Which MAFS Australia Season 10 Couples Are Still Together? (2023)

Which MAFS Australia Season 10 Couples Are Still Together? (1)

Our favorite chaotic dating showMarried At First Sight Australiais in full swing on E4 as Season 10 unfolds before our eyes. But which of the couples are still together?

The new series features 12 couples who are matched by matchmakers and meet for the first time on their wedding day. After saying "I do," the couples honeymoon, move in together, and reaffirm their commitment to each other each week by saying whether they want to "stay" or "leave" in a commitment session.

The season began airing in the UK on E4 in March 2023, but the season was actually filmed in Sydney in the summer of 2022 and has finished airing in Australia. So we already know the status of the couples. If you're ready for some spoilers, here they areMarried At First Sight Australiaseason 10 couples who are still together and those who have broken up.


Which MAFS Australia Season 10 Couples Are Still Together? (3)


Lyndall i Cameron

Relationship Status:Share

The 27-year-old accountant Lyndall and the 27-year-old carpenter Cameronwas the first couple to get married this seasonMAFS Australia.

The pair got on well and seemed to be going from strength to strength until family week when Cameron refused to hug Lyndall. The issue got both their mothers involved and caused a rift between the couple.

Things got worse after Cameron revealed he would be able to work away from Lyndall for up to six months a year, which she wasn't too happy about.

So during the homestay week things were tense between the pair and Lyndall said she felt Cameron treated her like a "partner". However, Cameron said that he did not grow up with love and therefore found it difficult to express it.

And during the final vow change, Lyndall didn't hold back on her opinion of Cameron, saying he couldn't compromise and that she now felt like a burden.

In a historic moment, Lyndall didn't stick around to hear what Cameron had to say and walked away saying she wanted to build a life she was proud of.

So yeah, it's safe to say these two are no longer together.


Brontë and Harrison

Relationship Status:Share

The 28-year-old beauty educator Bronte and the 32-year-old carpenter Harrisonwas the second couple to get married and had problems from day one when Bronte's boyfriend accused Harrison of dating someone outside the home.

They then ran into trouble on their honeymoon when Harrison told Bronte that he was not sexually attracted to her. They were living in separate apartments in the complex at the time, and during the initial pledge ceremony, Harrison said he wanted out.

During Intimacy Week, Bronte refused to date Harrison, but the couple decided to give it another try.

They got closer to the experiment where Bronte said she trusted Harrison after he took a woman's number on a night out and then deleted it.

Things didn't seem to be going well after the retreat week, but the couple shocked everyone when they chose to stay in the experiment. There was a time when they actually seemed very close, standing up for each other during the pledge ceremonies and sharing opinions about their fellow contestants.

But their relationship finally ended at the last dinner, when Harrison said he didn't like the way Bronte and her sister spoke to him during the home stay.

Bronte eventually left the dinner party, saying their relationship was over. "I'm done with you. I'm done with this man. Harrison, we're done," she said at the time. "We're over and I really don't want to see you again."

Since,Harrison has come out with his new girlfriend, photographed holding hands with a woman named Gina at Syndey's Coogee Pavilion in March 2023.


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Sandy and Dan

Relationship Status:Share

Sandy, 36, and Dan, 42, were next to walk down the aisle and Sandy's family did not attend the wedding as they were not comfortable with it.

While they initially seemed to get along, as the couple spent the first three weeks having engagement ceremonies and dinners, things didn't go as well as they could have.

First thatcouples clashed over their use of 'me time',with Dan wondering why Sandy didn't like going out in the ocean and running in the mornings like he did.

And,the couple was at the center of a pocket watch scandal,when one of the other brides, Evelyn, told Sandy that she heard Dan say some unkind things about Sandy when her husband Rupert called her while she was out with Dan. Sandy was shocked to hear this as Dan reportedly told her he was out with his daughter. Thanhas since apologized for his comments to Sandy,issue a statement on Instagram.

The couple ended their relationship at the fourth commitment ceremony.

Dan then dated Samantha, who had been a guest at his wedding to Sandy, but the couple have now split up.


