Vampire Survivors: All Accessories, Ranked (2023)

Vampire Survivorby poncle is an interesting game; It's one of those titles that feels familiar yet unique at the same time. This game has been describedlike Roguelikecrossed with a reverse bullet hell shooter orbreak tvcommonCastlevaniaTheme. As players progress through timed levels (30 minutes), they will find additional weapons and accessories. For the most part, these weapons and attachments can be upgraded - or upgraded.

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Choosing the right accessories during a playthrough is crucial to surviving the full 30 minutes. It's also important to remember which accessories a weapon needs to evolve. This list classifies the accessoriesVampire Survivorin general, as the usefulness of most accessories depends on what level is being played and what weapons have been selected.

Updated Nov 14, 2022 by Jeff Drake:There have been many changes to Vampire Survivors since this article was published. In fact, accessories aren't even called accessories anymore. They are now titled "Passive Items". There are six new passive items in Vampire Survivors. Some of them are terrible, but there are some that players almost always get when they're available. Four of these new items - Metaglio Left, Metaglio Right, Gold Ring and Silver Ring - are found for free in almost every level, but each of them has a very powerful Warden that will chase the player until he is defeated.

20 Schädel O'Maniac

Vampire Survivors: All Accessories, Ranked (1)

In general, never take this passive item when it's on sale. Skull O'Maniac can reach level five andIncreases the character's curse level by 10% per level. When fully leveled up, enemies become 50% faster, stronger, and healthier; It also increases the number of enemies on screen and their spawn frequency.

Get this article ifmana music is selected, because it is necessary to evolve the weapon. Skull O'Maniac is fun when a player wants to test their skills, but if you can get it for Song of Mana, new players might want to banish it at level two.

Vampire Survivors: All Accessories, Ranked (2)

These two passive items are combined into one entry because their powers are identical. these two articlesIncreases the player's flight level by 40%when fully leveled. That isgreat for a challenge, but in general players should avoid picking up these items. Just defeat its guardians, collect the golden eggs and move on.

Gold and Silver Rings evolve Watch Lancet for Infinite Corridor. The Metaglio Left and Right items are required to evolve Laurel into Crimson Shroud.

18 stone mask

Vampire Survivors: All Accessories, Ranked (3)

OStone Mask increases the amount of gold a player finds when playing a level. At level one (out of five), the bonus is 10% and increases by 10% per level. This greatly increases the coins earned per playthrough and also improves the gold found in chests.

Gold is beautiful, but in the end it only has two usesVampire Survivor: Buying power-ups between plays and new characters. Power-ups are nice because they affect all characters on every playthrough.Die Steinmaskeit simply allows the player to buy them a little faster.

17 Pummarola

Vampire Survivors: All Accessories, Ranked (4)

Pummarola increases a character's health regeneration by 0.1 per second. You would think an item like this would be preferable in a game where enemies can literally fill the entire screen and the player's health can be drained in a matter of seconds. Unfortunately, this item is kind of meh and its effects aren't as noticeable.

There are also candlesticks and braziers scattered across the battlefield that can heal if destroyed. That's usually all the healing a player needs. Just pick up these accessories to evolve garlic into a soul eater.

16 armor

Vampire Survivors: All Accessories, Ranked (5)

The armor accessory reduces the damage the wearer takes by one., and goes to level five. This damage is reduced by one each time the accessory levels up. This is combined with the acquired armor power-up bonus. In general, it's hard to argue against choosing a damage reduction item, but inVampire SurvivorIt's hard to argue for this accessory. There are many better accessories and only six can be selected (with exceptions).


If the player chooses the right weapons and accessories and levels them up smartly, their character doesn't have to worry about taking damage.

15 Hohles Herz

Vampire Survivors: All Accessories, Ranked (6)

The Hollow Heart increases the character's maximum health by 10%. It has a maximum level of five and the health bonus increases by 10% per level. More life is useful because it helpsGet the signal at the 30-minute mark.

The thing is though, there are much better ones out there.accessories inVampire Survivor, and it is not difficult to find healing on the battlefield (represented by a piece of meat). When a character uses the Whip, Hollow Heart is needed to evolve into Bloody Tear.

Vampire Survivors: All Accessories, Ranked (7)

is itemdoes the work of two other passive items, but also not so good. Left Metaglio increases health recovery and maximum health. Pummarola is slightly better at increasing health recovery, and Hollow Heart is more than twice as good at increasing maximum health.

While individually not as good as Pummarola and Hollow Heart, it's stillgives two bonuses instead of one. This item really helps during the tough parts of a race, keeping the character alive.

13 attractor

Vampire Survivors: All Accessories, Ranked (8)

Attractorb allows a character to pick up items from a greater distance from the ground. This is useful when the screen is full of enemies and there is a nearby location with badly needed experience crystals. This is also great when the character is nearly dead and some healing is happening in the middle of the screen.

This would be a little higher if the Beautiful Moon andor Mad Groove ArcaneHe didn't pull all the experience gems from the ground for the player. With a high enough Luck score, the player usually gets a lot of vacuum cleaners as well.

12 asa

Vampire Survivors: All Accessories, Ranked (9)

Vampire Survivoris a kind of shoot 'em up and a resource present in almostany game of this genreit's a speed boost. At first, the character is quite slow. This can result in players being swarmed by enemies, and within the first few minutes of the game, it spells doom.

Wings increase the character's movement speed by 10%. Your maximum level is five, and the bonus increases by 10% with each jump. being too slow doesVampire Survivormuch harder. Being too fast also makes this game more difficult.

