[Top 5] The Witcher 3 best swords and how to get them (2023)

Ahhh, sword. Any fantasy RPG, or even fantasy fiction, is chock full of them. Who didn't get chills when Aragorn first drew the renewed Anduril in Return of the King? (If you didn't, I'm not even sure how to relate to you now. Are you human? Do you even have a soul?)

The Witcher 3 delivers when it comes to swords. Choosing the right range of weapons can make a big difference in the game. Although as always we are subject to opinion, here is a list of five amazing swords to choose from in Witcher 3. Please note that some of these swords are fromBlood and wineIHeart of stoneextensions.

5. Blood Sword (best for making creatures bleed)

The Witcher 3, Sted Relic Silver Bloodsword

The Bloodsword is one of the least complicated swords to get on this list, and it's a nice catch from a boring mission. It's another one of those Witcher 3 moments that seems like an unremarkable quest but still provides a nice reward. Reading the note from the body in the "Inheritance" mission indicates that the sword was intended for revenge, though it never fulfilled its purpose. "Exact revenge on the men who wronged you after my death. Make me proud."

Weapon statistics

  • Silver Sword, Relic, 3 opgraderingsslots
  • Weight 2.01
  • 227 - 277 Silver damage
  • Critical Hit Damage +9%
  • Critical Hit Chance +2%
  • Chance of bleeding +9%
  • Option to cut up +1%

Which makes Bloodsword great

  • Extra Bleeding - If an enemy bleeds to death while fighting, you have an advantage.
  • Extra Dismemberment - What's the fun of a sword-based RPG if there's no dismemberment?
  • Not hard to get - Bloodsword is part of a random and fast paced quest for loot.

How to get blood sword

There are two ways:

  • Start the mission "Inheritance" by looting the dead body found in Boxholm in Skellige (don't forget to get the key).
  • Use your Witcher senses to find the hidden chest.
  • Loot said chest.

See introductory video


  • Start the mission "Battlefield Loot" by killing a germ witch near a corpse and a dog.
  • Loot the body (always make sure to grab the key).
  • Follow bloodstains to a chest with Bloodsword inside.

The Witcher 3 - Bloodsword Rare Relic Silver Sword Placering 306 Skade

4. Wolves Silver Sword - Mastercrafted (best for making you feel like a skilled swordsmith)

The Witcher 3 Upgrade Guide (2020) – Wolf School Witcher Gear (Wolven - Basic to Grandmaster)

I've included a link to a long video on how to upgrade all the Wolves Witcher gear to make my point that this sword makes you feel like a swordsmith. You won't just find a Witcher acceleration sword. You need to find the diagram for the sword, then the diagram for the next level, then the diagram for the next level after that, etc. This applies to the equipment of all the different Witcher schools. But ultimately, in the main game, the process will lead you to this sword with nice bonuses and a sense of accomplishment (or frustration, depending on your perspective).

Weapon statistics

  • Witcher Item Silver Sword Craft 3 Slots
  • +10% draw intensity
  • + 10% adrenaline point increase
  • +10% critical hit chance
  • +10% chance of bleeding
  • +20% bonus experience from monsters
  • 409-499 Injury

What makes Mastercrafted Wolves Silver Sword great

  • Large Total Bonuses - This sword causes bleeding, improves draw intensity, grants bonus experience. It's a good sword overall and a boost for Geralt.
  • School of the Wolf - It's Geralt's school, so there's some sentimental value for juicy gamers like me.

How to get the Mastercrafted Wolves Silver Sword

  • First find the chart for the Standard Silver Wolf Sword and all other iterations.
  • After crafting the Superior Silver Wolf Sword, find the Master Crafted Sword Diagram southwest of Kimbolt Way at a hidden treasure marker.
  • Get the rest of the necessary ingredients (leather scraps, a dimeritium bar, a monster feather, and a monster heart) and have a master smith forge the sword for you (ie Hattori in Novigrad).

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt - Wolven Silver Sword Mastercrafted-locatie

or if you want the whole set

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt - Mastercrafted Wolven Witcher Gear Set-placeringer (opgraderingsdiagrammer)

3. Black Unicorn (best for killing human baddies)

BLACK UNICORN - The location of the strongest steel sword [Level 46] - The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone

This is another sword on the list to make, but it's worth it. I'd be lying if I didn't say the name didn't play a role in my love for this sword. It's a strong steel sword, which is important because some of the monsters Geralt hunts are humans. Don't ignore the steel, my friends. And buy one with a cool name.

