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Vampire Survivors keeps getting updates with new content, so players often wonder how to unlock the new map. Since this is a common question, I've put together this guide on how to unlock all available maps and tiers. While most level unlocks revolve around reaching a specific level, some are more exclusive.

This guide will always add the latest Vampire Survivors map to the top. But if you haven't unlocked a map from a previous update, or even one of the unique challenge tiers, see below.

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How to unlock the new map in Vampire Survivors

How to unlock level 5 Cappella Magna

"Have we gone too far? We could have just camped in the woods with all the chickens, but no, we had to hunt down a random vampire instead.

The fifth Cappella Magna tier was added in Patch 0.7.2. This update introduced a new character, two warlocks, a weapon and evolution, and a power. To unlock the Cappella Magna you must defeat the Trinacria boss in Moongolow. This requires certain conditions to be met, which are explained in the Moongolow section later in this guide.

As usual, if you want an additional 90% Gold bonus, 10% Luck, and 100% Movement Speed, you can unlock the Hypermode version of this stage. This time you must defeat Trinacria in Cappella Magna.

How to unlock level 4 Gallo Tower

"This tower contains magnificent magical artifacts and historically accurate monsters."

The fourth Gallo Tower tier was added in Patch 0.4.2. This update also came with the introduction of a new mode type called Rush. In contrast to Normal or Hyper, time passes twice as fast when Rush is activated. Regardless, players can unlock the Gallo Tower by reaching level 60 in Stage 3, Dairy Plant. You must also unlock this get arcana.

If you want an additional bonus of 80% gold, 10% luck and 90% movement speed, you need to unlock the Hypermode version of this tier. Similar to other Vampire Survivors maps, you must defeat the elite enemy that appears after 25 minutes. This is the giant enemy crab that raises its claw when attacking.

How to unlock milk factory level 3

"The magic map hidden here may finally lead us to a vampire, or at least more fried chicken."

The third tier of dairy was added in patch 0.3.0. A major feature added in this update is the Milky Way Map, detailed in our guideHow to open the coffin. This permanent item provides a way to track items at each stage that you can pick up. Unlock the Milk Factory when you reach level 40 in Stage 2, the Intarsia Library.

If you want an additional 70% Gold bonus, 10% Luck, and 90% Movement Speed, read on to learn how to unlock Hyper Mode. You must reach the 25 minute mark and defeat the Sword Warden. For those who are having trouble getting to the endgame in Vampire Survivors, check out ourGuide to item evolutions and combinations.

How to unlock level 2 built-in library

“This long, silent library is the ideal place to rest, meditate, and eat fried chicken. But what is a stone mask doing here?

The second tier built-in library is the first one you can unlock and was added in patch 0.2.5. This led on to one of our popular guidesHow to get the Stone Mask. All you have to do to unlock the Encrusted Vampire Survivor Library is reach level 20 in Stage 1, the Mad Forest.

If you want an additional 50% gold bonus, 10% luck and 90% movement speed, here's what you need to do for Hyper mode. Reach the 25 minute mark and defeat Nesuferit. Note that they are likely to reach your character even with thrusting weapons. You might struggle a bit if you don't already have a lot of power-ups.

How to unlock level 1 mad forest

"The castle is a lie, but they still serve free fried chicken here, so it's fine."

The first Mad Forest stage unlocks instantly as it was made available at launch. Still, you can unlock Hyper Mode for an additional 50% gold bonus. Luckily, this bonus continues to increase as you unlock Hyper versions of other tiers.

To unlock it for Mad Forest you need to hit the 25 minute mark and eliminate the giant enemy Blue Venus. The Encrusted Library is generally easier than the Mad Forest, as swarms of bats tend to push enemies your way. As long as those explosive enemies don't get you in the library.

How to unlock challenge levels in Vampire Survivors

How to unlock Eudaimonia M??? Internship

"A space between spaces. The culmination of something or just another beginning? day it's you

I discussed including Eudaimonia M. stage in the last section, but have kept it here as it is marked "???". This secret stage is essentially Vampire Survivors' final boss, which makes it unique. To unlock Eudaimonia M. you need to get all the standard relics: Grim Grimoire, Ars Gouda, Milky Way Map, Magic Banger, Sorceress' Tears, Glass Vizard, Golden Egg, Mindbender, Yellow Sign, Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane, Great Gospel and Randomazzo.

Completing this stage twice will unlock two relics if you choose the correct dialogue answer, Gracia's Mirror (too easy) and Seventh Trumpet (too hard). Gracia's Mirror unlocks Inverse mode, which creates a harder version of each stage. While the seventh trumpet unlocks endless mode, which prevents death from appearing after 30 minutes.

How to unlock Tiny Bridge challenge

“Two opposing factions abruptly stopped fighting across this small bridge. No doubt the source of this attitude will prove harmless.”

Tiny Bridge is the fourth challenge level that works relatively differently as it is a narrow horizontal bridge. This gives you a lot less room to run, forcing you to play left to right or vice versa. You can unlock this tier by reaching level 80 while playing the Inverse Mode version of Gallo Tower.

If Inverse mode is not available to you, you must complete the Eudaimonia machine stage and first obtain the Relic of Gracia's Mirror. Also, I recommend getting the relic of the seventh trumpet in the same stage so you can use the endless mode. This makes reaching level 80 in the Inverse Gallo Tower much easier if you're struggling.

Regardless, those looking to loop the Tiny Bridge stage in Hyper mode will be happy to know it's available by default. Similar to the Boss Rash challenge stage, you can instantly activate Hyper Mode to gain modifiers like: +50% Gold, +10% Luck, and +65% Movement Speed.

