The true story of Charles Cullen, serial killer in "The Good Nurse" by Netflix (2023)

The man, now known as the most fatal serial killer in New Jersey, completed the Nursing School in 1986. Two years later, he killed his first victim.And almost 20 years later he was guilty of committing 29 murders during a 16 -year career as a nursing, which included 10 hospitals and elderly homes in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

When Charles Cullen was arrested in 2003, he informed researchers that he could have killed up to 40 of his patients, and some estimates have established their total number of murders up to 400. and Lidocaine, a local anesthesia.

Cullen, who became known as the "angel of death," said he had killed by grace and wantedNot incurable ,,According to a 2006 Inquirer report.

Today, the 62 -year -old cullen is in New Jersey state prison in Trenton, where he turned 18 consecutive mandates of a lifetime.June 2388.

Now the story of Cullen is a feature film.netflixThe good nursePress the Transmission Service on Wednesday.Based on the book of the same name by the author Charles Graeber 2013, actor Eddie Redmayne and actress Jessica Chastain as nurse Lough, who was instrumental to end with Culling Killing -SPREE.

A fictitious representation of the history of Cullen,The good nurse Mainly focuses on the months shortly before his arrest.The examiner reported the sacrifices during his process and discovered details about his history and murders, as well as the consequences in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.Higher is what you need to know:

Cullens Borde

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Cullen was born in 1960 and grew in West Orange. He demolished high school in 1978 before being released to the Navy.After freeing you, he completed the Mountain Country Hospital Nursing School in Montclair in 1986.

The following year, Cullen began his care career at the Burning Unit of the Saint Barnabas Medical Center in Livingston.In June 1988 he began his first murder in this hospital by injectionRichter John W. Yengo Sr., 72, with lidocaine, which stopped his heart,afterInforme de Associated Press.

Cullen left Saint Bernabé in 1992, when the hospital examined an eruption of contaminated intravenous bags and went to the Warren hospital in Phillipsburg, and killed three women with dialxin overdose before him in 1994 to the Hunterdon Medical Center of Flemington and the Morristown monument.The 1996 hospital is drawn.The researcher registered in 2003.

In 1998, Cullen crossed the Delaware river to Pennsylvania, where he worked at several medical facilities in Lehight Valley, including the Nursing and Rehabilitation Center for Libertad, the Lehight Valley hospital and the Sacred Hospital in Allentown, as well as the Easton and Sacred and Sacred HospitalSacred.Heart Hospital, as well as the Easton hospital in Easton and Sacred Heart Hospital. Luke Hospital in Belén.Cullen is known that Cullen killed seven people in Pennsylvania in 2002.

In the fall of 2002, Cullen returned to New Jersey to work at the Somerset Medical Center, where he killed most of his well -known victims.A murder there, which was in 2003 for Reverend Florian J. Gall (68), led to El Arrest de Cullen and began the investigation, which led to his sentence since 2006, admitted a total of Cullen and was convicted of having killedto 22 victims in New Jersey.

"Maybe in a few days he believes he was an angel of mercy," said Dolores Stasieko, daughter of the 89 -year -old victim Giacomo Toto in the condemnation of Cullen of 2006. "The lowest depths of hell."

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A restless career

At the time of his arrest, Cullen had been fired from four of his previous seven jobs.The researcher registered in 2003According to reports, several hospitals have released it due to low performance, and one let him go through accusations that he gave drugs in unchanging times.According to an Inquirer report,.He was examined at least twice, including deaths for a time and more time due to the theft of medicines.

Cullen also had a turbulent personal life and went through what the examiner described in the 1990s as "bitter divorce" before registering in bankruptYour arrest.

Despite his career and personal problems, Cullen continued to find employment, especially because the rules of confidentiality and fear that complaints prevent hospitals from learning something about their history, so that their recording seems clean.As the examiner reported in 2003The hospitals could not find out if potential employees were subject to a complaint or criminal investigation unless they lead to fees.

As explained by the then senator of New Jersey, Jon Corzine, in 2003With the recording of Cullen "you would think that the system could arming that this was a restless person."Corzine and senator of New Jersey, Frank Lautenberg, did not say, was "a complete and complete failure of the health system."

Arrest and Cullen attempts

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Cullen has presented a plea with prosecutors in which it would help investigators identify victims to avoid the death penalty and guilty in 2004.

Cullen worked as part of this agreement at the end of 2005,When he tried to donate one of his kidneysFor a relative of a friend in New York.The prosecutors said that Cullen could only do this after his conviction, and he postponed an indefinite sentence to examine alleged additional murders in his case.

