Where does Jeff the killer live in real life? jeff the killer (2023)

Jeff the Killer is perhaps one of the most famous creepypasta characters. In terms of popularity, he is not inferior to the well-known Slender Man. Jeff has a lot of fans, but they also ask a lot of questions. There are some comic book mistranslations in the story of this legendary sinking killer. Today I will try to answer the most popular questions and analyze the flaws that fans of this character often worry about.

Let's start with the important stuff, who is Jeff the Killer? Jeff the Killer is a demented psychopath whose psyche went to hell at the age of 13 due to a severe moral upheaval, and not only...

I will give you a brief summary of it:

  • Name: Jeff.
  • Last name: Forest.
  • Age at the beginning of the story (Jeffry): 13 years old.
  • Current age (killer): 18 years old.
  • Residence: United States; the state of Wisconsin; madison
  • Current location: Unknown.

Released in 2008 and still very popular. But there are some inaccuracies in it that certainly spoil the feel of this story and call into question the reality of the character's very existence.
Well let's get started...

Question 1:

Many people who learn about Jeff just don't understand why he became mentally unstable.

As a teenager, it felt a little weird. Sometimes some strange thoughts and feelings would assail him. But he stopped her, not letting her get away from her. And Jeff the Killer needed leeway. He was always after the teenager, even shown in the comic. In some pictures (as far as I remember, there was definitely a guest at the beginning of this fight) behind Jeff there is not even a person, but a ghost, repeating the outlines of a child, but differing from him in unnatural width. smile and round black eyes. Jeff was only 13 years old, at puberty the psyche is very unstable. And as I said, a whole cascade of strong moral shocks hit the guy.

First, his brother is sent to a boarding school, although he is not guilty, Jeff is;

Second, this fight that took place at the birthday party. She became that turning point, that trigger. Jeff the Killer was no longer just a ghost. He escaped and seized the body of a teenager. But Jeff recovered anyway. While in the hospital he reasoned quite sanely and sanely...until he saw the new face of him...

It was the last straw from which he could not recover... the would-be assassin saw his new face. I saw with what horror his relatives looked at him, how his mother cried ... All this just ruined the psyche of a teenager, and he has already become what we are used to seeing.

Question 2:

Is there a nose or not?

There are! Jeff definitely has a nose! Nothing was written in history about his disappearance. He did not fall off and was not covered with skin after the operation. The fact that our character's skin is boiling white and doesn't cast much of a shadow makes it look like he doesn't have a nose, but in reality he's not going anywhere.

Question 3:

I want to talk about this very creepy photo where Jeff is said to be looking into the camera lens with his trademark creepy grin.

So...it's not Jeff at all. This photo belongs to and is associated with a completely different story, the name of this creation is Wild Face, and the photo shows a girl in general! So this is not the killer we all know, although she does look a lot like him with her white face and his "beautiful" smile.

Question 4:

Why didn't Jeff lose his sight when he burned (yes, burned, not cut) his eyelids?

(Video) Drone catches Jeff The Killer at his hideout in this scary forest! (he was so angry)

It's just a translation error. He didn't burn, but he did burn them a little, making them fold around his eyes in a dense black accordion, forming the rim around them. He knows and can blink, just to blink we have to relax our eyelids, and Jeff instead has to force them. When he is relaxed, the killer's eyes are wide and therefore he sleeps with a bandage on. Because when he sleeps he relaxes and opens his eyes and wakes up.

Question 5:

Who is the older brother? Lew or Jeff?

Discussions on this topic arise in almost all works of art in which the brothers are depicted together. But I'm telling you with confidence: Lew is the big brother. He is a year older than Jeff, that is, he was 14 years old at the beginning of the story. If he reads carefully, he can find explanations for why such a conclusion was reached. In the fight at the bus stop, he got up first to punch Randy in the eye. But this gopnik had a gun and took Lew's wallet with ease. Lewy realized that resistance was futile and would only get worse. But Geoffrey... do you think Jeff was protecting the brother from him? Yes, there is no such thing. It is possible, of course, that there was such a thing, but it was that strange feeling that impelled him to fight, rather than a call of duty and justice. But that is not the point. Lewy tried to stop him, but the younger brother seemed to be under hypnosis and didn't listen to him. And when it was all over, Lew began to bring Jeff back to consciousness, characteristic of an older brother who is smarter and knows what to do. And of course... Lewy Woods took the fall for Jeffrey and was sent to prison in his place. Knowing they were coming for his brother, he cut and bruised his hands that day to mislead the police and take the blame. This once again confirms his consideration and the fact that he fully understands the situation. In other words, Lew is behaving like a big brother should. Yes, yes, yes, we all loved and watched the same video for the song "Awoken" 9000 times, but for some reason Lew was portrayed as a much younger brother, when that's not the case. In general, before you start discussing which of the guys is older or younger, read the comic and the original story carefully first.