11 lustre

Vampire Survivors: All Accessories, Ranked (10)

Chandelier increases z effective rangeVampire Survivor'Waffen. The increase is much more noticeable on some weapons like Cross, Ebony Wings and Peachone. Increasing the area of ​​effect helps to take enemies off screen with fewer attacks.


This accessory works well with the axe, as this weapon's range scales more than other items. This accessory is also needed to evolve the Death Spiral Ax.

10 to tighten

Vampire Survivors: All Accessories, Ranked (11)

The Bracer increases a character's projectile speed by 10%. This accessory is upgradable to level five and, like many accessories, is inVampire Survivor, your bonus increases by 10% each time. Some projectiles in this game are painfully slow; the Fire Wand and the Magic Wand in their base states are prime examples.

The Bracer also affects weapons like the King Bible, which is also quite slow at first. A character must have the armband to evolve the knife into the Thousand Edge.

9 Sorcerer

Vampire Survivors: All Accessories, Ranked (12)

The Spellbinder increases the duration of a character's weapon effects by 10%. As always, the accessory can go up to level 5 and increases its benefit by 10% with each promotion. This is more useful than it sounds, and it already sounds incredibly useful.

The Spellbinder makes already must-have weapons like the King Bible even better by increasing the number of enemies the weapon kills per use. The Spellbinder is also needed to turn the King's Bible into Unholy Vespers.

8 Tiragisu

Vampire Survivors: All Accessories, Ranked (13)

This is a passive item that many players find difficult to refuse when offered. The Tiragisugives the player an additional reviveon level one and another on level two. Many veteran players will no doubt remember how many times this item kept them alive long enough to develop a weapon and defeat the enemy horde.

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this article is awesomeNeeded to fuse Eight the Sparrow and Phiera The Tuphello into Phieraggi- possiblythe best weaponin the game. Tiragisu maxing at level two also helps the player quickly remove it from the item pool as you level up.

7 Torronas Kiste

Vampire Survivors: All Accessories, Ranked (14)

This is the newest passive item inVampire Survivor, Eone of the best passive items. This cursed item improves to level eight; At level nine, however, Torrona's box makes enemies much deadlier. This item improves the character's area, power, speed (projectile) and duration by 4% per level.

At level nine it isIncreases enemy health and speed (movement) by 100%. It also doubles the number of enemies on screen and their spawn frequency. A big run can be ended in seconds by leveling Torrona's crate to level nine. Banish this item at level eight unless theVictory Sword ou Flames of Misspell armas.

6 Silberring

Vampire Survivors: All Accessories, Ranked (15)

The Silver Ring is by far one of the best passive items in the game. this fantastic articleincreases range and durationthe player's weapons; at level 9 the bonus is 40% each. That's just 10% less than the Candelabra and Spellbinder when fully leveled.

In other words,This passive element does the work of two.- and for only one passive item slot. The Silver Ring gets even better as it's included for free with every level. Just be ready to defeat the guardian of the ring.

5 empty volume

Vampire Survivors: All Accessories, Ranked (16)

The Empty Tome accessory reduces a character's weapon cooldown by 8%. The maximum level of this accessory is five, and its bonus increases by 8% per level. Better weapons have longer cooldowns; Cooldown reduction increases the effectiveness of weapons such as birds (Peachone e Ebony Wings) and the axe.

The Void Tome is needed to evolve the Magic Wand into the Holy Wand. The Holy Wand has no cooldown between shots and is one of the best weapons out there.Vampire Survivor.

4 Spinach

Vampire Survivors: All Accessories, Ranked (17)

Spinach increases character's weapon damage by 10%, which improves by 10% up to level five. This is really one ofbest accessories inVampire Survivor. This accessory can turn a playthrough where the player is constantly frantically dodging swarms of enemies into one that requires minimal attention and requires no movement.


In addition to turning a character into an absolute Death Dealer, Spinach is needed to turn the Fire Staff into Hellfire. Hellfire is capable of slashing through the toughest enemies and clearing the screen with a few shots.

3 Clover

Vampire Survivors: All Accessories, Ranked (18)

Clover increases character's luck by 10%, which can be upgraded by 10% up to level five. Luck is described as not being very good in most game manuals.Vampire Survivor. However, a character's luck affects several aspects of the game.

Luck increases the chance of landing a critical hit, as long as a weapon can critically hit. Great Luck gives the player a fourth option when leveling up. Luck also affects the chance of getting better treasure chests, reducing the chance of negative events (such as swarms of bats) and increasing the chance of getting better items from braziers.

2 Crown

Vampire Survivors: All Accessories, Ranked (19)

The Crown increases the amount of experience a character gains from experience crystals left behind by defeated enemies by 7%.. Each time the crown levels up, an additional 7% is added.

Leveling up quickly is key to surviving the full 30 minutes. Each time a character gains a new level, they have the option to upgrade an accessory or weapon, or select a weapon or accessory to add to their inventory. The crown is almostan obligationAccessory for each playthrough, as it helps the character quickly reach a performance level that reduces the chance of being killed.

1 Duplicator

Vampire Survivors: All Accessories, Ranked (20)

Doubler increases the number of projectiles a weapon emits per use. The maximum level of this accessory is two, and it gives each weapon an additional projectile for each level. This affects all weapons, making each one much more efficient (and deadly).

there are some charactersGennaro Belpaese and Mortácio, which have an innate ability to increase the number of projectiles. The doubler's effect stacks with those characters' innate abilities, creating a deadly combination. The evolved version of the King's Bible, Unholy Vespers, is especially effective when enhanced by Duplicator.

Vampire Survivoris available for PC and Android.

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