Weapon statistics

  • Steel, relic, 3 upgrade slots
  • 360-440 damage
  • +10% earth sign intensity
  • +10% chance of bleeding

What makes Black Unicorn great

  • Did I mention the name?
  • Strong against humans
  • 3 upgrade slots give even more intensity

How to get black unicorn

  • Go to the signal tower near Kaer Mohren.
  • Climb the ladder to find a chest with the diagram.
  • Collect the necessary materials (leather scraps, 2 dimeritium ingots, 2 ruby ​​dust, test saliva, 2 sapphire dust).
  • Have a master smith make the sword (ie Hattori in Novigrad).

The Witcher 3, Placering Relic Black Unicorn Steel Sword lev 18

2. Iris (best for interesting mechanics)

(spoilers for the Heart of Stone expansion in the videos)

IRIS sword effect! - Death march! Difficulty [The Witcher 3 - Heart of Stone]

I enjoyed the Heart of Stone expansion and depending on your decisions one of the rewards you can earn is the steel sword called Iris. At first glance this doesn't seem very exciting, but the sword is a lot of fun to use. The sword emits a fiery red energy when in use. But beware, the mechanics in neto come at a price, because every time he hits his target, you lose some health. Still, it's worth it.

Weapon statistics

  • Steel, relic, no upgrade slots
  • Weight 4.01
  • Recharges with energy during battle

Which makes Iris awesome

  • When the weapon is charged, it deals an extra powerful blow like a shock wave.
  • Powered swords are fun!

How to get Iris

  • In the simplest of terms, complete the Heart of Stone expansion and choose to help Olgierd von Everec and you will be gifted with this sword.

The Witcher 3: Hearts Of Stone - Olgierds sabel "Iris"

1. Aeronight (the best to improve with you)

Witcher 3 BLOOD AND WINE There can only be one! Claim Aeronight, Sword of 5 Virtues

Almost any list you read on the internet for the best Witcher 3 swords will list this sword as their number one. Deservedly. Found in the Blood and Wine expansion, the Aeronight is an excellent sword in its own right, but it also improves with use (which will be discussed further in the stats). This sword is one of the hardest to get as it requires the right choice in several missions to qualify. This also makes Aeronight an interesting grip. In Toussaint, the setting for Blood and Wine, virtue is everything, and you'll need to display the top five virtues during the expansion to be deemed worthy.

Weapon statistics

  • Silver, Relic, No upgrade slots
  • Weight 2.86
  • Damage 522-638
  • Each hit increases sword damage by 10%
  • Fully charged results in a critical hit
  • If the player takes no damage from the finishing blow, the sword's damage is permanently increased

Which makes Aeronight great

  • This sword charges while used.
  • Aeronight's damage can be permanently increased.
  • A strange lady in a pond gives you the sword.

How to get Aeronight

(These steps can be done in multiple sequences, but usually it's best to start with the first quest before conquering the others)

Start the mission "There Can Only Be One" by retrieving the message from a bulletin board in Toussaint and earn all five virtues:


  • Quest "Big Game Hunter" - do not hurt the panthers and visit the art exhibition.
  • And/or save Shaelmaar after the match in the arena


  • In 'Til Death Do Us Part' select the dialogue option for 'just a marital squabble'.
  • And/or complete the horse race and accept the duel in 'The Warble of the Smitten Knight'.


  • In 'Far Knows Worst' you save the brother and help him reconcile with the other brothers.
  • And/or release the weight of the curse in "La Cage Au Fou."


  • Tip kureren i "Turn to Face the Strange".
  • And/or buy the portrait of Geralt in 'The Witcher As an Old Man'.
  • And/or give the bootblack NOK 500 for info during the main expansion story.


  • In the quest "Feet As Cold As Ice", tell the knight to take the head and go back to Beauclair.
  • And/or finish the tournament during 'The Warble of the Smitten Knight'.
  • Return to the hermit by the lake and fight him for the sword.

Witcher 3: Blood and Wine AERONDIGHT Sword Guide - Best Silver Sword | Five virtues of achievement

As with any list, these are my picks, but there are an amazing amount of swords to choose from, so don't just stop here. And for the love of Pete, make sure you try Aeronight! That's about the only thing the entire internet agrees on.

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