Question 6:

Why did Jeff kill his family?

Jeff saw how his family reacted to him, he didn't want to see his mother cry when she saw his face. You think: "What is this? It was not so ugly in the comics." Remember that the comic was in black and white. Now turn on your imagination and imagine a person with absolutely white skin, shoulder-length black hair and purple lips of dark purple color. Imagine the contrast in the gaunt face of a 13-year-old who had good external features and a very pleasant appearance before the tragedy. Jeff thought it would be better if he always smiled, but the hard skin hurt his cheekbones, and we all know what Jeff did to always smile at his mom...But his mom didn't appreciate those efforts.Jeff whatever it is, he's still a kid and his mom looks at him like a monster!Yeah and he ran by a gun! It was in self defense, if he hadn't killed them, they would have killed him. But why did Jeff kill Lewy? Jeff didn't actually kill his brother with a knife. After murdering his parents, the young assassin realized that no one in this world needed him. he remembered Lew. Maybe he needs it? Jeff came out to check it out. His older brother woke up and felt that someone was watching him. He didn't see Jeff right away, but when he noticed it anyway... When he woke up and still didn't understand anything, he saw Jeff with a cut mouth and crazy eyes, but all he asked was: - "J.. jeff? What happened to you? Have you been attacked again? Jeff's throat tightened. "He needs... He needs me..." But Lewie doesn't know that Jeff has just orphaned him. The killer freaked out, what if the only person who needs him, who cares about him, hates him?!" "Well no... let him die loving me, then he'll live and hate me." Jeff thought and closed his hands around his brother's neck, Jeff strangled Lew.

For example:

Don't believe when they say Jeff the Killer is dead. Right now he is alive. This was confirmed by the Russian organization MIA (Intelligence Directorate).


You may be surprised, but the famous killer Jeff that you all know is not the only one, there is another. His name is Jeffrey Dahmer and he is a very real character.

Like Jeff, Dahmer lived in the US state of Wisconsin and had a (younger) brother. He, too, survived the operation, albeit in a different way. Well, of course he killed a lot of people.

Jeffrey Dahmer is one of the most famous (popular) maniacs among Americans. Many movies have been made about him.

A fountain

Is it an amazing coincidence? They even have similar names. Perhaps the creators of the character took the story of this maniac as a basis and redid it at will, adding something of their own, and it turned out to be Jeff the killer.

Then a perfectly legitimate question arises: who are you really calling? The real Jeff the Killer or the ghost of Jeffrey Dahmer, what comes to mind when you think of this character?

Based on all of the above, I believe that Jeff the killer still exists. The probability of this percentage is around 50. The remaining 50 are attributed to the strong imagination and weak psyche of some individuals.

American serial killer who killed 17 boys and men between 1978 and 1991. All but one of the crimes were committed in Milwaukee between 1987 and 1991. The bodies of the victims he raped and ate. The court found Dahmer sane and sentenced him to fifteen life sentences. In 1994, Dahmer was murdered by a cellmate.

(Video) 5 Jeff the Killer caught on camera in real life!

Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer was born on May 21, 1960 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I have read his biography and would like to compare it with the story of the beloved Jeff the Killer.

First of all, the popularity of both characters is overwhelming. Jeff the Killer - The internet's most popular horror stories, fanfictions, and poems are written about him, costumed, summoned, and maybe even driven mad by him. On the Internet he received nicknames: "King of Creepypasta", "Mad Joker" and "Wisconsin Storm". However, according to canon, Jeff is not at all what he appears to be.

Jeffrey the Killer - One of the most popular American serial killers of the 20th century, movies and books are made about him. Nicknames: "Milwaukee Cannibal" and "Milwaukee Monster"

Both characters are somewhat similar. Of course, there are differences, but for some reason it seems to me that the creators of Jeff the Killer were inspired by the biography of this real maniac. Well, at least because they have the same name. He is very attractive, isn't he?

False story Jeff the Killer's parents: Peter Woods and Margaret Woods, both dead and, according to canon, not named by the author, but alive; Jeffrey Dahmer's parents: Lionel Dahmer and Joyce Dahmer.

Let's move on to the comparison of heroes, as we study the biography of the monster from Milwaukee.

