The Sound Of Vienna - · tapes, transcripts and test results. All students at TJ are expected to complete a - [PDF document]. (2023)

The Sound Of Vienna -· tapes, transcripts and test results. All students at TJ are expected to complete a - [PDF document]. (1)

Vienna/Oakton Connection ❖ January 26 - February 1, 2011 ❖ online at


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Vienna and Oakton

26 January - 1 February 2011

The sound of Vienna

Winter fun, page 4

'Silver Line'AcceleratesNews, side 3

Imagine the president

News, page 3

The sound of Vienna

Winter fun, page 4

Reinhardt Liebig's piano at the Maplewood Grill is a highlight

of the Viennese music scene.


The Sound Of Vienna -· tapes, transcripts and test results. All students at TJ are expected to complete a - [PDF document]. (2)

2 ❖ Vienna/Oakton Connection ❖ 26. januar - 1. februar 2011


Die Donna Manz

The connection

The new board of directors for the Vienna Tysons Regional Chamber of Commerce [VTRCC] took over as the outgoing president

from the Executive Committee Gina Cocomello introduced 2011 Executive Committee Chair Cory Scott during the Jan. 13 installation luncheon at Maggiano's. Many 2010 directors returned to the 2011 board.

VTRCC President Diane Poldy installed the new board.

Long & Foster Realtor Tana Keeffe was selected as "Member of the Year" by Cocomello for her outstanding contributions to VTRCC projects and events. Keeffe created and organized the chamber's annual holiday party for children in homeless shelters, worked the chamber's inaugural fair and casino night, and is the chamber's liaison to local schools. Keeffe managed the profitable beer tent during Oktoberfest.

"This is an inspiring space," Scott said in his first speech in his new capacity. “That's what attracted me to it in the first place.

"We live in a blessed and inspiring community." Scott, Senior Property Manager at Tysons Corner Center, lives in Vienna with his wife, daughter and soon-to-be son.

“Regardless of the state of the economy, the purpose of the chamber is to be a resource for businesses and the community there,” Scott said.

KEY EVENTS in the VTRCC are the annual "Casino Night & Taste of the Town", the Oktoberfest celebration in the center of Vienna and the newly produced fair. The annual Vienna Halloween Parade is a collaboration between the City of Vienna and the VTRCC.

VTRCC advocates smart transportation and smart land use as part of its mission.

Scott explained how a company can get a feel for what the room has to offer before joining.

"Brown Bag University's monthly seminars are always free and open to the public," Scott said. “Our development committee member has a free monthly breakfast where businesses can meet chamber leaders and get a feel for everything the chamber has to offer. And companies can come to a monthly mixer for free as a guest of the chairman of the chamber.

“As always, the best way to learn more about any of these options is to call the venue office and speak with our team,” said Scott.

“Anyone can always reach out to board members to talk about the benefits of the chamber,” Scott said.

Casino night and a taste of the city,

Vienna's popular winter social event is scheduled for March 19 at Westwood Country Club. The western-themed gala features food, gaming tables, raffle prizes, cash bar, friends and more food. Fifteen local restaurants are participating.

Tickets cost €75 and can be bought in the hall.

Expanded and relocated from last year, the 2nd annual expo features demonstrations, booths, presentations and a keynote address by featured motivational speaker Chris Gardner.

The department is sponsoring a three-part seminar on social networks this year and is also launching a series on developing young professionals.

"We are constantly changing and growing to ensure we have the right environment for all stakeholders involved."

CONGRESSMAN Gerry Connolly and Vienna Mayor M. Jane Seeman sat at the host's table. Connolly spoke about the state of the Fairfax County economy, Tysons redevelopment, Tysons area traffic and jobs.

"Slowly but surely we are coming out of the recession," says Connolly, representative

of America's wealthiest congressional district. "Here in Northern Virginia, we are remarkably insulated from some of the worst parts of the recession."

He also spoke about the tragedy on "Congress on YourCorner" by Tucsonat Gabrielle Giffords and commented on the eloquence of those who spoke at Wednesday's memorial service for the victims. They captured the significance of such a tragedy, Connolly said.

"Any one of us could have been there," Connolly said. Bringing the congressional office to the community invites the community to share its concerns or simply meet with its representatives. “It brings services to the people we serve,” he said. Connolly led a moment of silence in honor of the dead and wounded.

Scott ended his cheerful speech as new chairman with a pragmatic message. "Don't miss the opportunities around you," he said.

To purchase tickets to Casino Night & Taste of the Town or learn more about the Vienna Tysons Regional Chamber of Commerce, see or call the Chamberoffices at 703-281-1333 in Vienna or 703-286-0752 in McLean.

Cory Scott takes over as new chairman.

VTRCC Installs Board 2011

VTRCC Installation Luncheon Master of Ceremonies Rich Irons, Chamber President Diane Poldy, 2010 Board Chair Gina Cocomello, U.S. Representative Gerry Connolly [D-11], Vienna Mayor M. Jane Seeman and 2011 CEO Cory Scott.

2010 VTRCC Board Chair Gina Cocomello hands the gavel to 2011 Chair CoryScott of Vienna.

Tana Keeffe, Long & Foster Realtor with Earman Company, received VTRCC's Member of the Year Award.

Seven TJHSST students named Intel semifinalists

Seven students from Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Alexandria were named semifinalists in the 2011 Intel Science Tal-ent Search. Each semifinalist receives a $1,000 prize. In addition, TJ will receive $1,000 for each semi-finalist to promote excellence in science, mathematics and engineering education.

TJ's Intel semifinalists and their project titles are:

William Edward Bunting, 18, Herndon, Neutrino and Antineutrino Mass Limits by a New Method

Sanjeet Das, 18, Chantilly, Metamaterial Integrated SolarConcentrator (MiSC)

Sang Min Han, 18, Fairfax, excitation of low-frequency stimulated electromagnetic emissions (LF/SEE) in the ionosphere by powerful radio waves

Kelly McKenzie Ivins-O'Keefe, 16, Annandale Hydrogen sulfide: a new molecular target for breast cancer therapy

Venkat Iyer, 17, Herndon, Crystallization of a novel malaria protein CelTOS, for X-ray crystal structure determination and antimalarial development

Aman Dev Kansal, 18, Vienna, Synthesis and characterization of indium nitride nanowires

Rachel Epstein Marzen, 17, McLean, Climate-Induced Ecosystem Regime Shifts in the Bering Sea: Evidence from the BenthicOstracode Assemblage

Three hundred semifinalists were selected this year from a pool of 1,744 applicants representing 499 high schools in 42 states, the District of Columbia and one overseas school. The finalists will be announced on January 26 and will be invited to attend the week-long Intel Science Institute in Washington, D.C. in March and compete for a grand prize of $100,000.

The Intel Science Talent Search recognizes independent research designed and conducted by students. Students submit detailed research reports, essay questions, recommendations, transcripts, and test scores.

All TJ students are expected to complete a science or engineering research project during the twelfth grade, either by working in one of the 13 science and technology research laboratories at the school or by working in a commercial, government, or university setting. technical facility through TJ's mentoring program. TJ students participating in the Intel Science Talent Search typically begin their projects before 12th grade.

The Sound Of Vienna -· tapes, transcripts and test results. All students at TJ are expected to complete a - [PDF document]. (3)

Vienna/Oakton Connection ❖ 26. januar - 1. februar 2011 ❖

NieuwsVienna/Oakton Connection Editor Kemal Kurspahic

703-778-9414 of[email protected]

See chairmen, page 7

Die Donna Manz

The connection

Ever wondered who was the first president to have his entire presidency

covered by 24-hour cable TV? Or why was Calvin Coolidge seen and not heard in his 1924 campaign paper in the cinema? And what portrayal of the American president is better known today than when he was president?

Jane Hampton Cook wondered these things, and the Viennese author answered these questions and more in her sixth book, weaving stories and facts into an easy-to-read history of technology.

"What does the president look like?" is written for children. However, the facts in sidebars along each page provide a glimpse into the media available from George Washington's presidency through Barack Obama's,

facts that will also attract adults.

HAMPTON COOK, a former webmaster in the George W. Bush White House, was inspired by her tenure there to research the tools journalists and the public needed to see what the US president looked like.

"If the president comes to town today, take your digital camera or your phone and take a picture of him," Cook said. "If you go back in time, how did people know what the president looked like?"

In his latest book, HamptonCook tells his readers that it was Washington's wife, Martha, who convinced the president to sit in front of Gilbert Stuart. President Washington did not like having his portrait painted at all.

Abraham Lincoln was the first president to be photographed. His photographer, Matthew

By Nicholas M. Horrock

The connection

Dulles Corridor Metrorail project managers said Wednesday that last January's (2010) record storm and delays in moving utilities along

Line 7 resulted in a 3.5 month delay in Phase 1 of the mammoth rail project.

The "planned substantial completion date is predicted for November 21, 2013," which is about 3.5 months behind schedule, the executives reported. on Dec. On December 22, 2010, Metrorail executives gave DullesTransit Partners, the contractor, "interim directions for schedule acceleration." DTR's recovery plan to make up for all lost time has been provided to the Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority, which is building the line and will run the rail link from West Falls Church to Dulles International Airport.

Pat Nowakowski, executive director of the Metrorail project, told Airport Authority members that, for budgetary reasons, project managers have estimated the acceleration will cost $7 million. He said the cost is being negotiated with DTR and could be higher or lower than the $7 million figure.

The work is being accelerated, he said. The slowdown came to light during a Q4 briefing.

ter of 2010 for the airport authority at Reagan National Airport headquarters.

Other key points in the briefing included: ❖ Construction is 27 percent complete. ❖ Work continues at five stations. ❖ The final design is 95 percent complete. ❖ Relocation of utility companies is 99 percent complete.

since October 1, 2010, and the recorded number of incidents is 1.42 for 5.5 million working hours

George Morshauser, DTR's project director, said his company has focused safety on this project, including having employees create their own safety techniques, ongoing training and mentoring programs.

He said DTR is running a safety alert

sage to the public on WTOP radio, saying the public should be aware when driving and walking near miles of work sites.

He said a man riding in the car with his son accidentally followed a dump truck into a work zone and got stuck in the mud and the car had to be towed out.

Marcia McAllister, communications manager for the Metrorail project, said the Jan. 10, 2010, storm and its impact on utility relocation was at the heart of the 3.5-month delay.

The storm itself delayed work, and afterward most of the utility companies worked to restore power to the thousands of businesses and homeowners in the Washington area who had been hit hard by the unusual snowfall.

McAllister said moving the utilities was critical to the project. This meant rerouting power lines to all offices, homes, businesses along route 7 and rerouting some sewer lines and other underground cables and connections.

"We moved a lot of the wires underground, and you can see along a lot of Route 7 that telephone poles and overhead lines are gone," she said.

Nowakowski said that the delay in the delivery of new train cars (now 2013 and 2014) has decreased. Metro has agreed to deliver additional cars from its rolling stock for testing along the new "Silver Line," as the Dulles route is called, while the delivery of the new cars is underway.

He reported that the project must pay sales tax on materials and labor it buys that were not accounted for in planning, and that it was paid from the project's $312 million emergency fund.

