarl and finally decide that you will go alone with the sword to the place where your brother Aki drowned. Jarl will tell you how to identify his brother's corpse, you must find the clan ring on it.

6. Place Brokvar near Aki's bones.

Go to the indicated place and dive. Some sirens (13) will probably swim by and kill them. Find the fallen bones on the ground and examine them to place the sword next to Aki's remains.

7. Volte para Udalryk.

When you return to Udalryk, you will find that the curse has not gone away. Jarl had another vision in which the voices told him to pierce his eye. Geralt will ask a few questions and he will finally see what the real problem is.

After analyzing all the evidence, Geralt concluded that Udalryk was not haunted by a spirit as Cerys had assumed, nor insane or touched by the gods as many Skelligers believed. The situation was much more serious: a particularly malevolent spirit known as Hym had latched onto the Jarl. Geralt and Cerys were therefore faced with the challenge of finding a way to free Udalryk from this evil being's power.

Geralt will present Cerys with two ways to get rid of the Hym that is tormenting the Jarl. You can try to kill him or trick him. Cerys will be in favor of deceiving you. Both solutions require a visit to the old family home.

8. Meet Cerys at Udalryk's former home. / Search the house and find a way to drive the Hym away.

All you have to do is examine the furnace in the main room...

...and you'll find the old crib in one of the small rooms. Then Cerys should yell that she found something and you should go to her. You can also examine the broken mirror in the other small room, but this isn't necessary.

9. See what Cerys discovered.

Talk to Cerys. She will tell you that she has a plan to trick Hym, but she doesn't want to reveal the details. You can trust her and agree to follow or reject her plan.

10. Cerys' plan. Trying to deceive Hym.

If you've decided to trust Cerys and carry out his plan to get rid of Hym.

10.1. When ready, talk to Cerys.

When ready, tell Cerys about it. She will ask you to light the stove and she will arrange something.

Some time later, Cerys will run into the house with Udalryk's baby in her arms. She will hand you the baby and tell you to put it in the oven. Udalryk and some of his folk will run after her and order you to return the child.

You have limited time to decide whether to deliver the baby or put it in the oven. For the Cerys plan to work, you have to put the baby in the oven. When you deliver the child to Udalryk, Cerys will explain her plan to you, then you'll talk to Udalryk and begin to understand how the warlock got rid of Hym. Hjort will tell you where to find the torches needed to lure Hym.

10.2. He defeats Udalryk's warriors.

If you put the baby in the oven, Udalryk will try to open the oven and take the baby out, and you will be attacked by his warriors. If you defeat them, Hym will lure you out of Udalryk when he sees what a terrible crime you've committed.

Then Cerys and Hjort will leave the room behind the stove and deliver the whole, healthy child to Udalryk. They took the boy out of the oven through the back door, betraying Hym. He will have no choice but to leave.

You will all leave the house, explain to Udalryk what happened, then you will split up and the quest will be over.

Cerys had an idea. They would trick the Hym. Geralt decided to trust her. Cerys fled, snatched Udalryk's baby from its cradle, and hurried back to the deserted house with the Jarl and his honor guard close behind. Meanwhile, Hjort, who had informed Cerys of his plan and asked for help, entered the house unnoticed.

Inside, Cerys ordered Geralt to throw the baby into a blazing furnace. Surprised by this seemingly insane request, Geralt complied, hoping it was all part of the plan. Much to his relief, that was it. The hymn, which Geralt mistook for infanticide, left Udalryk clinging to this new victim all the more guilty. But when it turned out that the child had survived unharmed, the evil being had to disappear into the ether. Cerys' cunning and the warlock's cold-bloodedness saved Udalryk and finally released him from his torment.

11. The witcher's way of getting rid of Hym.

If you refused to carry out Cery's plan or chose not to put the child in the oven during its execution.

11.1. Count Udalryk on or hino.

Return to Udalryk and tell him about Hym and the plan to kill him. At first he will resist, but eventually he agrees. Hjort will bring the necessary torches to carry out the plan.

11.1.1. (Optional) Bring torches from the storage shed.

If you agreed to Cerys' plan but returned the child to Udalryk during his execution, you'll need to get the torches yourself. You can find torches in a small shed near the abandoned house. Use your weapon or an Aard Sign to break down the door.

11.2. Place torches around the abandoned house. 0/4 / When you're ready, talk to Udalryk.

Return to the abandoned house and place the torches on the four stands in the main room.

When it's done and you're ready, talk to Udalryk waiting outside the house. You'll give him some information and you'll both enter the house.

11.3. Light the torches. / Kill the Anthem. / Quiet Udalryk. / Go to the basement.

Light the torches you placed in the room. When you do, Hym will appear and the fight will begin.

At some point in the fight, when Udalryk panics and flees, use the Axii Sign to calm him down and return him to his place. If you weaken the monster enough, it will sink into the ground. You must then go to the basement and finish off the monster.

11.4. Tell Udalryk it's over.

Exit the basement. Geralt will inform Udalryk that the monster has been killed. You leave the house together and Cerys and Hjort join you. They will talk for a while. Udalryk will thank you and the quest will end.

Geralt decided to keep the hymn up using tried and true methods of witchcraft. This meant, as so often, waiting until after dark to gather a generous supply of torches. Only then did he and Udalryk travel to the abandoned house to force the ghost to reveal its true likeness. The fight lasted all night. Though Geralt sometimes feared that Udalryk would not withstand the torture the Hym was carrying out in its final attempts at self-defense, by dawn our heroes had triumphed and the Hym had dissolved back into the ether.

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