When Jeffrey was six years old, he underwent surgery to repair a bilateral hernia, after which it was removed. Jeff the Killer in Fanon's story was burned to the ground at the age of thirteen, and according to the canon story, he spilled sulfuric acid on his face at the age of twenty-four and by the age of twenty-five he had gone insane.

Similarity: In the fake story, Jeff was burned to death. That means he was operated on as Dahmer. It doesn't matter which part of the body. They both underwent the surgery, meaning the Wisconsin Thunderstorm creator (possibly) took that moment from Dahmer's bio and chalked it up to his character. Difference: Lionel Dahmer later told a corrections officer that Jeffrey was sexually abused by a neighbor when he was eight years old, but Dahmer denied it. There are no similarities here. Neither the fake Jeff Woods nor the canon Jeff Hodek were abused in any way.

As a child, Jeffrey often moved with his family. Parents often quarreled, Joyce once went to a mental hospital. Here is the second moment of Dahmer's biography, which is a copy of Jeff's story... No, on the contrary, Jeff's story is possibly a partial Dahmer biography. Similarities: Our favorite killer moved to a new neighborhood when he was thirteen. In Wisconsin, Madison. Only the fake Jeff is similar here, and the canon lives in New Jersey. So said its creator Sesseur.

When Dahmer was in high school, his parents divorced. At thirteen, Dahmer became homosexual, soon he was making out with a friend. At school, Dahmer was withdrawn, drank often, and was considered a local buffoon, though he played tennis, wrote for the school newspaper, and played clarinet in the orchestra. The difference, of course, is that Dahmer is gay and Woods or Hodek is not. Well, Jeff the Killer is also a virgin and hasn't had sexual contact with anyone in fanon or canon history and judging by his state of mind, he won't either because what the hell does he need it for?! In this paragraph I found a match: age. Both heroes have an important date in their lives at the age of 13! Jeff, wrong again, moved to a new neighborhood at 13, burned to death at 13, and started killing people at 13. Jeffrey became gay at 13. This is quite an important point because in... Keep reading!

Here they seem to be similar, but somehow not. The psyche of both began to collapse, but it fell apart in different ways for everyone. When Dahmer was at school, he began to love dead animals. He collected corpses or body parts and stored them at home in formaldehyde bottles that he had taken from his father and set up an animal cemetery in the backyard. He also dreamed of same-sex sex, necrophilia, and dismembered corpses. Here. And Jeff the Killer has a slightly different moment: guilt and resentment. In his place, his older brother Lew was sent to prison. Jeff's nerves suffered badly. And according to canon, Jeff is two years older than Lew. Lewis was at work and Jeff was spilling acid at the time... The brothers are very close and even kill together.

At the age of eighteen, Dahmer began to kill. Joyce went with David for a few days while Lionel stayed in a motel. Dahmer picked up seventeen-year-old hitchhiker Stephen Hicks and invited him over to his house. He gave her beer and drugs. As Hicks was about to leave, Dahmer struck him over the head with a dumbbell, strangling him. Dahmer then cut up the body, put the body parts in plastic garbage bags, and buried them under the house. So. Similarity: Both Jeffs became assassins. Differences: 1) the age at which the heroes began to kill. 2) For the first time, Dahmer killed the left man and Woods killed his family members, while canon Jeff loves his family very much and only kills criminals. 3) various methods of murder: the Milwaukee monster attracts itself, then kills and dismembers its victims, and the Wisconsin storm tracks him down, puts a smile on his face and "lays him to bed". And in Jeff the Killer canon, the phrase isn't "Go To Sleep" at all, it's "It's Joy."

And all this madness began for both heroes at the age of 13! Thirteen is considered an unlucky or curse number. Dahmer became gay at 13 and started raping and killing men at 18. Our beloved Woods became a murderer at the same age. And there are no similarities with Hodek.

Lionel married a second time, his wife's name was Shari. Dahmer entered Ohio State University, but was expelled in the first semester for drunkenness and academic failure. In 1981 he was released early for drunkenness. There are no similarities here. The only differences: the king of the creepypastas killed his parents so that they could no longer divorce and marry; he dropped out of school as soon as he became a murderer and of course he didn't go anywhere; and Woods did not serve in any army. And according to the story, Hodek is still a lazy person. At twenty-five, he loses his job, stays home, and then gets mad and goes off killing criminals.

There is a similarity: both murderers have a brother. Jeffrey Woods has a brother Lew and Jeffrey Dahmer has a brother David. In canon, Lew is Jeff's younger brother, just like David. But there are also differences: Lew is the older brother of the fake, and David is the younger... But this is a fake!