Cullen, annoyed by change, said he would no longer work with the police and tried not to appear.According to an article by Associated Press from 2006.

"We don't care if Charles Cullen donates a kidney to someone," said Peter C. Harvey, New Jersey Attorney."He will die in prison or according to the death penalty.

Cullen finally ceded and was convicted in March 2006. The relatives of the victims called him "a demon, a coward, a monster, a waste of life" and "son of Satan" ,,,,,,,, "son of Satan",,,,,, "Son of Satan" ,,,,,,,,,,,,,.According to an Inquirer report,Culls never looked at him and seemed to sleep at the defendant's table.

While Cullen was almost silent during the apparitions in the two -year court, he was frustrated in a later sentence against the County Court in Lehight, but accused the judge of the prejudices of granting a newspaper interview, and repeated the expression "his honorYou must give up more than 500 times " -Even after it was gagged with a fabric and several adhesive tapes.She did not explain or apologized with the members of the victims' family and closed their eyes while reading the statements of victims -mpact.

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"It was his effort not to be present at the time of conviction," said Penaln de Cullen de Pennsylvania, Gary Asteak."He showed a lack of dignity on his side."

Cullen later donated his kidney to "a dying man from New York," he donated it,How Associated Press expressed itIn August 2006, the operation went well and his kidney was "a perfect size because Cullen is very healthy," said his public defender of New Jersey Johnnie Mask to The Newark Star-Ledger.erHe returned to prison at the end of this month.

The consequences

In 2008, the families of the victims of Cullen in New Jersey achieved a confidential agreement with several hospitals in New Jersey and St. Luke's in Bethlehem, who did not "warned the Somerset Medical Center to stop the sacrifices,, "After Associated Press.

Two years later, eight families presented a legal death penalty against Cullen in front of the County Court in Lehight.The sacrifices were not accused of the death of the patients mentioned in the demand, but the families said that their relatives were among the dozens of patients who killed Cullen Haden.All eight patients died in St. Luke's.

In March 2010, a jury gave families to the family of 95 million dollars after Cullen had not initiated a defense, the Associated Press reportedIt would allow families to collect money if they ever decided to sell their history.The judicial documents declared that Cullen had no money at this time.

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The case of Cullen also led to political changes in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.Then signed laws signed by lawsThis protects Pensylvania employers from the work stories that you reveal about current or previous employees, mainly due to the falls of Cullen -new Jersey, meanwhileAdopted a call "Cullen Law"As a result, state health companies have to report miscarriage, incompetence and negligence by the New Jersey department for consumer issues.

"We are sure that this calculation leads to hospitals to information about whether a potential employee has been examined for crime."The Somerset Medical Center said in a statement after the approval of the legislation"And be sure not to involuntarily hire a medical specialist with a questionable story like Charles Cullen."


What is the real story behind the movie The Good Nurse? ›

The slow-burning thriller, which stars Jessica Chastain and Eddie Redmayne, tells the true story of how ICU nurse Amy Loughren aided in the arrest of her colleague and friend Charles Cullen—the man believed to be America's most prolific serial killer.

Is Amy Loughren still a nurse? ›

Following Cullen's arrest, Loughren left her job as a nurse.

What happened to the real nurse in The Good Nurse? ›

The Good Nurse states that Loughren moved to Florida, where she now lives with her children and grandchildren, as well as getting the heart surgery she needed. Amy Loughren took a break from nursing after Cullen's arrest, mainly to help her understand herself more.

How accurate is The Good Nurse on Netflix? ›

The Good Nurse is a mostly accurate portrayal of Charles Cullen's final crimes and Amy Loughren's role in his arrest. Here's the true story explained. Contains a discussion of Charles Cullen's real-life crimes, including murder.

How did Charles Cullen get caught? ›

Somerset County Prosecutor Wayne J. Forrest began interviewing witnesses and checking hospital records. According to The New York Times, hospital officials "combed through Mr. Cullen's personnel file" and discovered that Cullen had lied on his job application.

How did The Good Nurse get caught? ›

Cullens was finally caught in 2003 after a new nurse Amy Loughren joined him on the night shift was Somerset. After a patient, Florian Gal, suddenly died of a heart attack, the hospital called the police to conduct an investigation into any signs of foul play.

Did Amy Loughren really have a heart problem? ›

Personal life. Loughren was a single mother of two daughters, and she is now a grandmother. While employed as a nurse, she developed cardiomyopathy which she hid from her employers, to protect her job and her health insurance, and kept working contrary to medical advice.

What happened to the real Amy in The Good Nurse? ›

As mentioned in the film's final scenes, Amy received the heart surgery she needed and currently lives in Florida with her children and grandchildren. After Cullen's arrest in 2003, Amy decided to take a break from nursing.

