Your guide to romance for everyone after updates - 24ssports (2023)

Your guide to romance for everyone after updates - 24ssports (1)

Tired of wandering the streets of Night City alone with only the sights and sounds of unnecessarily oversexualized ads to keep you company? Has anyone caught your eye? Someone you want to be with more than just chooms? Even if you've ventured into Night City before, it's worth popping back in for that special someone. The many updates the game has received have left the romance options and paths intact, but dateable NPCs will sometimes send you new texts after the update. And given the strict restrictions on NPC gender and sexuality preferences, Cyberpunk is a must-play game if you want to discover all those moments of lust and love.

Most of the four main romance options in Cyberpunk 2077 follow the same pattern. You'll meet a beautiful person in one of the main missions, and then you'll have the option of going down a trail of side jobs with them before you get the big obvious moment where, well, you know.

For the most part, the romance options in this game are pretty straightforward. Dialogue options usually indicate that you're about to make a move, and you're generally fine as long as you choose the nicer and more flattering dialogue options. But if you're like me and hopelessly ignorant of romantic hints even when they're staring you in the face, this guide will point out the dos and don'ts if you want to dock with your NPC of choice.

And while most romance options usually involve the big, fat yellow dialogue option, I recommend taking the time to choose as many blue-themed dialogue options as it makes sense to pursue some romance. Get to know your love interest! There is a lot of dialogue in this game and the romantic plots are more rewarding if you actually role play and get to know these characters.

This guide will contain a handful of spoilers as the romantic possibilities mature towards the end of the story. For each of the juicy details, I've included a list of quests that chart the romantic path. You can meet these characters in another mission, but they are where you have the chance to make your moves. If you want to avoid spoilers, go ahead and write down these search names and explore your love interests at your own pace. Let's get that out of the way.

Your guide to romance for everyone after updates - 24ssports (2)

Romance with Judy Alvarez

Your guide to romance for everyone after updates - 24ssports (3)

Quest stream: Automatic Love, The Space in Between, Disaterpiece, Double Life, Both Sides Now, Ex-Factor, Talkin' 'bout a Revolution, Fiskene, Pyramid Song

Of the four main romance options in Cyberpunk 2077, Judy is clearly the best. Not only do you meet her first, she's tightly integrated into the story from the start, and her story feels like it justifies the limited time you have left with Johnny's biochip eating away at your mind. If you want a hacker boyfriend who knows how to tune and has an erotic brain dancea V with a female body type and voice, here's how.

V meets Judy early in the first act as part of the mission, which basically turns to crap very quickly. Don't worry about any dialogue options with her until the endRampstukquest where you can choose to tell her about the rock star that lives in your head. Maybe better to release it now rather than later. Either way, it won't hurt your chances.

A day later in the game, Judy will contact you to confirmBoth sides nowsideshow. Don't worry about dialogue choices here. RP as you wish.

After some time, Judy will contact you again. Agree to help her in her quest to bring down Woodman, the leader of Cloud's dollhouse. Follow the beats of the quest until you reachTalk about a revolution. Here you get the choice to participate in the liberation of some sex workers. ChooseYou can count on me / not at all(when she offers to pay you)I'm fine now / Forget it. It's over. / [Lean] Thank you very much(when she offers to let you sleep on her sofa). Eat the breakfast she prepares for you the next morning.

After a little more waiting, a text and a call from Judy,you enter the Pisces quest. Be sure to choose when you meet MaikoLet's do this / Who are the other two? / Do my best. Take them out. / Hold on. Think you've gone too far / [Draw weapon] Let's be quick.Then you shoot a bunch of guys before choosing the following dialogue options with Maiko:What? / Can't be sure.

If you're chatting with Judy below, chooseClouds are free, that's what's importantand she wants to kiss you.

A full week later in the game, Judy will meet you for one of my favorite sidequests in this entire game,Pyramid lied. This quest trades gunplay for dialogue, story, and exploration, and I'm all for it. Make sure to choose[Standing] Hell yeah, I'm inwhen Judy asks you to dive. Follow the search options as you see fit. To continue on the romantic path, you must agree to spend the night with her. Ignore Johnny's protests. Dude is crazy. Choose[Standing] Why not.When she asks to stay the night.

Select after starting the generatorDid you say something?Enter the bathroom followed by[Sit] We're still in sync / (Lip kiss) [Touch] It's ours.Enjoy the following.

As you two girlfriends sit on the dock talking about what last night meant, you clearly have to chooseThe start of something bigwhen she asks what the night before meant. Thus ends the romantic path with Judy.

How to romance Kerry Eurodyne

Your guide to romance for everyone after updates - 24ssports (4)

Quest stream: Holdin' On, Second Conflict, A Like Supreme, Rebel! Rebel!, I Don't Wanna Hear it, Off the Leash, Boat Drinks

Playing a game where you constantly struggle with the presence of an unwanted persona of a self-destructive male rock star who was completely insane will never be a strange experience for me. But unlike me, if your V is actually a man (male body type with only male voicefor this opportunity) and you like boys, romantic time with rocker boy Kerry Eurodyne on the beach may be in your future.