At his father's request, Dahmer moved in with his grandmother in Wisconsin. He later was arrested twice for indecent behavior (the second time, for masturbation in the presence of two children!) and changed several jobs. Similarities: Both characters live in Wisconsin! Admittedly, that applies again to Woods, and Canon Jeffrey Hodek lives in New Jersey.

Here is the last part of Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer's biography:

serial killings

(Video) Where Did This Image Come From?

On September 15, 1987, he will brutally treat the second victim. And then he killed people. During his life, he killed seventeen people, including teenagers.

Arrest and Trial

July 22, 1991 Dahmer invited Tracy Edwards to his home. Dahmer tried to handcuff him, but he escaped and was met by the police. They examined Dahmer's house: there were many human bodies and organs there. The trial attracted enormous attention from the press and television.

imprisonment and death

On November 28, 1994, Dahmer was beaten to death by prisoner Christopher Scarver, who was in prison for robbery and murder.

Very well. Let's summarize.

What we have:


1) Woods can attack at any time because he is a psychopath and it is recognized that Dahmer is sane, that is, he killed people on purpose, but Woods can do it unconsciously;

2) Dahmer - David - the younger brother and Woods - Lew - the older;

3) Jeff Woods started killing at 13, Hodek at 25 and Jeffrey at 18;

4) Wisconsin Thunderstorm twice escaped from the Durka and was never in prison, and Maluok Cannibal was in prison and was killed there;

5) Jeff Woods is not vulgar, he grew up in a decent family, not gay and generally a virgin, but Dahmer is a vulgar gay and even a necrophiliac;

6) Jeff the Killer puts smiles on people's faces, "puts them to bed" and is not a cannibal, but Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer rapes, kills, then rapes again, dismembers and eats his victims;

7) Jeffrey Alan Woods killed his parents and Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer did not kill his parents;

8) The crazy Joker knows Russian, but the monster Maluok does not;

9) Jeff Woods killed relatives for the first time and Jeffrey Dahmer killed a stranger;

10) Woods didn't even finish school and Dahmer received at least some education;

(Video) if your drone catches Jeff the Killer at this secret scary hideout, RUN away FAST (he was so angry)

11) Canon Jeff isn't so much psycho as wrong. He hunts the victim for a long time, killing only to make sure that he is a criminal. And Dahmer attacks ordinary innocent people.


1) The heroes have the same names;

2) Both have a brother; according to canon, he is the younger of the two.

3) Both became ruthless killers;

4) they caught you (psychiatric or police);

5) According to canon, Hodek is vulgar. If you dive into his story, when his sister was at work, Jeff went to see…pornography. But he's not obsessed with it like Dahmer is.

6) Both are very cruel to their victims;

7) Both survived the operation;

8) Both are very popular;

9) They both moved to a new area as kids (at least the fake Woods moved, but rude Hodek is nowhere to be heard);

10) Both live in Wisconsin. Again, according to Woods' forgery;

11) According to the canon, neither of them killed their parents;

12) Neither Dahmer nor Hodek speak Russian.

Conclusion: Jeffrey Dahmer is dead and Jeff the Killer is a fictional character. Have you thought that if you call Jeff the killer, the ghost of Jeffrey Dahmer can come to you? After all, he is still dead and no one has denounced his belief in the other world! He is an angry spirit! You just think you're calling Woods or Hodek (who doesn't exist!), but Jeffrey Dahmer is a real person! And God forbid you meet someone like Jeffrey Dahmer! Trust me, this will no longer be a creepypasta but a real threat to your life, so before you summon a ghost, think a hundred times who you are going to summon and whether you need it!

Jeff the Killer is a popular creepypasta character. Stories about this character are very popular in the United States. Many people are interested in whether Jeff the Killer really exists and even spend money to make sure. Distinctive traits in appearance include creepy eyes, the lack of a nose, and a wide grin.

Does Jeff the Killer exist in real life?

To understand whether this is fiction or a lie, let's first look at the history of its appearance. According to the existing legend, Jeff was born into a wealthy family and everything would be fine, but behind the boy's back lived a demon waiting for a good opportunity to possess him. At the age of 13, Jeff was doused with alcohol in a fight and then set on fire. After looking in the mirror, he went berserk and cut his mouth almost to the ears with a knife to make it look like he was always smiling. The boy who was once kind and cheerful became angry and aggressive. From that moment he possessed Jeff and began to kill. First it was the criminals, and then the relatives. Evidence that Jeff the Killer exists appears regularly on the internet, along with descriptions of his massacres. Interestingly, there is actually a similar story about a boy, but there is no data about his bloody adventures.

