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Vampire Survivorfeatures five special items known asrelics, which can be discovered to unlock hidden gameplay mechanics that will spice up your gaming experience. Relics can be found in different stages, and once collected, they will permanently unlock their respective function.

Check out this guide for details on where to find each relicVampire Survivorand descriptions of the mechanics each of them unlocks.


Click on the links below for information on a specific relic:

  • magic explosion
    • Where can I find the Magic Banger?
  • Map of the Milky Way
    • Where can I find the Milky Way map?
  • sorceress tears
    • Where can I find the Sorceress' Tears?
  • Arbitrarily
    • Where can I find the Randomazzo?
  • Glass Wizard
    • Where can I find the Vizard Crystal?

all relics

magic explosion

Find the magic bangerpermanently unlock the ability to change the music of a stagefrom the stage selection screen shown above. The first row of arrows lets you change the title, while the bottom row of arrows adds modifiers to change the music slightly.

Where can I find the Magic Banger?

The Magic Banger can be found in the second stage of Vampire Survivors,embedded library. If you haven't unlocked the Embedded Library yet, you'll need to survive the horde in the Mad Forest long enough to reach itlevel 20.

Once inside the Embedded Library, you can find the Magic Banger while travelingto the westfor a long period of time. Finding the Magic Banger can be made a bit easier by first tracing the Milky Way map in the Milk Plant phase, as the map has green arrows pointing to Relic locations.

Map of the Milky Way

Arguably the most valuable of the four relics currently in the game, the Milky Way map, allows you to show the map permanently from the pause menu.

In addition, with the Milky Way map "Führer", which displays gold arrow pointers that will lead you to loot on the ground and unopened coffins, while green arrow pointers will lead you to all the relics that are present in the current stage. To view the map, press the "Esc" key to go to the pause menu, where you can also turn off the guides if they get too distracting.

Where can I find the Milky Way map?

The Milky Way map can be found by going straight south on the third tier.dairy. In order to unlock the Dairy stage you must reachlevel 40in the embed library.

If you find it, the Milky Way map will be guarded by a group of knights seated in a ring formation around the map. Initially, the knights won't hunt you down like other high-level enemies, but once you take over the map, they'll have a hard time bringing you down.


sorceress tears

Collect the Relic of the Sorceress' TearsUnlock Rush mode permanently. Rush mode is a game mode in which the clock runs outtwice as fastwhich means you just have to survive for15 minutes(in real time) instead of 30 minutes to ensure the completion of a stage.

Where can I find the Sorceress' Tears?

Sorceress Tears can be found by entering the Torre Gallo stage andtravel straight southfor a longer period. If you unlocked the Milky Way map before searching for the Sorceress Tears, green arrows will appear on your screen, pointing you to this relic.

If you haven't unlocked the Gallo Tower stage yet, you need to reach itlevel 60in the dairy. Level 60 can be relatively difficult to reach, so make sure you prioritize high DPS weapons like these when taking on the horde of milk plantsBible and royal axe. Second, you should invest in upgrades like thatcrown and attractorto get the most out of those XP gems and speed up your leveling rate.


As you can see above, finding the Randomazzo relic makes that possibleUnlock and ActivationArkana.Arcanais a card-based modifier system that introduces variations into your game, as explained in detail in ourArcana Guide.

Where can I find the Randomazzo?

The Randomazzo Relic can be collected by moving north in the Gallo Tower stage. As mentioned in the previous section, achieving it unlocks the Gallo Towerlevel 60in dairy. Before trying to reach level 60, don't forget to use your coins to buyamplifierso that you are better equipped for the upcoming battle.

Glass Wizard

Vampire SurvivorThe newest relic is the Glass Vizard, which when collected,Permanently unlock the merchantand make them available on all maps, however, they don't always spawn near you like they did when you first encountered them.

Where can I find the Vizard Crystal?

To pick up the Glass Vizard you need to enter thisMoongolow-Bonusstufeand talk to the merchant that is just above your spawn point. The merchant will have a few items for sale, including the Glass Vizard, which has a hefty price tag.10,000 coinPrice Point Once purchased, you shouldn't feel compelled to complete the run as you can exit the retailer at any time and still unlock.


If you don't have access to the Moongolov stage, you mustUnlock Hypermode for 4 normal levels. In other words, this means you have to defeat the high-level boss that spawns around that25 minute markin each of the following stages: Mad Forest, Intarsed Library, Dairy Plant, and Gallo Tower.

In addition to the Glass Vizard, the retailer sells:

golden eggPermanently boosts a random stat for the current character by a small amount.10000
BoneLaunches a bouncing projectile.1000
KirschbombeLaunches a bouncing projectile. It sometimes explodes.1000

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