How to unlock Boss Rash Challenge

"The monsters want entertainment, and if we win the game, the loot is ours. Let’s take on these recycled values ​​and do what we do best…survive!”

Boss Rash is the third challenge level in Vampire Survivors that resembles a boss race mode. Although the name says Rash instead of Rush, you'll fight waves of enemies and bosses that get tougher and tougher over time. You can unlock Boss Rash by unlocking Hyper mode for all five normal levels.

Luckily, if you want to play the Hyper Mode version of Boss Rash, you don't have to do anything when the normal version is available. It's unlocked by default, so you can get these extra gains: +50% Gold, +10% Luck, +65% Movement Speed, and +50% Enemy Health.

How to unlock the Moongolow bonus

"When the moon is red and bright, the remains of a city swallowed by the sea rise to the surface, bringing secrets and riches."

The Moongolow bonus stage was added alongside it in Patch 0.6.1two new arcana cardsand also some other changes. Upon entering Moongolow, you will likely notice a new feature as it includes the Glass Vizard. This is an NPC that you can interact with to buy permanent stat buffs, items, and even unlock them for more tiers.

Similar to unlocking other tiers, Moongolow only requires you to unlock Hyper mode in four normal tiers. If you've already done so, you can start a new game and exit immediately. This will unlock the new bonus tier. The only buff Moongolow has without activating Hyper Mode is +35% movement speed. Hyper Mode activates these modifiers: +50% Gold, +20% Luck, and +60% Enemy Health.

Read below to learn how to unlock a moongolow tier secret vampire survival card.

How to unlock the sacred forbidden stage

"Wait, can you see that too? That is not right…"

Unlike other challenge and bonus levels in Vampire Survivors, Holy Forbidden is considered a "Hidden Ground" level. This is probably because it's a secret stage that you can't unlock as easily as many of the others in this section. Especially since you can unlock four new items as usualspecial developments such as Laurel and Clock Lancet.

In order to unlock the Holy Forbidden map, you must play through the Moongolow bonus stage as a standard character. This seems to work for most characters as long as they aren't mysterious like Leda or Red Death. Next you need to reach the 14 minute mark where the Trinacria boss spawns.

When playing Moongolow with certain secret characters, you may not see this eclipse effect. In this case you will have to try again with a different character to unlock Holy Forbidden.

If you die before defeating Trinacria, you'll still unlock the Holy Forbidden stage. However, according to some online sites, if you successfully defeat them, you will be instantly teleported to this stage. You will know if Trinacria will appear or not when the Moongolow stage turns red. I have a screenshot showing this starting at about 7 minutes.

It's important to mention that the Holy Forbidden stage can only be completed once. All you have to do is follow the passage from left to right until you reach the yellow sign at the end. This can be tricky as you are in a narrow hallway and cannot climb up. This level is also limited to standard characters.

How to unlock Bone Zone challenge

"Come here and say your profane vespers."

Bone Zone challenge level was added next to it in patch 0.5.1two new arcana cardsunlock for players. The recurring theme of unlocking challenge levels seems to unlock Hyper mode multiple times. To unlock The Bone Zone in Vampire Survivors, all you have to do is unlock Hyper mode through three normal stages.

The two unique parts of this phase are that there are no items and the enemies get stronger over time. By default, you get +25% bonus movement speed and 50% bonus gold. Activating Hyper mode grants you an additional 65% movement speed and 50% additional gold.

How to unlock the Green Acres challenge

"A place where mortals are not allowed. Destiny changes every minute.”

Green Acres is a unique challenge stage where you can find enemies from all unlocked stages. All you have to do to unlock it is Hyper mode for two "normal levels". It's safe to assume that this refers to the numbered tiers mentioned above, such as Mad Forest and Dairy Plant.

Unlike normal stages, Green Acres will already have Hyper mode. This adds a 50% gold bonus, 10% luck and 90% movement speed. Aside from that, enemies always have 50% bonus health regardless of whether Hyper mode is activated.

How to unlock the Il Molise bonus

"There are places that don't exist. Calm down and enjoy life. I'll see you in the country.

Il Molise is a little easier to unlock than the Green Acres challenge, as you only need to unlock Hyper mode in a normal stage. As mentioned above, a normal level can be assumed to be any of the numbered levels. This is a bit of an odd map as enemies only spawn on the edge and don't move towards you.

Similar to the Green Acres map, Il Molise will be available now in the Hyper version. This provides the enemy with an additional 50% gold bonus, 20% luck and 60% health. Unlike Green Acres, the enemy's health boost is only on Hyper.

How to unlock Legacy of the Moonspell stages in Vampire Survivors

How to unlock Mt Moonspell

"A fallen clan's ancestral home, now overrun by Yokai and Oni. In this world where the sun does not shine, night prevails.”

The only card/level in this section for the Legacy of the Moonspell DLC is Mt. Moon Spell. Unlike other stages in this Vampire Survivors guide, you can unlock this one simply by buying the DLC. You don't have to unlock multiple Hyper modes or reach a specific level on a specific map. Mount Moonspell is a bit unique compared to other stages as it is big and full of interesting areas.

If you have the Hyper Mode version of Mt. Moonspell, you must defeat the boss that appears after 25 minutes. It shouldn't be hard to notice this big purple dragon with eight different heads. Activating Hyper Mode activates the following modifiers: +50% Gold, +10% Luck, and +60% Movement Speed.

That's all there is to unlocking new maps and stages in Vampire Survivors. If a new map is released that we haven't added to this guide yet, feel free to leave a comment and we'll update it as soon as possible! Also check out the more helpful guides we recommend below.

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