Claire, I'm Jesse

Relationship status:Share

31-year-old Claire and 30-year-old Jesse seemed like a match made in heaven during their wedding ceremony, but things started to fall apart when Jesse got the "ick" when Claire talked about her love of crystals.

Things went from bad to worse after Jesse told Claire to "shut up" during their honeymoon. They continued to clash throughout their marriage and just when everything seemed to be going well, Claire kissed fellow contestant Adam.

Claire denied that it ever happened to Adam and she and Jesse got back on track, but she revealed the truth a few weeks later.

After drama erupted during one of the dinner parties where their fellow contestants took sides, Claire apologized to Jesse and promised to stay in the experiment in an attempt to show him how sorry she was.

While Jesse chose to leave, the pair remained in the experiment while Claire continued to write. It looked like they were back on track, getting through the next week and looking closer than ever. However, they quickly ended their relationship and split at the fifth commitment ceremony.


Tahnee don't Ollie

Relationship Status:Together

27-year-old Tahnee and 26-year-old Ollieis the youngest couple in this year's trial. They have been madly in love with each other since their wedding day and haven't really had any problems.

Seriously, it's hard to think of a dinner party or wedding ceremony when they were the center of attention!

During the final vow ceremony, the couple chose to stick together and share some really sweet and meaningful vows. Are they still together? Yes!

According toYahoo lifestyle, the couple has officiallywent to live togetherwith Ollie moving from Perth to Sydney to be with Tahnee. "When filming wrapped in December, Ollie never actually returned to Perth and has been living with Tahnee ever since," an insider told the paper. Oh!

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Tanelle i Adam

Relationship Status:Share

28-year-old Janelle and 35-year-old Adam's relationship didn't start well, with Janelle having doubts about Adam's career and her brothers finding out that Adam had cheated on him in a previous relationship.

But just when things seemed to be going well in their relationship, Adam kissed Claire and things never recovered for him and Janelle.

The couple decided to leave the experimental single at the third commitment ceremony after Adam showed no remorse for kissing Claire.


Caitlin not Shannon

Relationship Status:Share

Although they had a great wedding day, things quickly went downhill for 27-year-old Caitlin and 30-year-old Shannon.

(Video) MAFS Season 6 ★ Where Are They in 2022?

During a photo ranking, Shannon did not choose Caitlin as the person he had the most crush on, and later Caitlin overheard Shannon on the phone with his ex. He later admitted that he was still in love with his ex, with whom he shares a child.

Although they stayed for another week, it became clear that Shannon was not over her ex and said some incredibly unkind things to Caitlin about her looks.

After a very intense couch session with the experts, Shannon and Caitlin broke up during the second reunion ceremony.


Alyssa and Duncan

Relationship Status:Share

Alyssa, 35, and Duncan, 36have certainly overcome numerous challenges in their relationship. But their first hurdle came when Alyssa revealed that she once knowingly had an affair, surprising Duncan.

Early in the series, Alyssa was uncomfortable with intimacy due to her Mormon upbringing. Later, the couple had a misunderstandingDuncan chose to play tennis with the other men, instead of spending time with Alyssa.

The feedback week revealed a very harsh truth for the pair, with Duncan saying he felt "left out" by Alyssa and claiming Alyssa was focusing too much on the negative.

Alyssa said she was afraid Duncan would "cut and run" if things got too tough in the real world. She also believed that Duncan would not understand "what it's like to have a child."

Despite this, Alyssa went to the final vow ceremony hoping the couple would make things work. However, Duncan chose to end their relationship, telling his sister prior to the vows that he felt he was "stepping on eggshells" and felt "rejected" in the marriage.

Since,Duncan and co-contestant Evelynwere seen getting cozy on an evening in February, but Evelyn told the storyDaily Post Australia, they are "just friends" and had enjoyed a nice evening together, but that was all.

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Melissa not Jos

Relationship Status:Share

Melissa, 41, and Josh, 40, were the oldest couple in the experiment this year.

While the couple initially seemed to get along, they had major issues with intimacy and what details they wanted to share with everyone.