McAlister said when the project was first launched, some thought the Virginia Legislature would waive the sales tax on a public project, but that never materialized. The board members tasked Nowakowski with finding out whether the Virginia Department of Transportation should pay taxes on materials and labor.

Nowakowski said about half of the nearly $3 billion budget for Phase 1 has been spent.

The "Silver Line" was a project that many hoped would be built in 1976 when Dulles first opened. It is about 37 kilometers long and is being built in two phases. Phase 1 is Wiehle Avenue to Reston in 2013. Phase 2 is Reston to Virginia 772, past Dulles in 2015.

'Silver Line' speeds up Rail to Dulles is 3.5 months late, work is speeding up.

Both inbound and outbound tunnel excavation has been completed and application for waterproofing of shotcrete leveling tunnels is now underway.


Jane Hampton Cook, Viennese author and mother of two, was webmaster at the George W. Bush WhiteHouse.



die D

onna M


he c




From paintings to electronic media, depictions of presidents have survived.

The president in the picture

The Sound Of Vienna -· tapes, transcripts and test results. All students at TJ are expected to complete a - [PDF document]. (4)

4 ❖ Vienna/Oakton Connection ❖ 26. januar - 1. februar 2011

See Music venues, page 11

Die Donna Manz

The connection

If you googled "music" and "Vienna," Mozart and Strauss would come up. The connection is made

easier to search for local music. Here is an overview of local music venues.

Vienna is blessed with venues that stand out not only for their music, but also for their community support. From stylish piano bar to children's rock, adult rock and open mics, Vienna has the whole range of music on offer.

MAPLEWOOD GRILL, 132 Tak Rd. SE. Telefon: 703-281-

0070; www.Maplewoodgrill.comMaplewood Grill is a luxury

restaurant, a happy hour destination and a piano bar four to five times a week.

When Marcel Kuchler and his son, Chef Paul, transformed LeCanard into Maplewood Grill, they did more than just remodel and adapt the menu from French cuisine to modern American. TheKuchlers added live music.

What the Kuchlers got was an intimate piano bar where guests are welcome to pull up chairs next to the piano or jam along with the pianists.

Reinhardt Liebig plays jazz, classical and standard piano on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Restaurant owner Larry Kopp makes the trip from the Haymarket once a month with his clarinet to jam with Reinhardt Liebig. Kopp says he's coming for the schnitzel too.

Terry Lee Ryan, pianist and singer, performs Thursdays from 7 to 10 p.m. Ryan plays and sings New Orleans-style standards, blues and music.

Lou Neely performs every first and third Tuesday of the month from 8-10 p.m. As a singer and musician, Neely sings jazz blues and ballads and accompanies himself on piano, keyboard or guitar.

Chef Paul Kuchler is a hands-on restaurateur of sorts, serving up creative American fare at Maplewood Grill, which he co-owns with his father, Marcel, or staffing his restaurant's booths at local events.

"We wanted to start something unique in Vienna," says chef Paul, who partners with his father on Maplewood Grill. "As far as I know, there is nowhere in Vienna that has a piano lounge.

p.m. Email Jim Dowell to sign up[email protected]or Director of Parks and Recreation Cathy Salgadoat[email protected]

Jim Dowell, who has performed at Vienna Town Green's successful open mic nights since the beginning, wondered, "Why can't we have indoor open mic nights the rest of the year?"

Cathy Salgado, director of the Town of Vienna Parks and Recreation, applauded the idea that Dowell proposed. So much so that she turned the concept over to Dowell for execution.

Dowell and his wife now live in Falls Church, but his wife grew up in Vienna and the Dowells were familiar with the community center. Dowell envisioned the community center's open evenings as a way to provide entertainment during the winter months, an extension of the Town Green's concert program.

The microphone is technically not 'open'. Musicians must register in advance. Dowell plans up to nine acts, giving each about 15 minutes to perform, with a few minutes between acts for equipment changes. The community center's open evenings have featured musical performers as young as eight and as old as the mid-1960s. Most, however, are between the ages of 30 and 55, Dowell said.

Slots fill up, and Dowell recommends signing up about three weeks in advance.

"There are a lot of very talented people in this area," Dowell said. "The D.C. area is known as a great music scene even in Nashville."

All this local talent likes to showcase themselves, Dowell said, and the community center's open mic gives them a venue outside of the bars.

Dowell is looking for ways to combine the open mic programs with other community events, such as art exhibits.

Many of the artists are returnees.

"The main idea was to give young people an opportunity to come out and perform, especially the kids," Dowell said. "We would love to see more new people participate."

CAFFE AMOURI107 Kirke St. NO. Phone: 703-938-

1623; www.caffeamouri.comAt Caffe Amouri owner

Michael Amouri imagined his local coffee house, a state-of-the-art sound system in his own

The Sound of Vienna From open mics to name bands, Vienna offers variety.

"The piano bar adds another dimension to our restaurant," says Kuchler. “It's the trifecta of great food, a great bar with specialty drinks and a piano lounge.

"You can eat, or come for dessert and a drink and listen to the music."

JAMMIN' JAVA227 Maple Ave E. Telefon: 703-255-1566;

www.jamminjava.comJammin' Java has a shared personal

ality. During the day, Jammin' Java offers daily

cradles with coffee and sandwiches. At night it is a place for adult music. And Jammin' Java regularly supports groups in the Vienna area who are raising money or starting a career.

"We get a kick out of helping local talent," says Daniel Brindley, one of Jammin' Java's co-owners. Brindley said promoting local musicians is a deliberate move. "There's some good local talent that can sell tickets," Brindley said.

While night music for adults is Jammin' Java's "main event," as Brindley calls it, the morning rock shows for kids and family matinees offer something different and welcome to the community. Brindley calls it a "give and take." relationship. The community gets unique programming, mostly local musicians, and Jammin' Java uses the space during the day.

"We think it's really cool to provide this opportunity to the community, and it works for us as well," Brindley said.

When it comes to fundraisers, Jammin' Java tries to be as flexible and accommodating as possible, noting that the venue still has to cover costs.

Jammin' Java is located right in the center of Vienna on Maple Avenue. The Brindley brothers took an existing coffee house and turned it into something that has so much more to offer. From music nights that have made Jammin' Java one of Washington's best-known venues to morning family shows and weekend matinees, Jammin' Java has spent most of its decade in Vienna.

Open Mics moreVIENNA COMMUNITY CENTER120 Cherry Street SE. Phone: 703-255-


Open mic nights: Saturday 26 February, 26 March and 23 April; 7 to 9:30

Foto af Donna Manz/The Connection

Reinhardt Liebig plays jazz and standards on piano Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays at MaplewoodGrill. Often restaurant guests like Larry Kopp and Liebig pickle.


Natalie York from Vienna, singer, guitarist and songwriter, launched her first professional CD on Jammin' Java at the end of December.

"The piano bar gives our restaurant another dimension."

— Paul Kuchler, Maplewood Grill

The Sound Of Vienna -· tapes, transcripts and test results. All students at TJ are expected to complete a - [PDF document]. (5)

Vienna/Oakton Connection ❖ 26. januar - 1. februar 2011 ❖

Your friendly thrift store nearby, YESTERDAY'S ROSE, where you never see the same thing twice

9960 Main St. Fairfax, VA • 703-385-9517 •


Clothing • Furniture • Household items Not valid in combination with other discounts or promotions.

Household items and bed linen Saturday 29.1.11


50% OFF Thrifty Thursday

50% DISCOUNT on clothes, shoes and purses

Not valid in combination with other discounts or promotions.

Every Thursday from 10.00 to 21.00

9023 Arlington Boulevard, Fairfax, Virginia

2 miles west of I-495 on Rt. 80.2 km from I-66 (Vienna Metro)

60-75% DISCOUNT largest selection of POTSArea60-75% DISCOUNT largest selection of POTSArea

Japanese MaplesOver 100 Varieties (6"–12")

Evergreen Magnolia, Hollies, Arborvitae & Leyland Cypress

Rhododendron, Crape myrtle, Redbuds

9.00-17.00 7 days a week

Patios, walls, walkways, paver driveways and all

Much more

Patios, walls, walkways, paver driveways and all

Much more

Patios, walls, walkways, paver driveways and all

Much more

Patios, walls, walkways, paver driveways and all

Much more

Patios, walls, walkways, paver driveways and all

Much more

Patios, walls, walkways, paver driveways and all

Much more

Patios, walls, walkways, paver driveways and all

Much more

Patios, walls, walkways, paver driveways and all

Much more

Prices out of seasonFree countryside

& Hardscape estimates

Prices out of seasonFree countryside

& Hardscape estimates

Prices out of seasonFree countryside

& Hardscape estimates

Prices out of seasonFree countryside

& Hardscape estimates

Prices out of seasonFree countryside

& Hardscape estimates

Prices out of seasonFree countryside

& Hardscape estimates

Prices out of seasonFree countryside

& Hardscape estimates

Spring is in Spring is in the conservatory

Citrus, CyclamenCitrus, CyclamenCitrus, Cyclamen & Amaryllis & Amaryllis & Amaryllis

50 % RABAT

Ends February 28. Ends February 28. Ends February 28. Ends February 28.

From page 3


Presidents, up close and personal

Brady went on to photograph 18 presidents in his lifetime.

"In Lincoln's day, photography was the new medium of the day," said Hamilton Cook. The preservation of the likeness of the sitting president was governed by the tools – or technology – available.

From paintings and cartoons to campaign posters, photography, stereographs, silent films and newsreels, Americans could put a face and a pose on their president.

Franklin Roosevelt was featured in newsreels. By the 1960s, everyone had a television in their home, and television brought the Kennedy-Nixon debates to families across America. Starting CNN covered Ronald Reagan's entire presidency on a daily basis.

"I hope the book helps children connect the dots between the paintings of the past and the smartphones of today," said HamptonCook.

In Hampton Cook's first book, "Maggie Houston," readers learn about Texas Governor SamHouston's decision to

Union during the Civil War, while the rest of Texas supported the Confederacy. The story, seen through Maggie Houston's eyes, is written for the 10 to 13 age group.

"Stories of Faith and Courage from the Revolutionary War" is a 365-day devotional/recap based on the stories of America's founding fathers, written for adults.

Written in collaboration with two other authors, Stories of Faith and Courage from the War in Iraq and Afghanistan tells 365 stories of American troops or their families based on personal experiences.

"It was so good for Soldiers to tell their stories and know they will be remembered," Hampton Cook said.

"Faith of America's First Ladies" uses stories from the lives of First Ladies to illustrate the principles of womanhood.

"B is for Baylor" is an alphabet book written for children ages three and up. Hampton Cook received his bachelor's degree from Baylor.

For "What does the president look like?" Hampton Cook searched mainly online

through the Library of Congress. Her contacts in the White House also helped. A White House librarian referred Hampton Cook to sources within the White House itself.

“I loved doing research,” Hampton Cook said.

Hampton Cook and her husband moved from Texas to Washington when George W. Bush won the White House. She was Bush's webmaster when he was governor of Texas and took over the role in Washington, D.C.