But fair warning about guys playing guitar. They are problems.

You'll first meet Kerry in a Johnny Silverhand flashback where I think it's clear that these two were complete shits. Thank goodness the wider rock and metal scene in the dystopian future isn't as homophobic as the current one.

But if Kerry has caught your eye, you shouldwait until the third actbefore you can really embark on his romantic path. As with many of the romances in this game, the choices you have to make should be pretty obvious, but here are the details to pay attention to.

Your V will meet Kerry in the "Holdin' On" Side Job. Follow the natural progression of events in this Cyberpunk version of The Blues Brothers. You get the band back together, even play a rock concert with a guitar that has peculiar construction choices for rock and metal. (Seriously, how do you even wet your palm with that bridge cover? That thing is literally an anti-riff machine. Okay, I'll stop.)

Hanging out with Kerry involves some crime and property damage (what did I tell you about rocker boys?), buteventually you will end up on the "Off the Leash" Side Job. In the final scene of this quest, you and Kerry hang out on a balcony, where you'll have the opportunity to back him up with some important dialogue options that will seal the deal between the two of you.

Save when you start walking to the balconyso you have a fallback if you fail in your attempts to woo Kerry.Any of the [Lean] dialog options will work, but "Glad we have a moment to ourselves" is probably the sweetest. Choose from there:You can tell me / But you made it / Maybe it's time you stop being afraidand thenselect one of the [Kiss] optionsand there you go. A touch of romance as you gaze out over the hellish landscape that is Night City.

It's just a kiss though. If you want to continue, wait for Kerry to call you while you run other errands in Night City.You get the secondary job "Boat dealer".where you get the chance to get a little more intimate.

First you chat with Kerry on the boat as he plays a guitar that again has questionable design decisions. (You would never make frets out of wood, and it certainly isn't a vibrato bridge). I don't condone broken guitars, but be sure to choose[Stand] Let's play!while Kerry gets up to spontaneously do interior decorating. SelectLet's tear the whole boat apartand enjoy the sexy catharsis of destroying a music executive's property. They deserve it.

After a pretty wild sex scene, you definitely have to choose[Hug] Sign me upwhen you relax on the beach with Kerry.

Palmer's Panama Romance

Your guide to romance for everyone after updates - 24ssports (5)

Quest stream: Ghost Town, Lightning Strike, Life in Wartime, Riders of the Storm, With a Little Help from My Friends, Queen of the Highway, We're Gonna Live Together

If you V amale body with every voice, and a lady with a knack for motoring is your type, then Panam Palmer might just be someone worth chatting with. Panam's quests are some of the most fun in the game, so even if you don't hunt her down, these are worth the time.

You meet the former Nomad madman in the second actiGhost townTreasure hunt. After some violence and explosions, you can meet her at a motel, where you will have the opportunity to sleep with her. You will have to be a little explicit in your wishes. SelectMaybe we only get one roomand follow it upNot quite what I had in mindin response to her mention of single beds.

Then you follow the natural course of events, shoot and blow shit together. BelowLife in wartimeAsk Panam for help in finding HellmanI need Hellman. Can you help me?dialogue option while the two of you chat with Mitch. It has nothing to do with mayonnaise.

Before life As wartime ends, you have a timed reaction to panam, mitch and saul the idiot. You get the choice to sayIt really wasn't Panama's faultin her defense. Select it.

Your next chance to deepen your relationship with Panam will come duringRiders of the stormTreasure hunt. ChooseYes of coursewhen he was asked to ride with Panama. Go with the flow until you find yourself on the run from a sandstorm, where you find yourself trapped in an abandoned house with Panam... and silly Saul.

You will again have to stand up for Panam to nudge Saul on a timed response. SelectBad idea, Panama is right. Then you get some alone time with her. Cozy up on the sofa with, chooseYou would feel more comfortable with your shoes off, ma'amand also[Touches Panama's thigh] I have a few ideasofYou choose. The customer is always right.

Don't be discouraged if Panama rejects your advances here. You haven't messed anything up. You can have a quick kiss if you wantAbout last nightwhen she gets on her bike in the morning. Just be patient andwait for the quest "With a little help from my friends".. Follow the beats from that quest until you find yourself chatting with her at the top of the control tower. Note the dialogue optionSo far so good(this game has a thing for romance in tall buildings). Then you will choose[Touches Panama's hand] Try to follow that impulse next time.

Moments later you will get a small bonfire scene where you will chooseI've gotten quite cold. Continue toThe queen of the highwayquest, you get the kissing lips dialogue option,[Let Panam touch you] Oh, yeah. let's gowhile in the Militech Basilisk vehicle and you have a little moment there. After all the sex and explosions, you'll kiss her again later in the mission[Kiss Panam] Thanks for being there for mechoice. And there it is, you two are an item! You will be able to share another moment together duringWe will live togetherTreasure hunt.