They failed to connect and at the second commitment ceremony, Josh chose to leave because he felt disrespected by Melissa for her choice of words about his manhood. Despite Melissa choosing to stay (usually if one person decides to stay, they both have to), the experts felt it was best for the couple to leave the experiment.

At the commitment ceremony, Josh appeared extremely unhappy, claiming that Melissa had said he wasn't "man enough". After seeing his pain, the experts offered him the choice to leave the trial he was taking.


Melinda and Layton

(Video) MAFS’ Selina Chhaur ranks the season 10 couples | Yahoo Australia

Relationship status:Together

During their wedding ceremony32-year-old Melinda was initially unimpressed with 35-year-old Layton's husbandlooks like.

However, as the series progressed, the pair seem to be one of the strongest couples, although they have had a few problems, such as when Melinda overheard Harrison telling Layton that he thought his relationship with Melinda was "toxic".

Melinda confronted Harrison's wife Bronte about it and the pair argued, with Bronte telling Layton about the argument, leaving him unimpressed.

But when it came to the final vow ceremony, the couple chose to stick together with some very beautiful vows, where they both said they fell in love with each other.

In March wasDaily mail shared photos ofMelinda and Leyton roam around Sydney together, accompanied by a guyMAFScouple, Tahnee Cook and Ollie Skelton. A double date maybe?!

In December 2022, they also visited the Van Gogh Alive multi-sensory exhibition together, making it feel like they're still a thing!


Call me Hugo

Relationship Status:Share

27-year-old Tayla and 32-year-old Hugogot along well on their wedding day, but it soon became clear that Tayla didn't love Hugo.

While the pair were trying things out, they had a retreat week where Tayla left the experiment to return to Tasmania without telling Hugo. She returned during the dinner party to give him "a second chance", but Hugo had had enough and the pair announced their separation to their fellow contestants that evening.

An experiment ended and both reportedly returned to their hometowns, more than 1,500 km apart.

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Evelyn and Rupert

Relationship Status:Share

Evelyn, 26, and Rupert, 27was the last couple to marry in the experiment and attend the third commitment ceremony.

While she arather awkward wedding day(it's safe to say Rupert was *nervous*), their relationship seemed to be going well, with the pair standing up for each other at dinner parties and having nice things to say on the pundit's sofa.

But when it came to the final vow ceremony, Evelyn chose not to continue their relationship after the experiment, citing Rupert's "lack of effort" as one of the reasons she ended it.

Rupert, meanwhile, took a break in his step and admitted he didn't feel a spark either. He replied: "A platonic connection is not enough to sustain a healthy and loving relationship. I feel that you have not put your best foot forward in furthering this relationship."

Speak against9 Entertainmentof what went wrong, Rupert explained: "I think our communication style is very different. It was just one of those things."

(Video) MAFS’ Brent Vitiello ranks the 2023 couples | Yahoo Australia

Evelyn, meanwhile, added: "I don't think our relationship was strong enough to handle an argument. I feel like it brings you closer or further apart in those situations. Unfortunately, it was further apart for us."


Is anyone still together from mafs australia season 10? ›

27-year-old Tahnee and 26-year-old Ollie are the youngest couple in this year's experiment. From their wedding day onwards they have been completely besotted with each other and haven't really faced any issues.

Who got a divorce on season 10 of Married at First Sight? ›

Married At First Sight's Zach and Mindy had one of the worst marriages on the show. Unsuprisingly, they divorced, and it's time for an update. Mindy Shiben and Zach Justice first appeared on Married at First Sight, season 10, but have since moved on with their lives.

Are Tahnee and Ollie still together? ›

Yes! According to Yahoo Lifestyle, the couple have officially moved in together with Ollie moving from Perth to Sydney to be with Tahnee. "Once filming wrapped in December, Ollie never really returned to Perth and has been living with Tahnee ever since," an inside source told the outlet.

Who from MAFS 2023 is still together? ›

Tahnee and Ollie – still together

They were star pupils the entire experiment and Tahnee and Ollie's Final Vows were no exception.

How are Tahnee and Ollie related? ›

A source revealed to Yahoo Lifestyle that Tahnee's sister's husband is Ollie's second cousin. “Although they're not blood-related or anything like that, technically they are distant relatives in a weird way,” the source explained.