KOKKENE moved to Vienna in 2006, a year after the birth of their first child. Two and a half years later, a brother joined him. The family lives in the center of the city and takes advantage of Vienna's amenities and special events.

"What I really like about Vienna is that it's close to commerce, but also in a residential area," Hampton Cook said. "I like the sense of community that Vienna offers."

As for why Calvin Coolidge was seen and not heard, the reason is quite logical. Sound films still had to be made.

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How to avoid 9 common buyer traps before buying a home!!

Washington, D.C. - Buying a home is a big investment, no matter how you look at it. Unfortunately, for some homebuyers, it's more expensive than it needs to be as they fall victim to at least some of the common and expensive mistakes that cause them to either pay too much for the house they want, or worse, buy the wrong house for their needs.

A systematic approach to the home buying process can help you avoid these mistakes so that you can not only reduce costs, but also buy the home that best suits your needs. An industry report has just been released titled '9 Buyer Traps and How

to avoid them.” This important report discusses the 9 most common and expensive traps for homebuyers.

The right information in advance can undoubtedly make a big difference in the way you structure your offer and in your negotiation with the seller. To hear a short recorded message and to order your FREE copy of this report, call toll-free at 1-800-363-0356 and enter ID #2301 when prompted. You can always call, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Get your free special report NOW to find out what you need to know before buying a home.

Provided by PenFed Realty, LLC Reston, VA Copyright © 2011.

This is a voluntary community service order

♥ Friday February 11, 2011 at the Hilton McLean Tysons Corner

♥ 18:30 ~ Silent auction and cocktail reception

♥ 8pm ~ Seated dinner in the ballroom, followed by the FairfaxSymphony Pops concert

♥ Forms available for download at


The Sound Of Vienna -· tapes, transcripts and test results. All students at TJ are expected to complete a - [PDF document]. (6)

6 ❖ Vienna/Oakton Connection ❖ January 26 - February 1, 2011


By Governor Bob McDonnell


The average Northern Virginia commuter spends 70 hours a year in traffic jams,

according to the 2010 Urban Mobility Report from the Texas Transportation Institute. This is almost three wasted days - time that could be spent with family, working to improve our economy, or volunteering to improve our community. Wasting so much time in traffic jams is unacceptable.

That is why I have proposed a comprehensive transport package that uses our resources to invest in the transport projects we need today. My expanded transportation package will add $4 billion to transportation over the next three years alone without raising taxes. It will get drivers out of gridlock and get Virginians back to work.

Some have said this plan, the biggest transportation cash infusion in decades, doesn't do enough for transportation. They say it will not fully address the Commonwealth's transport needs. I agree that this plan is not the answer to every challenge we face. There is simply no easy answer or funding source that can immediately solve Virginia's transportation challenges. Does this mean we should do nothing while the transport debate continues? I do not think. This plan is a big step in the right direction.

Review of our transport package funds 900 projects across our Commonwealth. Here in Northern Virginia, where I grew up, these projects include widening the HOV/HOT lanes on Interstate-95/395, widening Interstate 66, widening a major portion of Rolling Road in Fairfax County to address expected traffic effects of BRAC, expansion

Route 7 in Loudoun County and extension of Route 28 in Fairfax and PrinceWilliam counties. They are essential

There are no projects that will make you spend less time in traffic so you can spend more time at home and at work.

This is how our plan works. We will simply accelerate the issuance of $1.8 billion in bonds that have already been approved by a bipartisan majority in the General Assembly in 2007. The funding sources are already in place to pay the debt service. By doing this, we can take advantage of historically low interest rates and historically low prices for highway projects to get the most bang for your buck.

We will also issue $1.1 billion in federal GARVEE bonds, which are federally authorized bonds sold to finance a specific capital project. In the case of these bonds, the state will use federal transportation funds to pay the debt service.

In addition, we will use $400 million in one-time funds from our successful audit of VDOT and last year's budget surplus to

the creation of the Virginia Transportation Infrastructure Bank, which will support private and local investment in projects that make our highway system safer and less congested. Ultimately, this bank will grow to $1 billion by the end of our administration.

Not only will our plan get new roads built quickly, it will put thousands of Virginians to work at the same time. For every $100 million spent on highway construction, an estimated 3,000 jobs are created or supported. This plan means thousands of new jobs for Virginians in one of the toughest job markets in generations.

For all these reasons, 43 major business and transportation groups, including the Northern Virginia Technology Council, the Dulles Area Transportation Association, the Northern Virginia Transportation Alliance and the Chambers of Commerce of Reston, Loudoun, Dulles Area, Fairfax County, Prince William, Springfield and Arlington all stand behind this plan — the only comprehensive transportation program anyone has proposed to build roads and reduce traffic congestion. And that's why Sen. Chuck Colgan (D-29), chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, has volunteered to co-sponsor the bill.

Instead of spending years debating and pointing fingers, let's start investing in transportation improvements today. This fiscally responsible, comprehensive transportation program will see new roads built now and will move our Commonwealth forward on this critical issue. It has broad, bipartisan support, and I encourage you to visit my website,, to read the details of my plan for yourself. I know that by working together we can keep traffic flowing in Virginia.

It is time for responsible transport investment. The governor's plan would allocate $4 billion to transportation over the next three years.


Government Affairs To the Editor:

I have read your editorial entitled Unsubstantiated Transportation Plan [Great Falls Connection, 19-25 January]. I think you are right. I am in favor of the Commonwealth owning liquor stores and making money from them. Experience clearly shows that government is so much better at managing affairs than commercial interests. We have an excellent local example of that in the construction of the Capitol Visitors Center, which was overseen by Congress.

Booze is a scarce resource, so keeping prices high due to lack of competition (at least for those who can't cross the Potomac to DC or Maryland) helps curb use. I agree to complete the sale

of wine and beer through outlets not owned by the Commonwealth. What do grocery and beverage stores really know about selling products?

I hope Governor McDonnell will consider importing unemployed central planners from the old Soviet Union and find even more sources of income by running more businesses. I suggest that local newspapers could be the next source of income.

Max PadonLarge waterfall

Time to act now on global warmingTo the editor:

Like the 112th Congress and

As the General Assembly begins its sessions, I remind legislators that their agenda should include addressing climate change. During cold spells like January in Washington, it's easy to deny global warming, but the planet is actually warming. The first quarter of 2010, famous for its "snow magic," turned out to be the warmest first quarter on record, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The year 2010 equaled 2005 as the warmest year on record, and June and the summer of 2010 were also the warmest on record.

Our country cannot afford the costs of climate change, such as deaths from heat, drought, destroyed crops and infrastructure. Instead, we need the investments in clean energy and the jobs that a renewable energy revolution will bring. Such studies

of the University of Massachusetts found that investments in clean energy could create 1.7 million jobs. We know the facts and the relative costs, and the Virginia Commission on Climate Change, countless scientists, numerous respected studies, and countless authorities have urged Congress to act. How much more is needed? When will Congress act?

Linda Burchfiel McLean

The authors are presidents of NOVACAN (Northern Virginia Climate ActionNetwork).

Letters to the editor

Newspaper from Vienna and Oakton

An independent, locally owned weekly newspaper delivered

for homes and businesses.

1606 King Street, Alexandria, Virginia 22314

NEWS SECTION: To discuss ideas and concerns,

Bel: 703-778-9410 Email:

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Vienna/Oakton Connection ❖ 26. januar - 1. februar 2011 ❖

Die Donna Manz

The connection

The pinnacle of victory

to the social calendar - the 18th annual CasinoNight & Taste of the Town -

coming on March 19 this year. Sponsored by the Vienna Tysons Regional Chamber of Commerce [VTRCC], the gala draws approximately 300 guests to play casino-style, win raffle prizes, bid on unique auction selections, eat food from the area's hottest restaurants (15 of them), drink and eat some more . There is even a DJ.

Each guest receives a goody bag with play money and a pair of free drink vouchers upon check-in. At the end of the evening, guests exchange their winnings for raffle tickets for goods and services. The silent auction includes jewelry, sports memorabilia, gift baskets and services. Tickets are $75 each.

VTRCC Board Chair CoryScott says it's time to pull out the cowboy boots. Again, Casino Night has a western theme.

The good times roll from until midnight at Westwood Country Club, 800 Maple Ave., East.

Neighbors mingle with neighbors, business people mingle with everyone... it's festive, it's funky, it's fun.

For more information or to purchase tickets, visit or call 703-281-1333.

1. STAGE THEATER Professional theater in Tysons Corner

found a home when 1st Stage presented its first production in September 2008. Some 20 productions later, 1stStage has included drama, retold classics, musicals, comedy and mystery in its repertoire. The production of Agatha Christie's "The Mouse-trap" consistently filled the house.

1st Stage received the Helen Hayes Awards 2010 John Aniello Award for Outstanding Emerging Theatre. Artistic Director Mark Krikstan taught drama at George C. Marshall High School before retiring and turning his attention to theater production full time.

"Fuddy Meers" plays Feb. 4 through Feb. 27; "TheGlass Menagerie" March 25 to April 17; "ByJeeves", May 20 to June 19.

Tickets are $25 general admission and $15 for students.

Shows are on Friday at 8 p.m., Saturday at 2 p.m. and 8 p.m. and Sunday at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m.

1st Stage Theatre, 1524 Springhill Road, Suite LL, McLean.Gratis parkeren.

VALENTINE'S DAY DINNER FOR TWO Culinaria describes the relationship between food

and romance like this: "Ever since Marc Antony first tended Cleopatra grapes, food and its sensual side have been intertwined with romance."

That's why men give chocolates to the special women in their lives on Valentine's Day.

Culinaria cooking school on Pleasant Street takes things a step further than chocolate and grapes.

Monday, February 14 from From 19:00 to 22:00, Culinaria offers couples a cooking class that takes a romantic Valentine's dinner to the next level.

Culinary staff Robyn Alexander, Stephen Sands and John Peters lead the class with basil eggplant soup, grilled scallops with basil and lavender essence, pasta with asparagus, chicken and gorgonzola, and warm chocolate brownies with Grand Marnier whipped cream.

Dinner for two, $120. Culinaria's winter plan includes knife skills,

specialty, theme, international and wine classes. Teaching takes place both in the evening and during the day.

Culinaria Cooking School, 110 Pleasant Street NW, Wien; 703-865-7920.

LUNCH N' LIFEShepherd's Center i Oakton-Vienna tilbyder ser-

vices, personal enrichment and volunteer opportunities for the over 50s. Every quarter, SCOV organizes a lunch with music or a presentation. The noise

From casino night to gourmet cuisine, there's something to warm up the cold months.

Have fun in Vienna

The 18th Annual Casino Night & Taste of the Towngoes western March 19 at Westwood CountryClub. Tickets are available from the Vienna Tysons Regional Chamber of Commerce at

Culinaria Cooking School's couples classes are offering a special Valentine's menu on February 14.

Fotos af Donna Manz/The Connection

See breakfast, page 13

Celebrate the Year of the Rabbit! China Kingdom restaurant

6222 Old Dominion DriveMcLean, VA 22101


Van 2/01 - 28/2

Chinese New Year SpecialExtra 10% DISCOUNT on your entire order


Calendar views The Connection newspapers have a calendar of upcoming events each week. While we cannot guarantee that every event we receive information about will appear on the list, here is the information we need to ensure your upcoming event qualifies for the calendar. We welcome photos of similar events held in the past, which are sometimes displayed with calendar entries.