To be sure if Jeff the Killer exists or not, you can perform a special ritual. To do this, you will need lipstick, a rag, a knife, four sheets of paper, a marker, and tape. At night, when everyone is sleeping, you have to go to the entrance. On the wall of the fifth floor you need to write "Go to sleep" with lipstick. Above the inscription you need to draw a big smile. After that, a sheet is glued on the ground floor, on whichWhere does Jeff the killer live in real life? jeff the killer (1)write "I" with a marker, on the next floor - a sheet with the inscription "No", on the third - "I want" and on the fourth - "Sleep". Then you have to go home and wait for about an hour. During this time you can do anything. After the time is up, you need to go to the entrance and see what has changed. Evidence that Jeff the Killer exists can be seen in the brochures hung on the floors. If he has made contact, the sheets may be loose or wrinkled, and another sure sign is a rotten smell. Noticing all these facts, you need to run to the fifth floor as quickly as possible, wrap the knife in a rag and erase the sentence written with lipstick and smile. These actions help drive away Jeff the killer. If nothing has changed, it means that he considered you unworthy to meet you.

(Video) Jeff The Killer Was In Our House!

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Where does Jeff the killer live in real life? jeff the killer (8)Charging...


Where does Jeff the Killer lives? ›

Jeff lives in Slender mansion.

What city was Jeff the Killer born in? ›

Jeffrey Dahmer
BornJeffrey Lionel DahmerMay 21, 1960 Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S.
DiedNovember 28, 1994 (aged 34) Portage, Wisconsin, U.S.
Cause of deathHomicide by bludgeoning (severe skull and brain trauma)
Resting placeCremated, ashes given to parents
13 more rows

When was Jeff the Killer born? ›

Jeffrey Dan Woods, also known as Jeff the Killer, was born June 2nd, 1995.

Where does Jeff the Killer come from? ›

Jeff the Killer is a character that emerged from creepypasta, a popular subgenre of user-generated internet urban legends and horror stories. He is one of a few creepypasta characters that originated with an image (along with Slender Man, the Rake, and others).

Is Jeff the Killer a girl? ›

Jeff the Killer is an infamous Creepypasta villain alongside Slender Man, Eyeless Jack and Zalgo. He is a male teenager who lost his sanity and transformed into a serial killer.

Who bullied Jeff the Killer? ›

Randy, Troy and Keith are a trio of bullies appearing as the secondary antagonists in the Jeff the Killer creepypasta series by the brother of GameFuelTv. Their heinous acts are the sole reason the titular character became the murderous sociopath the public knows him as.

Who is Jeff the Killer mom? ›

History. Jeff started out as a normal suburban teenager, living with his mother, Margaret, his father, Peter, and his brother, Liu. At some point in Jeff's life when he reached the age of 13, he and his family moved into a new neighborhood after his father got a promotion.

How old was Jeff when he first killed? ›

It was just three weeks later that the 18-year-old committed his first murder. Due to his parents' unfolding divorce that summer, Jeffrey was left in the family home alone. He seized the opportunity to act on the dark thoughts that had been growing in his mind.

What is Jeff the Killer last name? ›

Jeffrey Woods, more commonly known as Jeff the Killer is the titular main protagonist villain of the Creepypasta story of the same name.

Does Jeff the Killer have a gun? ›


Jeff's weapons of choice are a pair of large kitchen knives, though he usually only uses one so he can use his free hand to cover his victim's mouths and stop them from screaming.

How old is Jeff the Killer story? ›

He is 13 years old in the original story. However, it's unknown how old he is now. It is unknown if Jeff is older or younger than his brother Liu. Jeff is a featured character in the Creepypasta comic "I Eat Pasta For Breakfast".

Did Jeff the Killer get burned? ›

In the original story, Jeff is — despite being fully human — somehow capable of all sorts of inhuman actions, like killing Randy with one punch, and survives being burned alive AND horrific self-mutilation.

What is Jeff the Killer's name? ›

Jeffrey Woods, more commonly known as Jeff the Killer is the titular main protagonist villain of the Creepypasta story of the same name.

Does Jeff the Killer have parents? ›

History. Jeff started out as a normal suburban teenager, living with his mother, Margaret, his father, Peter, and his brother, Liu. At some point in Jeff's life when he reached the age of 13, he and his family moved into a new neighborhood after his father got a promotion. Jeff and his brother were happy about the idea ...


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