What is Melinda's net worth on mafs? ›

What is Melinda Willis' net worth? With Melinda also fronting a fashion label called BSSA currently in the works, according to reports she now has a net worth of $1,750,000 Australian dollars. Following filming on MAFS, Melinda ended up hiring fellow bride Caitlin McConville to work for her company.

Did Katie cheat on Derek? ›

On the season 1o reunion, Derek revealed the couple was not going to stay married because Katie had cheated on him with her ex.

Did Meka and Michael stay together? ›

Michael Watson and Meka Jones are Married at First Sight alums who couldn't make their marriage work, and it's time to talk about what they've been doing since their divorce.

Where are Katie and Derek today? ›

Katie from Married at First Sight lives in Mississippi with her new husband, Brandon Eaves, whom she married in mid-2021. The couple welcomed their first son in September 2022.

Are Evelyn and Duncan together? ›

According to insiders, Evelyn and Duncan are now dating. Most recently, Evelyn shared a TikTok that shows Duncan with his arm around her. He also appears to be carrying Evelyn's handbag in the same TikTok.

Did Jesse and Claire get back together? ›

Are MAFSAU's Claire and Jesse still together? Even though both were committed to trying to make things work in the experiment, staying on for Retreat Week and many apologies from Claire, the couple eventually call it quits at the fifth commitment ceremony.

What does Ollie from MAFS do for a living? ›

Married at First Sight Australia groom Ollie Skelton has been providing entertainment for his fellow cast members and viewers alike with his iconic impressions. Before starring on MAFS Australia, Ollie was a voice over artist and had been doing the voice over for various commercials across Australia for 15 years.

Who is the most successful couple from MAFS? ›

5 Most Successful Couples From Married At First Sight
  • 5 Danielle and Bobby Dodd (season 7)
  • 4 Shawniece Jackson and Jephte Pierre (season 6)
  • 3 Briana Myles and Vincent Morales (season 12)
  • 2 Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner (season 1)
  • 1 Woody Randall and Amani Aliyaa (season 11)
Feb 18, 2023

Is Myrla from MAFS single? ›

Myrla and Gil Reveal They've Split Up

While Myrla and Gil decided to stay married on decision day, it seems as if that was all for the cameras, or at least it was for Myrla. During the MAFS reunion, Myrla revealed that she was no longer interested in the marriage, and ended things.

Which couples from MAFS Australia are still together? ›

Tahnee Cook and Ollie Skelton are one of two couples to still be together from the current series of Married At First Sight Australia.

Where are Ollie and Tahnee now? ›

Tahnee also says that what viewers sometimes forget is that they've actually been together for almost a year now, and have already technically lived with each other in Sydney, where the show is filmed. "So it's not all that different, really," she enthuses.

Who is Ollie marrying? ›

Who is Gareth Locke? Gareth Locke is a commercial director for Holland Cooper, a luxury clothing brand established in 2008. The Celebrity Hunted star first joined the company as office manager in 2010, before leaving in 2013 and rejoining as head of e-commerce three years later.

Are Cameron and Lauren still together? ›

Not only are Lauren and Cameron still married, but they've crossed major milestones in their relationship since appearing on the Netflix series, and have made many achievements together.

Do Married at First Sight Australia get paid? ›

Do the Married at First Sight Australia couples get paid? Yes, the MAFS Australia contestants do get a daily wage paid for their participation. Former contestant Nasser Sultan, who starred on the 2019 season, previously told Now to Love: "You get $150 for the day, that's it.

Did Married at First Sight get paid? ›

Are Married at First Sight contestants paid? Yes. The contestants who appear on the show do get paid for their participation. While there is no prize for staying married at the end of the series, the contestants do get paid daily.

Who is the rich girl on Married at First Sight? ›

Olivia Frazer, also from the latest season of MAFS, revealed how much money she made in her first few months of being on OnlyFans. At the height of her OnlyFans, she has 7000 subscribers and made a whopping $500,000 in her first four months, more than most people make in years.