Event name: Day of the week, date and time: Name of the venue The event is held: Address of the venue The event is held: Name and phone number for more information: Three sentences describing the event:

Please provide your calendar information at least two weeks prior to your event. Clear photos of similar previous events are always welcome. All events must be public. We give first priority to free events. Email lists to:

[email protected]mail til: Kalender, Connection Newspapers 1606 King Street Alexandria, VA 22314.

Call 703-778-9410 for more information.

The Sound Of Vienna -· tapes, transcripts and test results. All students at TJ are expected to complete a - [PDF document]. (8)

8 ❖ Vienna/Oakton Connection ❖ January 26 - February 1, 2011 Vienna/Oakton Connection ❖ January 26 - February 1, 2011 ❖

THURSDAY/JAN. 27Alzheimer's Caregiver Support

Group. 6:30pm Sunrise from McLean, 8315 Turning Leaf Lane, McLean.703-902-8102.

SATURDAY/JAN. 29 Part. Barbara Comstock (R-34) does

holding a Great Falls Town Hall Meeting, at 10 a.m. at Great FallsGrange, 9818 Georgetown Pike. Share. Comstock invites you to go to Great Falls with her to discuss the problems of the Commonwealth.

Conversations about elderly issues. 10 a.m. The Women's Center, 127 Park St. N.E., Vienna. Tips and strategies for effective communication within and between generations. With Jeannett Twomey, JD, Va. CertifiedMediator and Sharon Schroer, JD. $45, $35 members. Register at or 703-281-2657.

MONDAY/JAN. 31 Northern Virginia Chapter of

National Alliance on MentalIllness Møde. 19.00 timer ved FirstChristian Church, 6165 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church. 703-256-2908.

WEDNESDAY/FEB. 2 Increase your child's social IQ:

Stepping Stones to People Skills for Kids. 7:30 p.m. Flint Hill Elementary, 2444 Flint Hill Road, Vienna. With author, social worker and psychotherapist Cathi Cohen. Open to parents of Flint Hill Elementary or Thoreau Middle School students.

THURSDAY/FEB. 3 Volunteers for change

orientation. 18-19 Full board,

143 Maple Ave. East, Vienna. Weekend and weekday evening projects. Sign up at 703-246-3895[email protected]

Alzheimer Caregiver SupportGroup. 10.00 timer Unitarian Universalist Church of Fairfax, 2709Hunter Mill Road, Oakton. 703-281-9515.

Welcome Club of Northern Virginia luncheon. 11 a.m. at Maggiano's Restaurant at Tysons Galleria, 2001 International Drive, McLean. "NanaTechnology: Improving the Quality of Life for Seniors." $30. Registration required at

FRIDAY/FEB. 4Vienna Volunteer Fire Service

Extra Scrapbook weekend. 6-12 VVFD, 400 Center St. South, Vienna. Vendors, supplies and expert advice available. Meals are for sale. $45-$55. The profit goes to good use[email protected]of 703-281-5797.

SATURDAY/FEB. 5Vienna Volunteer Fire Service

Extra Scrapbook weekend. 9.00-21.00 VVFD, 400 Centrum St. South, Vienna. Vendors, supplies and expert advice available. Meals are for sale. $45-$55. The profit goes to good use[email protected]of 703-281-5797.

V-Day Oakton 2011 Auditions for "A Monologist, A Memory, Arant and A Prayer." 10am-2pm at Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Fairfax 2709 HunterMill Road, Oakton. V-Day is a global activist movement that aims to end violence against women and girls. Registration required at

TUESDAY/FEB. 8Langley "Saxonette" dance team

Clinic. 4:40 p.m. Langley High School, 6520 Georgetown Pike, McLean. For 4.-8. classes with all levels of dance[email protected]

Vienna Department of AAUW. 7pm Patrick Henry Library, 101 MapleAve East, Vienna. GMU professor Dr. Anita Taylor discusses the future of the feminist movement in the early 21st century. Free, public invited.703-321-7499.

WEDNESDAY/FEB. 9 Virginia Chronic Pain Support

Group meeting. 1:30 p.m. at the Kaplan Center for Integrative Medicine, 6829 Elm St., Suite 300, McLean. Group leader, Jodi Brayton, LCSW. 703-532-4892.

SATURDAY/FEB. 12Brinker Toastmasters. 9:30 a.m

Vienna Presbyterian Church, 124 ParkSt. N.E., Vienna. Meets second and fourth Saturday of the

T'ai Chi exercises. 8:00 a.m. at St. Luke's Catholic School High School, 7005 Georgetown Pike, McLean. Saturday through March. Free, open to all. No special clothing or equipment is required. or 703-759-9141.

MONDAY/FEB. 14Alzheimer's Caregiver Support

Gruppe. 17.00 timer Lewinsville Adult DayHealth Care Center, 1609 Great FallsRoad, McLean. 703-734-1718.

TUESDAY/FEB. 15 Alzheimer's Caregiver Support

Gruppe. 17:00 De Sylvestry AssistedLiving, 1728 Kirby Road, McLean.


WEDNESDAY/FEB. 16Beth Emeth's Early Childhood

Center Open House. 10:30 a.m. Town of Beth Emeth, 12523 Lawyers Road, Herndon. Take a tour, see classes in action, meet staff and much more. 703-860-4515, ext. 114[email protected]/beecc.htm.

SATURDAY/FEB. 19 Vienna Lions Club 48th Annual

Smooth match. 1 in the afternoon. at the Assembly of God Church, 100 Ayr Hill Ave., Vienna. Vocal and instrumental categories for Virginia students through 12th grade. Applications available at 703-938-7716[email protected]

T'ai Chi exercises. 8:00 a.m. at St. Luke's Catholic School High School, 7005 Georgetown Pike, McLean. Saturday through March. Free, open to all. No special clothing or equipment is required. or 703-759-9141.

WEDNESDAY/FEB. 23 Support group for survivors from

Abuse of priests. 6:30 p.m. in the conference room at the Tysons-Pimmit Hills Regional Library, 7684 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church. A monthly peer support group for survivors and others affected. Free. Confidential. No registration necessary.703-538-6128.

JSSA parent support group for young adults across the autism spectrum. 7pm at JSSA, 3018 Javier Road, Fairfax. A monthly support group to discuss participants' interests and concerns. Identify community resources, build a support network, and balance your own needs with the needs of an adult son or daughter. Sign up at 703-204-9100.

Bulletin board

Send messages[email protected]is Thursday for next week's paper. Photos/illustrations are encouraged. Visit for more offers

THURSDAY/JAN. 27 Patrick Henry Book Club. 1 in the afternoon.

Patrick Henry Library, 101 Maple Ave. East, Vienna. Book Review. Call for title. Adults. 703-938-0405.

Jonas Sees In Color, Poema, Queens Club, Mercury InSummer og The Baby Grand. 19.00 timer Jammin' Java, 227 Maple Ave.E., Wenen.

Two Family One Acts: "Wolf Tales" and "The Dogs are Coming." 7pm George C Marshall High School, 7731 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church. Another Goose parody and Rayn Epremian's biographical play about an Armenian girl struggling with prejudice and segregation. $5. 703-714-5450.

Ari Hest with Bess Rogers. 8 pm The Lads at Wolf Trap, 1645 TrapRoad, Vienna. Indie people. $18. 703-938-2404 or

FRIDAY/JAN. 28 Mason Jazz Concert. 20.00 at

George Mason University Center for Arts Harris Theatre, 4400 University Drive, Fairfax. Vrij. 888-945-2468 af

LA Theatre Works "The Real Dr.Strangelove". 20.00 i GeorgeMason University Center for Arts Concert Hall, 4400 University Drive, Fairfax. Billetter $ 18- $ 36, fås via 888-945-2468 af

"Den døsige Chaperone." 20.00 McLean Community Center AldenTheater, 1234 Ingleside Ave., McLean.

George C Marshall High School will present two midwinter family 1 plays: "Wolf Tales" and "The Dogs are Coming," on January 27 and 28 at 19.00. and Jan. 29 and 30 at 2 p.m. Tickets $5 for all, including both shows. Free parking. Pictured: Marshall High students in "Wolf Tales."

Glamorous brides, tap-dancing grooms and much more. $17-$19. 703-790-9223 or

"The dining room". 7:30 p.m. JamesMadison High School, 2500 JamesMadison Drive, Vienna. The play takes place in one dining room outside the constraints of time. $5

English conversation group. 10 a.m. Patrick Henry Library, 101 MapleAve. East, Vienna. English

discussion group for adults. 703-938-0405.

pokemon league 3pm PatrickHenry Library, 101 Maple Ave. East, Vienna. Learn and play. Age 5-18703-938-0405.

Callers and Brainfang at 10:0 7 pm and Murphy's Kids, Irresponsible and Feed Good Cabbage at 7 pm. 10.00pm Jammin' Java, 227 Maple Ave. E., Vienna.

Twee Family One Acts: "Wolf Tales"

and "The Dogs Are Coming." 7pm George C Marshall High School, 7731 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church. Another Goose parody and Rayn Epremian's biographical play about an Armenian girl struggling with prejudice and segregation. $5. 703-714-5450.

David Jolley and Edward Laurel. 20:00 The Barns at Wolf Trap, 1645 Trap Road, Vienna. Russian works by Reinhold Glière, Alexander

Scriabin and Alexander Glazunov. $35. 703-938-2404 or

SATURDAY/JAN. 29 Hobey Ford's Golden Rod Dolls:

Dyrenes Rige. 14.00 McLeanCommunity Center Alden Theatre, 1234 Ingleside Ave., McLean.

Deutsche Staatsphilharmonie. 8 p.m. at George Mason University Center for the Arts Concert Hall, 4400 University Drive, Fairfax. The German Staatsphilharmonie, conducted by Philippe Entremont on its first US tour, performed Strauss's "Till Eulenspiegel's Lustful Streiche" and Brahms' Symphony No. 4, Op. 98. Entremont also joins Sebastian Knauer on piano for Mozart's Concerto for Two Pianos, No. 10 in E-flat major, K. 365. Tickets are $30-$60, available at 888-945-2468

"The Drowsy Chaperone." 8 pm McLean Community Center AldenTheater, 1234 Ingleside Ave., McLean. Glamorous brides, tap dancing grooms and much more. $17-$19. 703-790-9223 or

"The dining room". 7:30 p.m. JamesMadison High School, 2500 JamesMadison Drive, Vienna. The play takes place in one dining room outside the constraints of time. $5

Musical tribute to Jim Tucker with The Lost HighwayBand, Laurie Jones & SB2 and MHR at 17.00 and Passafire and Three Legged Fox at 10pm Jammin' Java, 227 Maple Ave. E., Vienna.

Two Family One Acts: "Wolf Tales" and "The Dogs are Coming." 2 p.m. George C. Marshall High School, 7731 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church. Another Goose parody and Rayn Epremian's biographical play about an Armenian girl struggling with prejudice and segregation. $5. 703-714-5450.