How to romanticize River Ward

Your guide to romance for everyone after updates - 24ssports (6)

Quest stream: I fought against the law, the pursuit of the river

Okay, if you want to romance a cop, that's up to you. I think I understand? River is a good cook, his family seems nice and may seem like a good guy? Do not know. If your V has onefemale body type and every voice, I think you can meet this guy, and for much of the game you're helping the police anyway, so maybe it just makes sense. Do what suits you. I don't want to hear about it though.

At least the sidequests associated with River are pretty entertaining.

Your chance to connect with an agent begins with a call from Elizabeth Peralez. This will give youI fought the lawTreasure hunt. Note: You mustAfslut Act 2, Ghost Town, Lightning Breaks, Life While Wartime, Automatic Love, ithe gapto get this assignment. Even then, you'll probably need to spend a little more time on the Wait option or just do other errands.

Did it? Good for you, police enthusiast. ContinueI fought the lawopThe hunta day later. In this quest you start to show some interest. If you are in the car with him, chooseWouldn't let it go if I were youISign me up for that beer. Keep in touch with him via SMS and support himHasn't let me down yetin the timed response when he was confronted by Dr. Packard in the laboratory.

You will discover that the officer's cousin has disappeared. Follow the beats of the mission, unravel mysteries by digging through emails, and jump through a creepy brain dance after a sensitive family dinner. Eventually, you'll find out that Randy, the cousin, is being held at Edgewood Farm.

After River speculates on the location and drives the two of you to the farm,you have to guess Edgewood Farm, otherwise your future as a police officer will be crushed. After looting the farm, choose one of themDon't do it, RiverofI want to help youwhile River contemplates revenge for what was done to his cousin. He's just a good cop who's been pushed too far.

A full day in the game later you get a call from River who hasFollow the riverTreasure hunt. This is a mostly laid back date quest. Join in the cooking, talk to River, then play an indoctrination AR game with River and the kids. Let the kids win here.

During the dinner that follows, you will receive a timed response to select [Raise hand] Yes!when asked "Who thinks V and Uncle River would make a good couple? River will take you to a water tower (again, with the heights) and you will choose the following dialogue options:Your gun? / That a pickup line? Your decision does not matter here, choose one of the three. / I see what you're doing / Just don't fall in love...and finally[Where].

The morning after that shit, Johnny will show up digitally to embarrass you for what you just did.

If you want to leave your affair with a cop once, you can leave it the next morning. River will talk about whether this is a serious matter. If you want a relationship, chooseHeavy conversation in the morning / [Kiss] I feel good around you.And then you have a policeman boyfriend.

Your guide to romance for everyone after updates - 24ssports (7)

A little fun on the side

While Kerry, Panam, River and Judy are V's primary love interests, there are a few other characters you can connect with. Some are scripted encounters, but others require a little more stalking.

Meredith Stout, the angry Militech Corpo encountered early in the first act, is one such possibility. For this one, make sure you meet her before you see the Maelstrom during the Pickup mission and try not to insult her. When you take the chip, don't let Maelstrom know you met the Militech that secured the flathead. Meredith will contact you during the second act. Choose a text option to reply to her. She sends you the location of a hotel room and you can guess what happens next. She will go after it. At least you get an interesting weapon out of it.

You can also be some kind of romance Rogue Amendiares. I say little because you are not really yourself on this quest. You let Johnny Silverhand take over temporarily. During the Blistering Love mission, you go on a date with Rogue. While enjoying a cozy romantic evening in an abandoned drive-thru, Rogue wants to talk about the past. Make sure to chooseI love Rogue of 2077 / Do everything I can not to lose you / All that matters is that I came back to you / (Kissed lips) [Kiss] more than I expectedand you will have an intimate moment with her as someone you are not. It doesn't add up at all.

All happy endings

All of the above allows you to complete the romance path with the character of your choice. But if you really want the horizon to be brighter, there are a few things to keep in mind. During the Nocturne OP55N1 mission, you have the chance to call Kerry, Panam, River, or Judy (depending on who you've had a romance) with a final goodbye. The one you choose here will be your final love interest.

If you choose the ending "The Star", which gives you the choice to leave Night City and go out with the Aldecados, Judy or Panam will join you. However, River and Kerry say goodbye, but will not join your exodus. If you choose to team up with Takemura for the ending of 'The Devil' (you'll need to save him in Search and Destroy for this ending), voicemails from your partner will indicate that they hope to see you again, but that it is beyond is uncertain. In "Temperance", where you let Johnny Silverhand completely take over your body, you get some annoyed voicemails from your love interest.

"The Sun" ends with Johnny finally leaving you, you wake up in a penthouse with your romantic NPC. This will result in a bad ending if you romanced Judy or Panam. River and Kerry will stay with you though.

If you choose to end your own life, you will get a heartbroken voicemail from your romantic partner. Then don't do it. Your guide to romance for everyone after updates

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