How did Derek find out Katie cheated? ›

The graduate student shared he found out several days before the reunion that Katie slept with her ex the day after their honeymoon. Katie denies this occurrence but Derek adamantly backs his claims sharing he received the information from five different people including cast members.

Who did Addie cheat on Derek with? ›

Addison cheated on her husband of over 10 years, Derek with his best friend Mark Sloan.

Who did Derek cheat on his wife with? ›

Addison Montgomery On Derek Shepherd

She then came to Seattle to put things right with Derek. However, their marriage was soon cut short when Derek cheated on her with Meredith.

Did Michael really get Meka a trip to Jamaica? ›

I'm not even in the least bit surprised this is the first question because literally everybody has been blowing up my social media asking me that. So about the Jamaica trip, of course it never happened. I don't think that's much of a shock to anybody but he actually did show me a Groupon he bought.

Did Meka find love? ›

After Having Her Marriage Annulled, This 'Married At First Sight' Star Has Found Her 'Soulmate' After a nightmare marriage that played out on national TV and ended with an annulment, Meka Jones has found love. We love a good happy ending (or a good happy ending in the making).

Do Married at First Sight couples get annulment? ›

Due to the couples not being eligible to wed, if a marriage license was signed, they may be able to seek an annulment.

What happened to Mindy and Zach? ›

Zach was closed off from Mindy, and never fully opened up to her. They struggled to connect due to Zach's indifference, so it was no surprise to fans when they chose to divorce. They've both ventured out on their paths, and appear to be happy, although Mindy has spoken out many times about her experiences on the show.

Who is Katie's new boyfriend on Married at First Sight? ›

However, Kate and Derek broke up and Katie's now engaged to a man named Brandon Eaves. Katie met Brandon on Hinge in pre-pandemic 2020.

Are Zach and Mindy still together? ›

On Decision Day, Mindy and Zach decided to end their marriage. It was also later revealed he went on a date with his fellow season 10 costar, Katie, following their time on the show.

Are Tayla and Cam together? ›

During season ten, Tayla tied the knot with Hugo Armstrong, while Cam got married to Lyndall Grace.

Are Ryan and Alyssa dating? ›

So is Married at First Sight's Alyssa Ellman dating Season 13 cast member Ryan Ignasiak? No.

Is Duncan dating Carolina? ›

Duncan was pictured flirting and holding hands with Carolina Santos from the 2022 season during a wild night out in Sydney back in January. Now a source close to the 37-year-old cyber security sales director has rubbished rumours that there was anything romantic between the two.

Are Layton and Melinda together? ›

Married At First Sight Australia couple Melinda Willis and Layton Mills are one of the only couples to last the entire season. Huge Married at First Sight Australia spoiler alert, but golden couple Melinda Willis and Layton Mills have defied the odds and are still together.

Do Claire and Brianna reunite? ›

Considering that Claire's resigned herself to the idea that she'll probably never see Bree again, their reunion in Season 4 is that much better because of it.

Who does Claire end up with? ›

Luckily, she has Jamie to make her ordeal a bit easier. In a strange turn of events, Claire ends up married to Jamie to keep her from falling into the hands of the evil Captain Randall.

How much do the couples on Married at First Sight get paid? ›

"You get $150 for the day, that's it," Nasser told Now to Love. "But on top of that, you have to pay expenses - your living expenses with the woman that you marry."

Is Brett from MAFS a millionaire? ›

Brett also owns his own house, although Olivia wasn't a huge fan of it when she saw it. His estimated net worth is $450,000. During the process, other castmates realized that Brett wasn't the best person.

Is Chris from MAFS in jail? ›

Chris Jensen has avoided serving time in prison after admitting to smuggling cannabis. The Married at First Sight Australia star received a four-year suspended prison sentence for drug trafficking after he was arrested in October 2017.

Who is the most controversial couple on MAFS? ›

Olivia & Jackson. Olivia has to be the most divisive bride in Married at First Sight's nine seasons — and who could have seen it coming? After all, she began her journey on MAFS with a hero edit, as during first few weeks herself and Jackson were portrayed as the golden couple.