John Eaton. 19:30 The Lads at Wolf Trap, 1645 Trap Road, Vienna. Big band and jazz music. $25. 703-938-2404 or

SUNDAY/JAN. 30 Music for a Russian festival. 16.00 hours

Saint Luke Parish, 7001 GeorgetownPike, McLean. Featuring WashingtonSymphonic Brass, music by Prokofiev, Shostakovich, Tchaikovsky, Rimsky-Korsakov, Mussorgsky and more. Adults $25, Seniors $20, Students $15.866-962-7277 or

Vienna Volunteer Fire DepartmentBingo. 7 p.m. at VVFD, 400 Center St. South, Vienna. Games are held every Sunday in the Flame

Faculty Artist Series: Mira Yang, mezzo-soprano. 7pm at the George Mason University Center for

Arts Harris Theatre, 4400 University Drive, Fairfax. Gratis. 888-945-2468 eller

Robbie Fulks og TimothyBracken. 19:30 Jammin' Java, 227 Maple Ave. E.,

Violist Josef Spacek. 15.00 timer AldenTheater, McLean Community Center, 1234 Ingleside Ave., McLean.

Two Family One Acts: "Wolf Tales" and "The Dogs are Coming." 2 p.m. George C. Marshall High School, 7731 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church. Another Goose parody and Rayn Epremian's biographical play about an Armenian girl struggling with prejudice and segregation. $5. 703-714-5450.

"The Reluctant Dragon." 16:00 St. John's Church, 6715 GeorgetownPike, McLean. A children's opera with music by John Rutter and lyrics by David Grant, performed by vocalists Devin Wulff, Kara Morgan and Nigel Tangredi. Free, donations to Muziekfonds accepted. 703-356-4902 or

MONDAY/JAN. 31 Faculty Artist Series: Harry

Watters, trombone and Dr. Dickinson, trombone. 8 p.m. at the George Mason University Center for the Arts Harris Theater, 4400 University Drive, Fairfax. Free. 888-945-2468 or

WEDNESDAY/FEB. With 2Bands Without Borders

Bror Shamus, The Weathervanes og Half Brother. 19:30 Jammin' Java, 227 MapleAve. E., Wien.

Buckwheat Zydeco. 8 pm The Barnsat Wolf Trap, 1645 Trap Road, Vienna. Louisiana zydeco music. $24.703-938-2404 or

THURSDAY/FEB. 3 An evening with Todd Wright and

Ring til Everett. 20.00 Jammin' Java, 227 Maple Ave. E.,

Author Sandra Parshall. 7:30pm Oakton Library, 10304 LynnhavenPlace, Oakton. The author draws and reads from "Broken Places".

FRIDAY/FEB. 4 "Fuddy Meers" by David Lindsay-

Abaire. 8pm 1st Stage Theatre, 1524 Spring Hill Road, McLean. Claire's amnesia causes her to wake up every morning with a blank slate, and chaos ensues as everyone tries to fill in the gaps in her lost memory. A dirty puppet, an ex-criminal and a fake copadd for black comedy. 703-854-1856 or


If you want community events listed in the link, send to[email protected]connection The deadline is Friday.

The Sound Of Vienna -· tapes, transcripts and test results. All students at TJ are expected to complete a - [PDF document]. (9)

10 ❖ Vienna/Oakton Connection ❖ 26. januar - 1. februar 2011

MUSIC MASTER Where you will love to play


Specialization in music education • Instrument rental Monthly student performances • Popular and classical music

Music supplies and more! • Special Orders Welcome Teacher Special Discounts • Instrument Repair

8455-H Tyco Rd. • Wien, VA 22812

Email address:[email protected]• Website:


2011-2012 Admission Open House on 3 February 2011

13:00 to 15:00

Info Call 703-356-5811 Snow Date February 10 at 13.00 to 15.00.

Lewinsville ved Scotts Run Road i McLean

Peter Piper Preschool age 57 in McLean, VA

Oakton residents Nicholas McCormick and Louisa C. Stanwich have been named to the President's List of Randolph-Macon Academy at FrontRoyal for the first quarter of the 2010-2011 school year. McCormick, a junior at the academy, is the son of Michael and Gabrielle McCormick of Oakton. A freshman at the academy, Stanwich is the daughter of John and Maria Carosa Stanwich of Oakton.

Vienna's Katie Ozga was named to Shepherd University's fall dean's list in 2010. She is studying sports communication. The Madison High School graduate is the daughter of Mary Randolph and Jan Peter Ozga.

Cooper Bourdon was recognized for outstanding athletic performance during the fall sports season at Randolph-Macon Academy. He received the Coach's Award for the varsity football team. Bourdon is the son of HeatherWreath and Brian Bourdon, both of Vienna.

Mark Jeschke of Vienna was named to the fall 2010 dean's list at Messiah College in Grantham, Pa. Jeschke is a senior with a specialization in business administration.

Jack Rowe of Vienna has been named to the fall 2010 honor roll at the Loomis Chaffee School in Windsor, Connecticut.

Vienna natives Benjamin D. Aldrich and Daniel W. Markwalter have been named to the fall 2010 dean's list at Bucknell University in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. Aldrich is the son of David and

Marilyn Aldrich, and Markwalter is the son of Brian and Holland Markwalter.

Lauren Larkin of Vienna has been named to the fall 2010 dean's list at Centenary College of Louisiana.

William Happ of Oakton was named to the dean's list for York College of Pennsylvania in fall 2010. Happ is a sophomore majoring in computer information systems.

Robert V. Demson of Oakton was named to the dean's list for Virginia Military Institute in fall 2010. He is an economics/business major. Demson is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. Demson.

James A. Devens of Vienna was named to the dean's list for Virginia Military Institute in fall 2010. He is majoring in electrical/computer engineering. Devens is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. Devens.

Christian A. Guaglianon of Oakton has been named to the Fall 2010 Dean's List at Virginia Military Institute. She studies chemistry. Guaglianon is the daughter of Lisa M.Barbieri.

Collin R. Newcomb of Vienna was named to the dean's list for Virginia Military Institute in fall 2010. He is majoring in economics/business. Newcomb is the son of Mr. and mrs. Darrell S. Newcomb.

Mackenzie Stratton of Vienna graduated from Georgia Southern University in December 2010.


Send school notes to[email protected]The deadline is Friday. Faith notes are for announcements and events in the faith community. send to[email protected]The deadline is Friday.

Antioch Christian Church, 1860 Beulah Road in Vienna, invites singers to join a local volunteer choir. Presentations are Sunday at 11.00 with exercises on Thursday at 7:30 pm 703-255-2761 or 703-319-8742.

Centering prayer is offered at St. Dunstan's, 1830 KirbyRoad, McLean, Tuesdays from 7:00pm to 7:45pm. Centering prayer is meditation and contemplative prayer, wordless, trusting, opening yourself to the divine presence. Instruction[email protected]

Epiphany United Methodist Preschool, 1014 CountryClub Drive, N.E. in Vienna, is now enrolling 3-4-year-old students for the 2010/2011 school year. Contact 703-938-2391 or

Vienna Assembly of God has a service for children on Wednesdays from 19-20. on the corner of Center N and Ayr HillAvenue, N.E. Children's church on Sunday also possible. 703-938-7736 or

Vienna Christian HealingRooms, every Saturday from 1 to 5 p.m., at 8200 Bell Lane. A team of Christians is ready for anyone who asks for prayer. Free and open to the public. 703-698-9779 or

Trinity United MethodistChurch, 1205 Dolley Madison Blvd., McLean, Sunday services are at 8.30 and 10.30. Sunday school for adults is at 9.30 and for children during the service at 10.30 am. Youth group for 7.-12. class meets on Sunday evening at 18.00-19.30. A 20-minute communion service is held every Wednesday at 703-356-3312 or

McLean Bible Church, 8925 Leesburg Pike in Vienna, presents The Power of a ChangedLife, a multi-arts presentation on January 1st. 3 p.m. 19:30. The film "Adoniram's Calling" is the story of Adoniram Judson, the first American foreign missionary, and the program continues with dramatic readings. There will be a children's program for all ages[email protected]

St. Dunstan's Episcopal Church, 1830 Kirby Road in McLean. During the third Sunday service of each month at 10.15 children can take an active role in the music and as greeters and ushers. Traditional services are every Sunday at 8.15 and 10.15. employ. 703-356-7533.

Chesterbrook United Methodist Church is located at 1711 Kirby Road, McLean. The service is at 11:00. Sunday school is at 9.30 for adults and children. Pastor KathleeneCard, pastor. 703-356-7100 or

Believe in sheet music


with recruitment ads in

Fill your vacancies faster...





Great Communities Great Connections Great Results

Reach Your Community You can have a successful advertising program there

Your advertising budget.PastInto


The Sound Of Vienna -· tapes, transcripts and test results. All students at TJ are expected to complete a - [PDF document]. (10)

Vienna/Oakton Connection ❖ 26. januar - 1. februar 2011 ❖

By Mike Potashnik and Don Winkler

In wine review

Many people make New Year's resolutions that are impossible to keep, such as, "I'll stop drinking fine wine and save my money for a 96-inch LCD, LED, HD, 3D screen."

TV." Well, to mix metaphors, now you can have your cake and eat it while watching the new TV. All you have to do is find good quality wine that costs next to nothing.

Through our travels and writing this past year, we came across many producers offering wonderful wines at fantastic prices. Two that we particularly like and would like to share with readers are located in the neighboring countries of South America.

One is Concha y Toro Chile's largest winery, the other is Doña Paula, a large commercial winery in Argentina. Concha yToro produces a series called Xplorador; Doña Paula's series is called Los Cardos.

Concha y Toro Xplorador Last year we sat down in Santiago with Concha y

Toro's main winemaker, Marcelo Papa, to taste almost the entire selection of wines. We reported the results of that tasting in The Wines of Chile at However, we've never reported on Concha y Toro's line of entry-level wines, the Xplorador. Xplorador wines have MSRPs of less than $10 per bottle, which usually translates to a little less at your local grocery store.

How, you ask, can a respectable winery like Con-cha y Toro make such cheap wines? There are of course many reasons, but the most important is that the fruit for these wines comes mainly from the Central Valley in Chile, where the yield is high. Then, under the direction of winemaker Tito Urzia, the fruit is fermented and aged in large stainless steel tanks, cheap small French oak barriques. Don't fool yourself. This process will not produce ChateauMargaux. But you can get perfectly good, drinkable wines there.

Nothing complicated, nothing particularly nuanced, just pure, just good fruit. This makes them easy to drink, both as an aperitif and with meals. Xplorador 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon is a fruity Cabernet Sauvignon with mainly red plums and berries on the nose with just a hint of blackberry and earth. It is a straightforward, uncomplicated wine, but also surprisingly tasty, balanced and easy to drink. Xplorador Merlot 2009 is a wine that should definitely be drunk with food. It has beautiful red plum fruit on the nose and in the mouth, but also has a green spicy note that can nicely complement it.

provide the right type of food (think Brussels sprouts, asparagus and other vegetarian dishes). Xplorador 2010 Malbec shows cherry and raspberry flavors and lively fruit on the palate. It is quite tasty, albeit lighter than the typical Malbec that comes from Argentina.

