Vampire Survivors: Best Build for Torre Gallo Scenario (2023)

A new stage was added on April 5Vampire Survivorfor players to try to survive. This stage, called Gallo Tower, works differently from the others. Whereas previous levels were open areas or limited levelsextended indefinitely left and right, the Torre Gallo stretches up and down.

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The layout of this step requires new construction; not just because of the alignment, but also because of the new enemy types that populate Torre Gallo. This build uses the new weapon development for the Runetracer that was introduced with Torre Gallo.

character selection

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This build focuses on a weapon that attacks enemies along a vertical attack vector - theSong of Manna. This doesPoppeathe ideal choice for this build, as Song of Mana is its starting weapon. Torre Gallo is a confined space, so any weapon that bounces off like theRunetracerEOsso, are most effective at this stage.

Any character that increases projectile count, weapon duration, or projectile velocity will also work with this build. Mortaccio, Cavallo, Gennaro, Dommario and the new character Ramba are thereall valid decisionsfor this construction.

Primary Weapon 1 - Song of Mana

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OSong of Mana is the best weapon for Gallo Tower. This phase stretches up and down; as well as the lightning-like projectile from the Song of Mana. As the character will be walking up and down most of Torre Gallo, weapons like the whip are a poor choice.

The Song of Mana gives the player a weapon that will clear the way as they travel through the narrow passages of Torre Gallo. This weapon is also (generally) powerful enough to kill most enemies in one or two hits, provided the player occasionally upgrades the Mana Song.

Primary Weapon 2 - Runetracer

Vampire Survivors: Best Build for Torre Gallo Scenario (3)

The Runetracer is the last of the original offensive weapons to receive an evolved form. Only Laurel and Clock Lancet don't yet have an evolved form, and these two weapons really don't need one. Runetracer's evolved form, NO FUTURE, now has a chance to explode.

To advance the runetracer, players must have the armor accessory. This accessory used to be useless, so at least it has a purpose now. The tight confines of the Torre Gallo will make the Runetracer's projectiles much more efficient. Runetracer and NO FUTURE will do the most damage after the 20 minute mark.

Primary Weapon 3 - King's Bible

Vampire Survivors: Best Build for Torre Gallo Scenario (4)

This King's Bible is one of themthe best weaponsEmVampire Survivor. It also works well on the vertically oriented Torre Gallo. If these two reasons were not enough, then theseAccessory needed to transform the King Bible into the Unholy Vesper, the Spellbinder, which is one of the bonus accessories in Gallo Towermust seal the deal.

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This weapon becomes invaluable when regenerating red skeletons start to overrun the player. The red skeletons are clearly a tribute toCastlevania, how much ofVampire Survivor. This type of enemy can be destroyed, but will respawn seconds later; The King Bible keeps these sturdy skeletons at a safe distance.

Main Accessories 1 - Spinach

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The new enemies created to populate Torre Gallo are tough. Some of them cannot die, and as the minutes approach 30 certain enemies appear with bizarre attack patterns, such as the larval beasts with scorpion fish. The player must be able to kill these creatures quickly so that they are not fatally overwhelmed.

OSpinach causes the player to deal up to 50% more damage when fully leveled. This extra damage is enough to keep the player's weapons effective when stronger enemies appear.

Main Accessory 2 - Spellbinder

Vampire Survivors: Best Build for Torre Gallo Scenario (6)

OSpellbinder increases weapon duration. When Poppea uses Spellbinder, Song of Mana can quickly reach a point where its duration exceeds its cooldown. As a result, she always has a clear path through enemy ranks - at least until the 26-minute mark.

The Spellbinder is bound to turn the King's Bible into Unholy Vespers. This also increases the distance that the Runetracer's projectiles can travel. This allows these piercing projectiles to hit more enemies before exploding. The Spellbinder is a bonus accessory in Torre Gallo.

Main Accessory 3 – Chandelier

Vampire Survivors: Best Build for Torre Gallo Scenario (7)

In a level as tight as Gallo Tower, it pays to make the cannons as big as possible. That's why the candelabra was added to this construction. TThis accessory will increase the size (width) of the Mana Songenough to completely surround the character and encompass entire corridors.

This accessory will also increase the King Bible's radius and make the Runetracer's projectiles much larger. The explosions generated by the NO FUTURE weapon are also amplified. The inclusion of the candelabrum in this build makes the ax a good choice for a secondary weapon.

secondary weapons

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OLaurel is a smart choicewith any installationVampire Survivorwhich has a freely selectable weapon slot. OOssoworks well in the narrow passages of Torre Gallo, especially in the last few minutes. The bone weapon also goes well with the candelabrum.

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As mentioned in the Candelabrador entry, theMachadois a good secondary weapon in Torre Gallo. Its powerful attack vector and penetration properties work well in Gallo Tower's horizontal orientation. Although the armband is a bonus accessory in Torre Gallo, the knife should not be chosen as a weapon.The player also wants a direct fire weapon like the wand or the cross.

Secondary Accessory

Vampire Survivors: Best Build for Torre Gallo Scenario (9)

Oempty volumeANDalways a good choice. It works with any weapon, and the weapon's reduced reload times are a huge bonus. like the blonde whoTiragisuit's a smart choice that really helps the player hit the 30-minute mark. Oattractoris another good accessory; It's not necessary, but it makes collecting experience gems less of a hassle.

If the player wants to evolve Song of Mana and Runetracer, he must obtain themSchädel O'ManiacEarmorAccessories. ODuplicatoris a great accessory when the player has the Runetracer and Bone weapons.

final thoughts

Vampire Survivors: Best Build for Torre Gallo Scenario (10)

At the start of the phase, the player must descend to the Spellbinder and remain in the area until its accessory slots are filled; so they must get the spellbinder. After that, go upstairs to get the free Bracer accessory. Don't stay too long in a certain area or a deadly new creature will appear and cover part of the play area in a damaging layer.

The Giant Enemy Crab is the boss of Torre Gallo. He seems to be tougher than bosses on other levels, and when he takes damage, his claws grow. Try to get under the crab; His claws grow when he is hit. There is less chance of making contact with your claws when attacking from below. Finally, don't forget to buythe duty cycle.

Vampire Survivorwas released on December 17, 2021 for PC and macOS.

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