Who is the most hated on Married at First Sight? ›

Married At First Sight: Worst Cast Members Of All Time
  • Chris Williams. Chris Williams seemed to embrace his role as the MAFS season 12 villain. ...
  • Molly Duff. Another villain is Molly Duff from Married at First Sight season 6. ...
  • Luke Cucurullo. MAFS season 8's Luke Cuccurullo is one of the worst stars in the show's history.
Apr 2, 2022

How much of MAFS is scripted? ›

Is MAFS Australia scripted? The show is billed as an "unscripted reality series", meaning cast members don't follow a physical script.

Is Myrla a Republican? ›

Upon hearing the first sentence of Gil's hypothetical scenario, Myrla interjected, "Oh no, Sir." Gil acknowledged that he knew Myrla wasn't a Republican but shared that he wouldn't have cared if she was. Gil explained, "For me, that doesn't matter in a relationship...

Is Michaela from MAFS bipolar? ›

"When I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, I remember feeling so discouraged initially, it felt like everything I loved about my personality was this diagnosis," said Michaela.

Why did Myrla dump Gil? ›

While Myrla denied that it was just finances that led to their breakup, the leadership coach told the panel, “For me, there were things that occurred after Decision Day where I didn't feel that I could feel safe with him to make financial decisions for us in our future.”

Are Taya and Adam still married? ›

Tayah and Adam are the only couple still together from MAFS 2021. They met for the first time at the altar and instantly bonded, deciding to get married legally once the show ended.

Is Tahnee and Ollie still together? ›

Tahnee Cook and Ollie Skelton from Married at First Sight Australia are still together and are making big plans.

Is Myrla still with her husband? ›

Myrla Feria appeared on Married at First Sight's 13th season, which took place in Houston in 2021. Though she was married to Gil Cuero at the time, the pair have since divorced.

Is Layton and Melissa still together? ›

As their story unfolds on screen, Melinda and Layton are still be together and going strong - you can find out all about their relationship after the show here.

Who is still together in Married at First Sight Australia 22? ›

Despite the drama, the show did see some strong romances. Selina and Cody, Domenica and Jack and Olivia and Jackson all chose to stay together after final vows.

Are Erin and Bryce still together? ›

"We're super proud of our story and we made ourselves really vulnerable so it's great to get that feedback from people, that they've responded positively to us." In January 2023, the pair also got legally married!

Are Nate and Ellie still together? ›

Ellie and Nat have been together for years and last year, the couple bought their first home together. Last March, the Gogglebox star made the exciting announcement via her Instagram, and gave followers a glimpse of their "forever home".

Are Sandy and Dan still together? ›

Subsequently, Dan and Sandy decided to go their separate ways at the fourth commitment ceremony. MORE: Are Bronte and Harrison from Married at First Sight Australia still together?

Is Mitch and Tamara together? ›

Alert the keepers of the reality TV pyramid scheme: Married at First Sight Australia 2022's Tamara Djordjevic is reportedly dating Love Island Australia's Mitch Hibberd. There must be something alluring about a man named “Mitch”, especially coming off the back of her fauxmance with her co-star Mitch Eynaud.

Are Brent and Ella together? ›

And Ella Ding, 28, and Brent Vitiello's, 33, whirlwind romance has officially come to an end. A source told Yahoo Lifestyle that there wasn't a romantic spark between them, and that 'they've both decided to just remain as friends.

Are Johnny and Kelly still together Married at First Sight Australia? ›

Now, after getting engaged back in 2022, Kerry and Johnny have married for real, three years after their wedding on the show.

Is Bryce lying on Married At First Sight? ›

So far on the Channel Nine reality show, Bryce has denied all allegations that he was secretly dating a woman outside of the experiment.

Did Bryce really have a girlfriend on the outside? ›

Bryce has always denied he had a girlfriend in the outside world.

Are Stefaan and Vicky still together? ›

Another couple from this year's season of Married At First Sight NZ has split, leaving just one pair standing from the three that originally made it through the show. Vicky Fuller and Stefaan Nes shared the news of their break-up with co-ordinated Instagram posts, in which they both expressed support for each other.

Who is Duncan MAFS with now? ›

MAFS' Duncan James and Evelyn Ellis are Reportedly Dating.


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