Dõna Paula Los CardosDoña Paula was founded in 1997 by a Chilean

Entrepreneur Ricardo Claro of the Claro Group with the purchase of 40+ year old Malbec and Chardonnay vineyards in Lujan de Cuyo. The estate now consists of 1,878 hectares of vineyards in the Tupungato and Lujan de Cuyo regions. David Bonomi is the head winemaker and Edgardo Del Popolo is the vintner.

Los Cardos is Doña Paula's entry-level wine, selling for $10-12. The fruit for most wines comes from Finca El Alto in Ugarteche (Luján de Cuyo) and the high altitude (1100 m) Finca Los Cerezos in Valle de Uco, the zone closest to the Andes and therefore the coldest and most suitable for early ripening varieties, especially Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay. Doña Paula 2010 Los Cardos Sauvignon Blanc shows good varietal character with a sumptuous style. It has an exuberant nose of grapefruit and nettles and a very good intensity of citrus, pear and spices. This is a very good wine and excellent value!

Doña Paula 2009 Los Cardos Chardonnay is in the ripe New World style with a nose of smoke, ripe citrus and honeydew. It is ripe at the start with good integration of fruit and oak and shows good acidity in the finish.

Fresh plums and blackberries flow from the glass of the dark ruby ​​purple Doña Paula 2009 LosCardos Malbec. There is a sweet, tart attack of blackberry fruit with notes of undergrowth, tar and earth and a good purity of fruit on the finish with firm, ripe tannins. This wine offers everything, and at a very reasonable price.

Good wine recommendations for around $10.

Find great wines that cost next to nothing

Don Winkler and Mike Potashnik of, a McLean-based publication.

Where to shop CHURCH ST. CELLARS111 Church Street, Suite 103, Vienna,


Wien Vintner233 Maple Ave. East, Wien, 703-242-


NORM'S BEER & WINE136 Branch Road, SE, Wenen, 703-242-0100

OUT OF SITE WINES214 Dominion Road, NE, Wenen, 703-319-9463

THE WINE CABINET1416 North Point Village, Reston, 703-



VINEYARD TABLE304 Elden Street, Herndon, 703-471-


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level. Jammin' and open mic weren't an afterthought there.

"Music is very important to what I'm trying to do here," Amouri said. "I love how music can bring a community together and give people in it a shared sense of purpose and, yes, community. I take the music played in the store quite seriously and want to expand our efforts.

“ … during the holidays we had a 'sing-a-long holiday' in the store. It was fun. Libra may try something else in the future.

"At Caffe Amouri, music is an important part of our being," said Amouri. 'The pictures on the wall will soon - I would say within a month - become more than decoration.

"We're getting a record player and we're going to do 'vinyl nights'." Amouri is still working on the details, but he's considering combining that theme with a table full of board games for customers. He plans to download all the albums on the wall to his iPod and play them on the wall, so to speak. If you can identify the album the cutie is playing, you get ten percent.

Saturday night's open mic night was turned over to TBS, a band of what Amouri called a "group of young guys who have a really good connection." They line up and play. So when another artist comes in, TBS introduces the newcomer. What CaffeAmouri gets is music almost every Saturday night.

"I hope it catches on and becomes a full-fledged open mic situation where these young guys play, introduce and play some more," Amouri said.

Friday night jam sessions were put on the back burner

during the holiday season, but it's an idea Amouri wants to revive.

"These jams are what I love to do the most," Amouri said, "...where people just show up and play with each other. Like in our college days, when everybody would show up with guitars, a harmonica, whatever and just jamming."

THE SOUNDRY316 Dominion Road. Telefon: 703-

698-0088; Every Tuesday evening at 8 p.m

p.m., Soundry hosts an open mic program.

Soundry's open mic is live streamed.

The Soundry is housed in a former auto body shop that has been converted into a coffee shop, art gallery and shared studio space for members of artists and musicians. It is open to bands and individual artists. Soundry includes a drum kit.

There is one big caveat to the Soundry website: absolutely no dolls.


Barns.aspx The Lads at Wolf Trap overviews

performances in the Washington, D.C. area during the winter months when the outdoor amphitheater at Wolf Trapis was closed. From classical music to jazz, comedy to sixties memories, The Barns presents an eclectic mix of music and satire.

February highlights include Buckwheat Zydeco and 60s favorites Chad and Jeremy; March brings The Second City and a tribute to the Byrds.

The Barns at Wolf Trap is owned and operated by the Wolf Trap Foundation pursuant to an Act of Congress.

Vienna offers a variety of venues

The Barns at Wolf Trap is an intimate venue for music and comedy.



die Sco

tt zo


The Sound Of Vienna -· tapes, transcripts and test results. All students at TJ are expected to complete a - [PDF document]. (11)

12 ❖ Vienna/Oakton Connection ❖ 26. januar - 1. februar 2011

SportsVienna/Oakton Connection Sportredacteur Rich Sanders

703-224-3031 of[email protected]

The James Madison Warhawks swimming/diving team won in a regular season finale against Vienna rival Marshall last Friday night. The Madison boys, who finished the regular season with a perfect 7-0 record, defeated the Statesmen 193.5 to 117.5. Meanwhile, the Madison girls (6-1) also won, outscoring the Lady Statesmen 227-88.

In the boys meet, first place finishers for Madison were David Fallavollita (100 fly), Austin Chute (100 back) and RyanFox (dive). The Warhawks' 200 free relay team, consisting of Fallavollita, Joe Capra, Grayson Smith and Evan Owens, also finished first.

Madison (200 free and 100 free), Sami Fletcher (200 individual medley, 100 breast), Ali Queen (100 fly), Laura Kellan (500 free) and Taylor Smith (100 free). back). The Warhawk girls won all three of their relays — the 200 medley (Taylor Smith, Sami Fletcher, Laura Kellen, Liz Zolper); 200 free relay (Ellie Westfall, Liz Bertolett, Ali Queen, LauraKellan); and 400 free relay (Ellie Westfall, Sami Fletcher, Bev Dobrenz, Laura Kellen).

Oakton High School girls basketball coach FredPriester won the National Federation of High Schools (NFHS) 2010 Mideast Sectional Coach of the Year Award. The Middle East section includes the states of Delaware, Kentucky, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia, as well as the District of Columbia. The award is presented by the NFHS Coaches Association.

Coach Priester celebrated his 500th game coaching victory last year, a 2009-10 season in which the Cougars won the Northern Region championship. He is currently in his 17th year as the head coach at Oakton. Over the past 16 years, his teams have compiled a 371-61 record while winning 12 ConcordeDistrict Championships and four regional championships. His teams have advanced to the Virginia State AAA semifinals five times.

Prior to his tenure at Oakton, Priest was the McLean High girls coach for 10 years. There, Coach Priest compiled the most wins in McLean High School girls basketball history with 130.

The Thomas Jefferson High boys' and girls' swimming/diving teams earned decisive victories against Stone Bridge at a Jan. 14 Liberty District meet. Jefferson swimmers and divers took first place in all but one event. First place for Jefferson was Stephen Seliskar (200 free) of McLean; MaryKate Dilworth (200 free and 500 free) of Clifton; Jack Borsi (200 IM) of Herndon; Jon Spitz (50 free) of Fairfax; Sarah Liu (50 free) of Annandale; Ron Enson (100 flies) of Clifton; Brianna Kim (100 fly and 100 back) of Fairfax; Madisøn Phillips (100 free) from Vienna; Miles Oakley (100 left) of Fairfax; and Aedan Collins (100 breaststroke) of McLean. Seliskar's 200 freestyle qualified him for the state championships.

Jefferson also showed its depth, placing first, second, third and fourth in five events. Amanda Blair and Kelsey Rainey, both McLean residents, were second and third, respectively, in the girls' 500 free. Fairfax's Marc Wechsler was second in the boys' 100 back, while Fairfax's Sam Ober was fourth in the same event. McLean's Catherine Dworak was second in the girls' 100 back, while Herndon's Ria Sarkar was fourth in the same event.

Raid Sports

By Rich Sanders

The connection

Madison High's girls basketball team won Thursday night, Jan. 20, with a decisive 58-42 victory over Liberty District opponent South

Lakes.The Warhawks, who were not injured

frontcourt starter Anna Jay for most of the season improved their record to 11-4 overall and 7-1 in district play. They are currently tied for first in the district standings with Stone Bridge.

The win marked the fifth straight for Madison, which last lost a game to district opponent Fairfax, 47-41, on Jan. 3. The Rebels, currently third in the district standings, are 11-5 overall and 6-2 in the district.

Madison's wins since the Fairfax setback have come after visiting McLean, 56-35, on Jan. 6; host Marshall, 48-35, on Jan. 12; home team Langley, 57-39, on Jan. 14; home team Jefferson, 62-26, last Wednesday, Jan. 19; and the South Lakes squad a day later.

Madison led 14-11 after one quarter against the Seahawks (5-10, 2-6) and held a 24-18 lead through the half. Madison effectively put the game away in the third quarter, outscoring South Lakes 16-7, and cruised to victory from there.

The Warhawks, the two-time defending LibertyDistrict tournament champions, saw three players score in double figures against South Lakes – senior forward Carmen Mann with 19 points, senior guard Annie Gauf with 12 and sophomore guard MeganHenshaw with 10. Other scoring contributions in the win came from freshmen guard Katie Kerrigan ( 7 points), senior forward Sarah Schrock (6) and sophomore guard Megan Leduc (4). South Lake's leading scorer was Gabby Schultz with 14 points.

"After losing Anna Jay, our 6-3 senior center, several of our players had to step up and play different positions, which they have," Madison coach Kirsten Roberts said of the Warhawks' adjustments to this sea without they had to be a talented interior player. -son.

THE WARHAWKS were scheduled to play two of the strongest teams in the district this week at Stone Bridge on Tuesday, Jan. 25 in Ashburn and visit Fairfax on Friday night.

Fairfax has a great, balanced squad this season. The Rebels are led by 6-2 senior center Meredith Mesaris, who is averaging 18 points and nine rebounds per game. Another key player for Fairfax is 6-1 junior forward Liz McNaughton (18 points, 7 rebounds per game).

Fairfax also had an outstanding season from freshman point guard Kylie Murphree, who averaged eight points, five assists and five steals per game. match.

Fairfax head coach Marcus Konde recently spoke with Murphree about looking for her to shoot more. The playmaker responded with a season-high 19

points in Fairfax's 57-49 district home win over Marshall last Friday night. In the game, Murphree connected on five of seven shots from outside the three-point circle.

"She only took eight shots that game," Konde said of her super point guard. "She can shoot the ball very well. She can do it all and is a real talent. Defensively, she's a natural with great instincts and athleticism. It's a matter of putting it all together and knowing when to look for her shot. "

Konde said his team is still in contention for the regular-season district crown with its six wins against two losses in district play. He said it will be a tough test for a Warhawks team that his Rebels defeated earlier this season on Jan. 3.