Who is the real Amy Loughren? ›

The real Amy Loughren is a nurse who worked with Charles Cullen at his final hospital before he was arrested for his crimes. Amy lived in upstate New York and worked at Somerset Medical Centre in New Jersey. Just like in The Good Nurse, Amy has two daughters, Alex and Maya.

Who was the killer on The Good Nurse? ›

killer Charles Cullen

Where is Charles Cullen now? ›

On March 2, 2006, Cullen was sentenced to eleven consecutive life sentences by Judge Armstrong in New Jersey, and he is not eligible for parole until June 10, 2403. Currently, he is held at New Jersey State Prison in Trenton, New Jersey.

What did the nurse do that was found guilty? ›

RaDonda Vaught listens to victim impact statements during her sentencing in Nashville. She was found guilty in March of criminally negligent homicide and gross neglect of an impaired adult after she accidentally administered the wrong medication.

Did Amy Loughren get her heart transplant? ›

Thankfully, we learn at the end of the movie that the real Amy did receive the surgery she needed for her heart. Amy said in an October 2022 interview with TooFab that she's healthier now than she was 20 years ago when these events transpired: "I'm now 17-18 years outside of my heart surgery."

How many kids does Charles Cullen have? ›

According to The Cinemaholic, Cullen and Taub tied the knot on June 7, 1987, in New Jersey and welcomed two daughters, Shauna and Saskia.

Who was the nurse that stopped Charles Cullen? ›

The brave nurse who stopped the maniac who may have been America's most prolific serial killer is speaking about the actions she took to bring her former colleague to justice. Amy Loughren worked with Charles Cullen for a year and a half at a hospital in New Jersey.

Where is the killer nurse now? ›

She is detained at Rampton Secure Hospital in Nottinghamshire. Allitt is now eligible for release on parole because her minimum tariff of 30 years' imprisonment expired in November 2021.

Does Charlie go to jail in The Good Nurse? ›

“The Good Nurse” ends with information about the real case, about how Charles Cullen was sentenced to eighteen consecutive life terms in prison in 2003 and remains in jail at present.

Did Vanderbilt nurse go to jail? ›

A former Vanderbilt University Medical Center nurse is sentenced to three years of supervised probation. NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — RaDonda Vaught, a former Vanderbilt University Medical Center nurse, learned Friday she will not spend any time in prison after a deadly 2017 medical mistake.

What was Vanderbilt nurse found guilty of? ›

Vaught was previously found guilty of two charges: criminally negligent homicide and abuse of an impaired adult. Vaught was accused of administering a fatal dose of the wrong medication.

Why didn't Amy Loughren have health insurance? ›

Amy Loughren

Before him, she was hiding from the medical center she worked that she suffered from cardiomyopathy, a condition of the heart muscle. Throughout the film, she explains that even if she was too ill to work, she could not qualify for health insurance until she had worked at the hospital for one year.

Does Amy Loughren visit Charles Cullen? ›

'The Good Nurse': The Real Amy Loughren Hasn't Visited Charles Cullen in Prison Since He Found Out She Was an Informant.

Did Charles Cullen have children? ›

While working at a bakery to help pay his nursing school tuition, Charles Cullen met Adrienne Taub. After a relatively short courtship, Charles married Adrienne in 1987. Later that year, they had their first of two children, a daughter named Shauna.

Did they ever find Amy St Laurent? ›

Amy St. Laurent, 25 years old, was found buried in a shallow grave off Route 22 in Scarborough. She had been beaten, likely the victim of a sexual assault and shot to death. There was GHB, one of the date rape drugs, found in her system.

Did Amy Loughren have a heart condition? ›

Personal life. Loughren was a single mother of two daughters, and she is now a grandmother. While employed as a nurse, she developed cardiomyopathy which she hid from her employers, to protect her job and her health insurance, and kept working contrary to medical advice.

Who was the killer in The Good Nurse movie? ›

After some deliberation, Charlie confesses, stating that he simply "did it". When Amy asks why, he says, "Because they didn't stop me." A textual epilogue reveals Charlie was sentenced to 18 consecutive life sentences for the murders of 29 patients but that the actual number could be as high as 400.

Was the nurse in Tennessee found guilty? ›

She was found guilty in March of criminally negligent homicide and gross neglect of an impaired adult after she accidentally administered the wrong medication.

Where is Charles Cullen incarcerated? ›

The real number of his victims is believed to be around 400, which would make Cullen one of the most deadly serial killers in United States history. Cullen is still alive and currently held at the New Jersey State Prison in Trenton, New Jersey.


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