“The [earlier season] win over Madison was a confidence builder,” said Konde, whose team had a massive 21-point, 11-rebound effort from Mesaris that game. "We expect [Friday's game with Madison] to be a tough one."

Roberts, Madison's coach, said her team was hard at work preparing for this week's games against the Bulldogs of Stone Bridge and the Rebels of Fairfax.

“We have a big week with Stone Bridge and Fairfax,” Roberts said. “In practice we worked on our team defense and boxing. We still have a long way to go, but we are working hard.

Big Week for MadisonGirls Basketball Team First place the Warhawks will play against talented Liberty teams in Stone Bridge and Fairfax.

Gabby Schultz, who went for a layup, scored 14 points for South Lakes in their game against Madison last week. But it wasn't enough for the Seahawks as three Madison players scored in double figures in the Warhawks' 58-42 Liberty District victory.



door C

raig Sterbutzel/T

he c




The Sound Of Vienna -· tapes, transcripts and test results. All students at TJ are expected to complete a - [PDF document]. (12)

Vienna/Oakton Connection ❖ 26. januar - 1. februar 2011 ❖

Visit these houses of worship Join a club, make new friends or expand your horizons...



[email protected]



Call Karen at 703-917-6468 to showcase your faith community

bSt. LUKE A.M.E. Kerk

Pastor Dr. Peter G. Taylor, pastor

"Serving God's People"





1133 Reston Avenue, Herndon, VA 20170 Worship: Sunday at 8.00 and at 11 a.m

Sunday School: 9.30am

07:45 Holy Communion, Rite I9:00 Holy Communion, Rite II

Sunday school/music: Kindergarten - class 9:25 p.m. Sunday school/music: 3rd class - 12:15 p.m. Holy Eucharist, Rite II 5 p.m. Come Just As You Are Contemporary Service

Babysitting at 9.00 and 11.15

pastor James Papile, rektor pastor Jacqueline Thomson

Rev. Denise Trogdon703-437-6530

www.stannes-reston.org1700 Wainwright Dr., Reston


Progressive and welcoming

11321 Beach Mill Road Great Falls, VA 20165

It's like coming home

Ds. DJ Zuchelli, pastor

[email protected]



News Lunch n' Life at Shepherd's Center From page 7

The room is usually filled with smiling faces, most of whom know each other from other lunches or from Adventures in Learning classes.

In March comes the next Lunch n' Life, with Dick Neff on banjo and WarrenUnderwood on guitar playing bluegrass. The duo, who volunteered their time and talent, performed at SCOV's Caring Retreat in January.

Underwood co-founded the Bluegrass Ministry program at his church, Oakton UnitedMethodist Church. Neff, a retired mathematics professor, belongs to the Capital Area Bluegrass and Old-Time Music Association and the D.C. Blue-grass Union. He paints in oils and is vice-president of the Vienna Art Association.

"Lunch n' Life encourages friendship and provides them with an inexpensive, nutritious meal," said SCOV CEO

Michelle Scott.SCOV supporter Julius

Hankins, from Vienna, described why he comes to Lunch n' Lifeevents and what he likes about it.

“I come to meet new people or meet old friends at our table of eight,” Hankins said. “Having a healthy meal served by the Tzu Chi ladies from Taiwan who are so nice to us. We always have an interesting speaker or musical entertainment. It's a pleasant day and the Shepherd Center takes care of us. We like them.”

Lunch n' Life is $10 per person, and reservations and prepayment are required by Friday, March 4.

Sponsored by Shepherd'sCenter in Oakton-Vienna, Monday, March 14 from 12pm to 2pm at Emmanuel Lutheran Church, 2589 Chain Bridge Rd, Vienna.

For more information on events and programs at SCOV, visit or call 703-281-0538 for more information.

Coldwell Banker Vienna donates $2,895 each to Family PASS, Alternative House

Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage in Vienna recently presented checks for $2,985.75 each to Family Preservation and StrengtheningService (Family PASS) and to AlternativeHouse on behalf of Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage Cares, the firm's philanthropic arm.

Pictured above, the check shows (left to right) Coldwell Banker Vienna agent JodiBentley; Suzette Steinhardt of Family PASS; Coldwell Banker Vienna Branch Vice President Mark Ackermann; and Ruth Papuchis, Regional Vice President of Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage in the Greater Washington Metro area. Family PASS works with Fairfax County families in crisis to prevent homelessness and help them become self-sufficient by providing rent and financial assistance and support services. For more information about Family PASS, visit

Pictured below presenting the check to Alternative House are (left to right) Lisa Moffett, the Coldwell Banker Vienna sales associate who proposed the donation; Coldwell BankerVienna vice president Mark Ackermann, Judith Dittman, the executive director of Alternative House; and Ruth Papuchis, Regional Vice President of Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage in the Greater Washington Metro.

Alternative House provides support to at-risk children, youth and families in Northern Virginia through counseling, shelter, crisis intervention and neighborhood support. For more information, visit

To learn more about buying or selling a home in the Greater Washington, DC area and to view listings, visit

Check presentation for Family PASS.

Check out the presentation at Alternative House.

The Sound Of Vienna -· tapes, transcripts and test results. All students at TJ are expected to complete a - [PDF document]. (13)

14 ❖ Vienna/Oakton Connection ❖ 26. januar - 1. februar 2011

Great vacancy!

Works at Historic Mount Vernon

Part-time tour guide positions

Bell by mail: Gail Cassidy[email protected]

Accounting/general office

Established property management company based in Mclean, VA is seeking a full-time AP/AR experienced individual to join the front office staff. Desired qualifications A. Outlook, Word, Excel and eagerness to learn

internal accounting softwareB. Collaborate with other members of the office as one

team C. Ability to continue without supervision D. Able to prioritize tasks and time C. Must be able to maintain the business

confidential information Send CV to[email protected]

Home instead of elderly care

Home Places Senior Care is the world's most trusted source for non-medical home care. We

currently recruiting for

Omgående live-in for VA State Licensed CNA

in the Springfield/FFX/Alex area

Must drive and have own insured car. Salary, health insurance, 401k and vacation pay. If you do not drive, but a VA State Licensed CNA is available for Live-in, please call Amy Reynolds at 703-750-6644.

Learn a trade at Mount Vernon

Now hiring part-time/seasonal staff to work as Historic Trades Interpreters at George Washington's Gristmill, Distillery, Pioneer Farm & Blacksmith Shop. Help tell the story of George Washington, the entrepreneur. Previous interpreting experience is preferred. Please contact Steve Bashore, Manager of Historic Trades at

703-799-6805 by per e-mail:[email protected]

Employment of Nysmith School for

• Extended Care Advisors •

mine. hs degree plus 6 months of childcare exp.$8-$15/hr. based on exp. Opening hours: 15.00 - 18.30 Send CV to:[email protected]: 703-713-3336

CLASSIFIED DEADLINESZone 1, 5, 6............................Mon @ 12pmZone 2, 3, 4... ... . ...................Tuesday at 12.00

Email ad with zone selection to:[email protected]

by call Andrea @ 703-778-9411

HIRING DEADLINEZone 5, 6 ...............................Tues @ 11:00Zone 1, 3 .... .. . ........................Tuesday at 04:00 Zone 2 ................ .. .. ................Wed @ 11:00 Zone 4... ..................... .. .. ..........Wed @ 1:00

Email ad with zone selection to:[email protected]by call Barbara @ 703-778-9413

ZONESZone 1: Reston Connection Oak Hill/Herndon ConnectionZone 2: Springfield Connection Burke Connection Fairfax Connection Fairfax Station/Clifton/

Lorton ConnectionZone 3: The Alexandria Gazette Pack

Mount Vernon GazetteZone 4: Center View North Center View SouthZone 5: The Potomac AlmanacZone 6: The Arlington Connection

Vienna/Oakton Link McLean Link The Great Falls Link

Newspapers and online


RECEPTIONIST Chiropractic office in Fairfax. Assignments

include: data entry, phones, patient scheduling, administrative tasks. Part-time hours Mon.

Wed. and Fri. 14.30-19.00. Email CV[email protected]

NATIONAL CHILDREN'S CENTER No sale! Salary + bonus + benefits!

Weekdays 9-4



A great opportunity to work at home!


NATIONAL CHILDREN'S CENTER No sale! Salary + bonus + benefits!

Weekdays 9-4



A great opportunity to work at home!


GET EMPLOYED!Dental, medical and pharmacy staff


Need now!! No experience required.

Medical, dental facilities and pharmacies RENT NOW.

Local job placement and training available

1-(800)-381-1734CTO SCHEV


Zone 6 ad deadline:

Tuesday at 11


Zone 6: • Arlington • Big Falls

• McLean • Wien/OaktonEmploymentEmployment

Educational Internship Unusual opportunity to learn many aspects of the newspaper industry. Internships available in reporting, photography, research, graphic design. Opportunities for students and adults considering a career change. Unpaid.Email[email protected]

Great Articles • Great Readers • Great Results!

Employers: Are your recruitment ads not working in other newspapers?

Try a better way to fill your vacancies

[email protected]

• Target your best applicants where they live.

• Reach readers beyond those currently seeking employment.

• Proven readership • Proven results.




North Potomac

Washington DC


Rest on


Large waterfalls

Wednesday Oakton


McLean 1


Historic Clifton









North Cliffon



Dulles Airport

Letters to the editor

A Life-Saving Program To the Editor: I wanted to give you a short but sinful-

Just a note to you both: Thank you for the recent and much appreciated attention from Connection Newspapers to the non-profit Washington Regional Alcohol Programs (WRAP), a free taxi service to prevent drunk driving, SoberRide, which no doubt pays tribute to SoberRide, which offered a record number of free rides (967) on New Year's Eve to people who might otherwise have driven home drunk; and to let you know, as well as to head off any arguments, that this recent removal of nearly 1,000 would-be drunk drivers from the roads of Greater Washington on New Year's Eve went without a single customer complaint (minus one District of Columbia resident who reported waiting 53 minutes for its SoberRide at 02.30 New Year's Day).

More news about WRAP's recent SoberRide success can be found online at http://w w w . packaging. or g / p d f s /2010HolidaySoberRideEnd.pdf.)

Thank you again for your very welcome focus on this local life-saving program.

Kurt Gregory Erickson McLean

The authors are president and CEO of the Washington Regional Alcohol Program (WRAP).

Throw GoodMoney in the trash

To the Editor: The idea of ​​using in Fairfax County

$400 million of our hard-earned tax dollars to buy the Lorton waste incinerators seems not only counterintuitive, but filled with irony that an incinerator is exactly where the money is going when it could easily be spent elsewhere in a more productive way.

The fact that this proposal was not immediately rejected by the entire supervisory board testifies to elected officials who still do not get it.

These are tough economic times for people in Great Falls, McLean and Herndon, as well as the rest of the Commonwealth, who are worried about the declining value of their most prized asset – their homes, rising tax rates and the creeping unemployment rate . to places it hasn't since the Carter administration.

Apparently the plan is that while Covanta would operate the facility through 2016, the county's $400 million purchase in 2029 would result in significant savings. That would be 18 years of real dollar payments for 13 years of undefined savings. Does that sound familiar? In fact, this is an unnecessary plaster that our children and their children will be saddled with long after this board is relieved of their duties. Call, write or email your elected supervisor and remind him or her that this $400 million can better serve our community with our children's education and much needed transportation infrastructure.

Dennis Husch Herndon

The Sound Of Vienna -· tapes, transcripts and test results. All students at TJ are expected to complete a - [PDF document]. (14)

Vienna/Oakton Connection ❖ 26. januar - 1. februar 2011 ❖

Classified Classified

LEGAL NOTICE Subject: Adoption of Baby Girl Tort, a minor, No. A076 dated 2010 in the Orphans' Court Division of the Court of Common Pleas of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. To: "Dave" the unknown natural father of Baby Girl Tort, born May 29, 2010 in Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. A petition has been filed asking the court to terminate all rights you have over the child, Baby Girl Tort. This hearing will be held at the Orphans' Court, 1700 Frick Building, 437 Grant Street, Pitts-burgh, Pennsylvania, 15219 on Wednesday, February 16, 2011 at 1:30 p.m. You are warned that even if you do not show up for the scheduled hearing, the hearing will continue without you and your rights to the child may be terminated by the court without you being present. You have the right to be represented by a lawyer at the hearing. Take this paper to your lawyer immediately. If you do not have a lawyer or cannot afford one, visit or call the office below to find out where you can get legal help. If you cannot afford to hire an attorney, please let the office know when you call or stop by. LAWYER REFERRAL SERVICE, The Allegheny County Bar Association, 11th Floor, Koppers Building, 436 7th Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15219 412-261-5555. DEBORAH L. LESKO, Esquire, Petitioner's Attorney, 373 P1-2nadium Road, 373 Pennsylvania, Vaittsburgh, Pennsylvania 412-276-4200

21 Announcements 21 Announcements

AuPairCare Affordable childcare! AuPairCare delivers quality: • Screened, international au pairs.

Approximately $340/week for 45 hours • Families can have in-home childcare.

Specialized program for babies• Available. Save $350 by using promo

kode RMZEROAPP, bel 800-4-AuPair.*

116 Childcare available. 116 Childcare available.

21 Notices

ABC LICENTIESET. Nguyen Enterprise, LLC

handler som Pete's New Haven Style Apizza, 3017 Clarendon Blvd, Arlington, VA 22201. The

The above setting applies to VIRGINIA


Beer on site / mixed drink on premise licence

to sell or manufacture alcoholic beverages.

Joel Mehr, ejer

26 Antique

We pay top $ for antique and mid-century furniture

Danish/modern teak furniture, STERLING, MEN'S WATCHES, jewellery

and jewellery, paintings/art glass/watches.

Schefer Antiques @703-241-0790.

E-mail:[email protected]

102 Instruction

Experienced teachers available in the Nordics

Virginia Area Dean's List College

Educated with many years of experience

Accounting/Economics Education All ages and

Grades considered Maths, Spanish, English

from $35/hour Call Hal @ (703)864-6616

Zone 1 advertisement deadline:

Monday afternoon


Zone 1: • Rust

• Herndon • Loudoun

Home & GardenHome &

A CLEANING SERVICE Since 1985/Ins & Bonded

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Rotten wood, wind damage, trim, windows, doors, decks, stairs, vanities,

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RN CONTRACTORS, INC. Home Remodeling, Flooring, Kitchen & Bath, Windows, Siding, Roofing, Additions & Decking, Custom Decks, Paint

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Roof and side cladding (all types)

Soffit & Fascia Wrapping New Gutters

Chimney crowns Leaks repaired No task is too small





Brush and garden waste Clearing leaves and snow

Goten & Transport

But Friday, January 7, 2011, the date of my most recent scan appointment with my oncologist. The date of the results of these scans from last week will be shared with Dina and me. The agreement where we have to find out whether my stage IV lung cancer has progressed - or not. And what we've learned is news we can live with: "No change." The tumors have not grown or moved. Status is quo. I'm doing "Great," according to my oncologist. Two years into my treatment and it's not, to call a Boston phrase, "Katie holds the door," which figuratively means some kind of trouble.

Now what? No one knows for sure, and that's the problem. Although far from the problem, it turned out to be the original pain in my ribcage. But still a problem. A problem of the unknown. What to do, how to treat, a patient who has now outlived his prognosis and has been on chemotherapy - Avastin, longer than any patient his oncologist has treated before, and a patient who is equally symptomatic and develop like me? "Uncharted territory" is how the myoncology nurse described my future.

But it is a future. A future that wasn't exactly promised to me two years ago. Not that promises are never made to cancer patients during chemotherapy, but I'm sure you get the idea. And not that I ever took the characterizations personally, but after all the tests are done to determine the "underlying problem" (as I call my lung cancer/diagnosis), you become a statistic, a collection of data - as per for medical science/history indicates/corresponds to a specific timeline (I hesitate to use the term "deadline" anymore). And that timeline isn't promised either, but presumably there's a methodology behind their madness and statistical assumptions, so it's kind of hard to ignore. Even if you try.

Nevertheless, it is a weight – and also a waiting time. It's about what happens next: results of lab work, X-rays, CT scans, MRIs, physicals, etc., to determine your fate. Some of it is in your control, most of it is not. And on second thought, you might remember what your oncologist told you in February 2009: There are exceptions to every rule—and he hopes you're one of them. However, he was not the least bit encouraging. Presumably he is dutiful and also medically and ethically motivated not to raise too many false hopes. In my case he didn't. Plus, he suggested I could take the vacation I've always wanted. WHAT!?

But here I am, two years after the diagnosis; an exception to the rule. You can now officially throw the stats out the window. And while I'm thrilled to be here (Duh!), unfortunately this is where very few of us have ever been before. As a result, there are no real treatment protocols to follow, and so my oncologist has much less medical data to rely on and more anecdotal feelings from me, the patient, to consider when he/we decide how to proceed/how to manage . Not that diagnosis/treatment so far has been uncooperative, it is; it's more that, as treatment progresses, there is less conventional wisdom to rely on and more reliance on unconventional wisdom - mine, the prescribed doses, the frequency of chemotherapy and scans, etc.

This new decision-making, combined with where I am in relation to my original prognosis/timeline, is terrifying – if you want to know the truth. If you don't want to know the truth, welcome to the other half of my brain. Can you say dichotomy? (I can't, any more than I can say "deadline").

Kenny Lourie is an advertising representative for The Almanac & The Connection newspapers.


Not just any Friday…

Now! Complete print editions online!

The full print editions of all 18Connection newspapers are now available on our website in PDF format, page by page, identical to our weekly newspaper editions, including print ads. Go to and click on "Print Editions".


Nothing is too small to know

and nothing is too big to try.

-William Van Horne

The Sound Of Vienna -· tapes, transcripts and test results. All students at TJ are expected to complete a - [PDF document]. (15)

16 ❖ Vienna/Oakton Connection ❖ 26. januar - 1. februar 2011

Vienna 1905 Whipping Post Way...$749,000...Sun 1-4...Michael Schmidle........Property by Owner...703-212-9506

Oakton12001 Wayland St.................$518,900...zo 1-4...Pat Stack................. ... ...Soften...................703-597-9373

Herndon1189 Broad Creek Plc...... $ 1.350.000...zo 2-5....Pascale Karam............Long & Foster........ .. .703-472-3749

Reston11330 Left Drive...............$349,900...Sat 1-4.....Olga Aste ................. . .. Century 21 ...............703-624-4199

11330 Links Drive...............349.900 dollar...zo 1-4...Rich Langguth...Century 21.... .......... .703-609-3079

2523 Freetown Drive..........$535.000...zo 1-4....Suzanne Burch.............Century 21 ........ .......703-328-5606

10816 Oldfield Dr...............$569.900...zo 1-4....Stan Goldberg...............Soft... ................703-941-0100

Great Falls11404 Jordan Lane............$899,000...Sun 1-4...Diane Van Volkenburg...Weichert................ .....703-980-4553

754 Ellsworth Ave........... $1,699,999...Søn 1-4...Diane Van Volkenburg...Weichert ................ .. 703-980-4553

McLean1020 Union Church Rd....$1.399.000...zo 2-4...Carol Wilder.................McEnearney......... ....703-786-8635

Sterling10 Ferguson Pl...................$385,000...zo 1-4...Shanna Miller............... . Weichert...................703-615-3178

46792 Backwater Dr............$ 1-4.....Gina Tufano...................Keller Williams. .........703-574-3478

20389 Water Valley Ct........$669.000...Søn1-4.....Gina Tufano......................Keller Williams ...... ......703-574-3478

When you visit one of these open days, tell the estate agent you saw it in this Connection Newspaper. For more real estate listings and open houses, visit, click on the real estate links to the right.

Call specific agents to confirm dates and times.

OPEN HOUSE Saturday & Sunday 29 & 30 January

1189 Broad Creek Plc, Herndon$1,350,000 • Open Sunday 2-5.

Pascale Karam, Long & Foster, 703-472-3749

To add your FREE broker-represented Open House to these weekly listings,

please contact Don Parkat 703-778-9420, or

[email protected]Advertisements must be submitted no later than Monday at 3 p.m.

Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage in Vienna collected more than 3,700 toys for the U.S. Toys forTots program in November and December. Marine Corps Reserve. The toys were collected in the lobby of the office at 465 Maple AvenueWest during the day and outside in the evening in two large barrels donated by AAA. Toys were then stored in a JK Mov-

entrance and storage. Eventually, the Marines collected the toys and distributed them as Christmas gifts to local children in need. Coldwell BankerVienna also received about $100 in checks for Toys forTots.

"Once again, the Vienna community has made it possible for thousands of area children to receive gifts during the holiday season," said Mark Ackermann, vice president of the department.

Chairman of Coldwell Banker Vienna. "We are grateful to everyone who contributed, including the students at Louise Archer Elementary School who made it a school project to participate."

Call (703) 938-5600 or visit to learn more about the Toys forTots collection from Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage in the Vienna branch.

Bicycles donated to Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage in the U.S. The Marine Corps Reserve's annual Toys for Tots fundraiser in Vienna is tested by (left to right) LanceCpl. Michael Lawrence, USMC Reserves; Viennese agents Frank Lattanzi, Alan Cavacas and Jack Paganelli (who coordinates the office's toy drive); and Gunnery Sgt. James Sirmones, USMC.

Coldwell Banker Vienna collects toys, donations for toys for toddlers

What did you do for fun during winter break; where have you been? Views

— Monica Babna

Sandy Hoang, 10e klasse, Marshall High School

"I went to Texas to visit my family. It's very rare that we get together so we spend all the time going out together or staying in and just hanging out.

Rachel Frankel, 10e klasse, Marshall High School

"My mom went snowboarding with me in Roundhill, Va. It's just great to spend time there and we love to snowboard"

Tiara Diaz, 10e klasse, Marshall High School

Went to the beach in Puerto Rico. It was great, not only because I have family there, but I was also able to escape the cold.”

Amreen Dhindsa, 11e klasse, Marshall High School

"We go to Canada a lot, especially in the winter. We have a lot of family there and we make it a point to always visit downtown Toronto and the CN Tower."

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